I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 45

Chapter 45


Chapter 45: Chapter 45 – Ten Years Old, Residual Image Sword

‘Across the vast sky, the dragon eagles’ roar resounds, the Sword God destroys brigands, and Northern Valiant Sword follows!’

“Who is this talented poet who said this, it’s not bad.”

Zhou Xuanji, who wore a silver mask, nodded and smiled pleasantly. The dozen cultivator prisoners were all exceedingly excited, some even continuously kneeling before him.

Behind him, Northern Valiant Sword was in a fierce battle with the stronghold’s head chief. Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin were battling the underlings.

Ah Big and Small Er circled in the sky. Their wingspan was about fifteen yards, which looked like the modern fighter jets. Their shrieks resounded across the mountain top, which was like sounds of death that urged the brigands to die.

A year passed, Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin were much stronger than they used to be, and they had garnered a rich experience from real battles.

The two lady’s cultivation reached Foundation Building Level Three.

Little Jiang Xue had already blossomed as a fourteen-year-old girl. She was no longer the little girl she used to be. Now, she was slender and elegant. Her hair was tied up into a ponytail, her skin was tender and smooth, and looked even more delicate than Huang Lianxin. After two to three years, she would surely become a renowned beauty.

On the other hand, Zhou Xuanji had three consecutive breakthroughs in his cultivation and had reached Foundation Building Level Nine.

In a year, he grew taller by some inches, but it was a pity that he was still shorter than Little Jiang Xue by one head, which made him feel somewhat defeated.

The prisoners looked at the battle and shouted in exclamation.

“Is that Sword God Zhou’s sword slave, Northern Valiant Sword? So powerful!”

“Sword God Zhou can destroy this brigand stronghold without doing a thing personally.”

“And those two ladies are really powerful too. Especially that girl, the grade of the fan she is using must be quite high.”

“They are so powerful. I really wish I can become Sword God Zhou’s underling.”

“Are you comparable to Northern Valiant Sword?”

Zhou Xuanji turned and looked at the battle. As he heard the ongoing discussion behind him, under his mask, the corner of his lip raised in a smile.

Continue to exaggerate, don’t stop!

“I have analyzed that the Sword Owner is ten years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner has obtained a [Silver] Residual Image Sword, Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation!”

Sword Spirit’s voice sounded off, and Zhou Xuanji’s eyes glistened.

Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation!

His Golden Body Incantation had already reached the third level, Bone Infusion, which allowed him to burst out explosive spirit energy from each and every pore of his body to attack the surrounding enemy. His bodily strength also increased to a force of thirty thousand pounds.

If the Golden Body Incantation could be upgraded to Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation, he would become stronger and progress much faster in his cultivation.

He first toggled open the information on the Residual Image Sword.

Sword Name: Residual Image Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: Made from a unique material. When swung swiftly, it produces residual images that confuse the enemy. Each residual image can deal damage.

Hmm, not bad. At least its unique ability did not overlap with the other legendary swords.

Zhou Xuanji smiled with satisfaction. The battle was not over yet.

He began receiving the Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation straightaway.

Immediately, a huge chunk of memories rushed into his mind.

Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation was the upgraded version of Golden Body Incantation.

It had five levels in total: Sword Qi Regeneration, Jade Skin Golden Bones, Sword Qi Soar, Golden Invincibility, Body Legendary Sword!

The first four levels were similar to that of Golden Body Incantation, but he had to train them from anew.

After he sorted out the memory, he toggled open his attributes.

Sword Owner: Zhou Xuanji

Race: Royal Bloodline of the Great Zhou

Age: Ten

Cultivation: Foundation Building Level Nine

Energy Technique: Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation

Sword Techniques: White Crane Sword Technique, Fiery Sword Technique, Eight-step Sword Lunge, Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword, Ranged Sword Propelling.

