I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 449 - Chapter 449 The Divine Cliff Rebuilt

Chapter 449 - Chapter 449 The Divine Cliff Rebuilt


After knowing that the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart was taken away, Great Emperor Wuwang was not furious. He was merely calmly silent.

Xiao Hongjun could no longer hold it and said angrily, “You dislike me this much? Will it take your life to come out and see me?”

Great Emperor Wuwang was still silent.

Xiao Hongjun was so angry that she struck the gate with her palm. The entire gate shook violently but did not open.

After venting her anger a while, Xiao Hongjun left in a rage.

A long while later.

Great Emperor Wuwang’s voice came softly, “Seems like I should really be leaving. A pity that I cannot participate in such a spectacular era.”

The three-year-wait was finally over.

Zhou Xuanji absorbed a lot of celestial power and had grown greatly in power.

He came to the taoist temple and asked, ‘Senior, is the Center God Province safer than before, and will the Great Emperor Dao Court and the Demonic Emperor not step into it again?”

The old immortal’s voice came, “If you can open the barrier into the Northern Wilderness Region, then do so. An era of different sects and clans trying to become the best will be coming. It is a rare opportunity to become a saint. You should cherish it.”

Zhou Xuanji took a deep breath and bowed toward the taoist temple.

In some sense, this old immortal was already half a teacher to him.

He called Bai Suwan and was prepared to leave.

Xiao Chan followed and cried out, “Don’t even think about leaving me behind!”

She had already changed into a white skirt. Although she was not extremely beautiful, she was not bad either, especially in terms of her demeanor. She was lively and energetic like a child.

“Isn’t it good to stay here?” Zhou Xuanji asked, “It will be dangerous to follow me around.”

Xiao Chan said with her curled lip, “I want to, but the old immortal chased me away 30 years ago. If not for you, I would be too embarrassed to come back.”

Zhou Xuanji heard him and could only agree with her.

She became his maidservant from then on.

Next, Zhou Xuanji was prepared to return to the Divine Cliff to help it recover. He would then find a mountain as the founding place for the Emperor Sword Court in the Great Thousand World.

It was very difficult to find a spell formation that could establish a connection with the mortal realms, but the Divine Cliff surely had it.

Now that the Heavenly Saint was in control, it was time for the Emperor Sword Court to ascend.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt that he was rather insignificant.

If he had ascended ten years later, would the Heavenly Saint have come at the same time?

Would the Divine Cliff have escaped their tribulation?

He shook his head, knowing that there weren’t so many “ifs” because everything was fated.

From then on, he considered himself one of the Divine Cliff’s people. He would also support the Divine Cliff while building the Emperor Sword Court.

Along the way.

Zhou Xuanji would stop over occasionally to collect information on the 18 Divine Swords, but it was a pity that for most people in the Great Thousand World, the 18 Divine Swords were merely a fake legend.

Years passed, and the Divine Cliff’s city had been rebuilt, though there weren’t as much mist as there used to be.

There weren’t as many disciples on the street either. There was a general lack of liveliness in the entire city.

In the Cliff Lord’s Palace, Yang Yutian and the other two elders discussed their sect’s matters.

“Another mortal realm has been taken away?”

Yang Yutian asked with gritted teeth and a bitter face.

It was the 6th mortal realm taken away from their possession.

The Divine Cliff’s cultivators in garrison there were either been chased out or killed. They were being bullied.

A white-haired elder nodded and sighed, “The Divine Cliff has fewer than ten True Gods and 30 Void Extreme Immortals. Each one was guarding their own mortal realm and could not come back to support.”

The other elder’s face was black as well.

The 36 Emissaries were all dead. Yang Yutian was the only surviving personal disciple. Most of the core disciples were dead, and the remaining ones were sent into the garrison points between the realms. They were short of hands.

The three were silent and could feel the pressure building up.

They did not want the Divine Cliff to end in their hands.

At this moment, a disciple cried out loudly from outside the gate, “Cliff Lord! Core disciple Zhou Xuanji returned!”

Hearing this, the three of them were pleasantly surprised.

“Ask him to come in now!” Yang Yutian immediately shouted back.

The two elders started discussing excitedly.

“Zhou Xuanji is back. The Divine Cliff is not a lost cause!”

“He’s a First Class Great Emperor. Now that the immortal god is in charge of this world, it’s an opportunity for the Divine Cliff!”

Yang Yutian was as exhilarated, but he tried his best to remain calm.

Zhou Xuanji was the reason for the Divine Cliff’s miserable state.

After Zhou Xuanji disappeared, he almost crumbled.

Fortunately, this brat came back.

Soon, the gate was opened. Zhou Xuanji walked in with Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan.

Seeing that he returned in one piece, Yang Yutian and the elders were relieved.

“I’m sorry. It’s all my fault,” Zhou Xuanji spoke first. “From today onwards, I will try my best to protect the Divine Cliff.”

His words almost made Yang Yutian and the elders cry.

Yang Yutian walked up briskly and grasped Zhou Xuanji’s hands.

“I’m glad you are back… I’m really glad….” He said with a trembling voice.

Zhou Xuanji was willing to come back to the Divine Cliff even when it became so miserable. This really touched his heart.

He suddenly understood Han Xuzi’s intention.

The Revered Teacher was accurate in evaluating people indeed!

Zhou Xuanji said, “I’ve reached the Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal and should be considered a Void Extreme Immortal. Tell me, who is bullying the Divine Cliff recently. If he’s not a True God, I will kill him.”

Yang Yutian frowned and said, “You should focus on cultivation. If there’s any need, we will assist you with whatever we can afford. The Divine Cliff needs your help, but not now.”

ZHou Xuanji shook his head and said, “If I don’t help now, the Divine Cliff will only deteriorate. It has only been a few years since the disaster. We should do our best to show our might now.”

“All the evil fiends were chased out of the Center God Province. In such a situation, we should be like our ancestors and show our aura!”

The All Evil Yin Yang Destruction and Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword appeared and were levitating behind him. Two extremely powerful auras exploded from them and shook the palace violently.

Everyone in the entire Divine Cliff city shuddered.

Yang Yutian and the elders opened their eyes wide and looked at the two Armageddon legendary swords in disbelief!

Such a powerful weapon!

“Okay. Elder Yuquan, bring him to the portal to the Wangwei Realm. If a True God appears, I will go there personally!”

Yang Yutian instructed with a deep voice. The elder beside him immediately obeyed.

Zhou Xuanji pointed to Xiao Chan and said, “She’s my maidservant and has saved my life. Arrange for her to stay in my residence.”

After that, he passed Bai Suwan to Xiao Chan before leaving with Elder Yuquan.

Looking at his back, Yang Yutian clenched his fist, and his blood was boiling.

“Revered Teacher, the Divine Cliff will not be lost because of this! I will surely prosper!”

He mumbled to himself before making arrangements for Xiao CHan personally.

At the north of the Divine Cliff, above the dense mist and layers of cloud sea, hundreds of powerful cultivators sat in the air, guarding a long bridge. Two Void Extreme Immortals were guarding the portal on the bridge.

They were smiling and chatting with each other.

“The Divine Cliff has really deteriorated so much. We didn’t even send a True God, and they did not dare to retaliate.”

“Of course. Although Yang Yutian is powerful, he is still too young. If he were to come at us, the other sects and clans would take advantage of the chance. He had to compromise.”

At the moment, there were more than ten top-tier factions that had their eyes on the Divine Cliff, and each had a True God waiting for an opportunity to kill Yang Yutian when he was alone.