Special Ability: None

Talent: Simultaneous Execution

Swords:Swords: [Silver] Crimson Dragon Sword, [Bronze] Frost Wave Sword, [Silver] Bloodbath Sword, [Bronze] Tiger-Roar Sword, [Bronze] Wind-Cutter Sword, [Iron] Swine-Culling Blade, [Silver] Golden Rock Sword, [Silver] Heaven Sound Sword, [Gold] Hell King Sword, [Silver] Residual Image Sword

Looks quite grand.

Zhou Xuanji thought proudly. In the next moment, he flipped his right hand, and the Hell King Sword appeared in his hand.

He immediately activated the Ranged Sword Propelling and tossed the sword out.

The head chief, who was in a fierce battle with Northern Valiant Sword, felt a loud whiz coming from behind him. He instinctively tilted his head, but his chest was still penetrated by the Hell King Sword. His blood spilled across the sky.

Northern Valiant Sword sharpened the expression in his eyes and took the opportunity to execute the most potent sword slash. His sword Qi swept across and cut off the opponent’s head in an instant.

Zhou Xuanji raised his hand, and the Hell King Sword returned to him.

The prisoners looked in worship toward him.

This is Sword God Zhou!

He could end the battle with just one move!

The prisoners forgot that Zhou Xuanji made a sneak attack. They only felt that he was so strong that everything he did looked imposing.

With the head chief dead, the rest of the brigand began to flee out of fear. They no longer had the courage to fight.

After the battle ended, Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin began plundering the stronghold, without the need for Zhou Xuanji’s instruction.

Little Jiang Xue ran to Zhou Xuanji, with her hands on her hip, giggling, “How did I do? Have I become more powerful again?”

“Yeah, you are the most powerful,” he said as he nodded.

Little Jiang Xue rolled her eyes, but she still felt very pleased.

Today, she killed a dozen brigands just with her own abilities. Before this, she had to rely on the Flaming Fan to slay the enemy.

Looking at how excited she was, Zhou Xuanji sighed.

He remembered the first time Little Jiang Xue killed the enemy. It was like slaughtering a pig, and she was the pig. The way she looked so reluctant made him laugh whenever the memory resurfaced in his mind.

While Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin were plundering, he took the opportunity to take out the Residual Image Sword.

The sword was black and glossy across its blade and hilt. There were no delicate carvings but it emanated a fearsome aura.

He swung the sword a few times and realized that the sword was very light, just a little heavier than the Windcutter Sword.

It’s quite comfortable to use.

He flipped his right hand and stored the Residual Image Sword into the Supreme Storage.

After a while, Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin sorted everything out.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Crimson Dragon Sword and leaped onto it. Little Jiang Xue followed behind him, and the two of them flew away.

The two dragon eagles roared and flew after them.

Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin also took out their own swords and flew.

Huang Lianxin’s sword was a Rank Two Enchanted Artifact. All artifacts were ranked into nine ranks, each rank consists of four tiers: low, intermediate, high, hyper.

This sword belonged to a certain head chief, which was enough for her to use.

Zhou Xuanji would not gift any of the legendary swords he obtained from the Supreme Legendary Sword System to anyone, even if it was an Iron Grade one.

As the prisoners watched them leaving, they all sighed in exclamation.

Sword God is Sword God. Indeed, he was so cool, even in his departure.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji did not continue to challenge another brigand stronghold but prepared to return home.

After they flew for half an hour, Zhou Xuanji stopped suddenly.

The dragon eagles, Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin stopped too.

They turned their gaze at the horizon, where a black dragon was circling above the ground.

The black dragon was about three hundred yards long. Its black scales glittered under the sun, and it looked like a mountain range. Although they were miles away from it, it still sent chills down one’s spine.

“Such a giant dragon must have at least the cultivation of Rank Four. It could even be Rank Five.”

Northern Valiant Sword said with a stern face. The fourth Rank was the Inner Pellet Stage, while the Fifth Rank was equivalent to the Soul Fountain Stage.

Zhou Xuanji knitted his brow. How come we did not see it on the way here?

“Prince Xuanji, it has been eight years since we last met. You look impressive now, indeed.”

An old and icy voice came from the direction of the black dragon. Zhou Xuanji heard it, and his facial expression changed dramatically.