I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 448 - Chapter 448 The Heavenly Saint appeared. Preaching A 100 Years Later.

Chapter 448 - Chapter 448 The Heavenly Saint appeared. Preaching A 100 Years Later.


“Emperor Zhao, have you thought of a way to revive yourself?” Zhou Xuanji asked in his mind as he glanced at the fat cat not far away.

The cat was busking under the sunlight, revealing its round underbelly that was like a ball. Zhou Xuanji was really tempted to step on it.

Emperor Zhao replied disappointedly, “I can’t think of any. I was too young and did not expect myself to die.”

If he were to be revived, he would be even more conceited than Emperor Jundao.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and did not speak further.

He continued to reflect on the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

A few days earlier, he reached 105 years old.

2.5 years passed.

He obtained six more legendary swords, and they were the Evil Trust Sword, Robber Saint Sword, White Wall Sword, Rainbow Phoenix Sword, Lesser Warmth Sword, and Bony Fish Sword.

The highest grade was merely Heavenly Soul, which was not much of a help to him.

He gained a deeper insight into the heavenly Law’s Celestial Power but could still not use it freely. As for cultivation, he fell behind.

Even with his extreme talent, it was too difficult to break through to Void Extreme Immortal.

If he did not have any special serendipity, it would take him a few thousand years or even tens of thousands to achieve it.

Which Void Extreme Immortal in the Great Thousand World was not at least 10,000 years old?

The Hegemon Sword Emperor was close to 20,000 years old. He relied on special serendipity to break through earlier and became reputed in the Center God Province.

Half a year later, if the old immortal spoke the truth, he would leave for the 18 Divine Swords and Xian Xianghua.

Xiao Chan walked over swiftly with a ganoderma in her hand. “This ganoderma should have grown for more than 10,000 years. It’s abundant in spiritual Qi, and it’s for you,” she said with a smile.

Her face looked proud, as though she was expecting Zhou Xuanji to praise her.

Zhou Xuanji nodded slightly before taking the 10,000-years ganoderma and looking at it closely.

Xiao Chan did not receive the praise she was waiting for and snorted softly with a curled lip before leaving.

When she passed by the fat cat, she kicked at its belly angrily.


The fat cat cried out miserably and ran into the forest.

Zhou Xuanji chuckled. He stored the 10,000-years ganoderma into his Supreme Storage and continued cultivating.

Three months later

A majestic voice resounded across the Centre God Province.

“The Center God Province lies at the center of the Great Thousand World, but it’s chaotic and evil beings wreaked havoc. This Saint can bear it no longer and has decided to lead the immortal gods to restore order to the Center God Province. Evil beings shall no longer disturb this place. A hundred years later, This Saint will create a taoist court in the 9th Heaven, and all living beings can come and hear me preach.”


Countless cries of shockingness burst from the Center God Province.

Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating, opened his eyes. A sparkle flashed past his eyes.

He was here!

This was the timing that the old immortal had mentioned?

Is that person from the Ancient Immortal Clan?

And he was going to preach?

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and talked to the nine souls.

“There’s a Heavenly Saint in the Ancient Immortal Clan as well? There shouldn’t be.”

“Damn, kid. Your luck is just outrageous to encounter such a powerhouse.”

“Only the Heavenly Saints dare to call themselves ‘This Saint.’ He even subdued the Ancient Immortal Clan. This is a big deal. The Malicious Buddha and Xuan Daoya will surely not dare to enter the Center God Province again.”

“What stage is Heavenly Saint in?”

“Interesting. I didn’t expect the Heavenly Saint to be real.”

Heavenly Saint!

Zhou Xuanji was curious and asked Sovereign Xuan what a Heavenly Saint was. Sovereign Xuan refused to answer him, claiming that he would suffer retribution if he leaked matters regarding the Heavenly Saint.

After chatting with the nine souls, he could sit still no longer. He got up to the taoist temple.

“Senior,” he said respectfully, “is this the resolution that you were referring to?”

It felt really good to have finally come to a realization of what was happening.

“The three years are not up yet. The fiends might still take some chances. Wait a while longer,” the old immortal’s voice came from the taoist temple. It was calm and without any eruptive emotions.

Zhou Xuanji understood the principle and asked curiously, “How did you know that the Heavenly Saint was about to come?”

Did he divine this point or was he the Heavenly Saint?

At the thought of this, a sense of reverence welled up in his heart.

“You know about the Heavenly Saint too. Seems like the sword you have is quite something,” the old immortal said with seemingly a peal of laughter, which covered Zhou Xuanji’s forehead with cold sweat.

Since the old immortal was not willing to reveal more, Zhou Xuanji disturbed him no more. He turned around and went back to continue learning about Celestial Power.

At this moment, the old immortal suddenly appeared behind him and said softly while looking up into the sky, “See the vastness of the heavens and the earth. The celestial beings live above the heavens. What does that signify?”

Zhou Xuanji was shocked. He got up instinctively but was pressed down by an invisible force.

He could not help but calm himself down and began thinking about the old immortal’s words.

The old immortal must not be talking to him randomly but meant something deeper.

The celestial beings live above the heavens.

His eyes contracted, and his breathing became rapid. “Do you mean that the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power must be extracted from the heavens?” He asked.

The old immortal looked down and smiled amiably, saying, “You are not only extremely talented, but you are also open-minded as well. Very well. It was very rare for a Revolution Golden Immortal to have learned the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power. You should have learned some kind of divine ability. I will not ask who taught you, but I only hope that you remember this. Celestial Power was the Heavenly Law’s power after all, so you must not be greedy or you will be digging your own grave.”

After that, he turned around and walked toward the forest. He shook his head and incited, “Heaven sees no living things at their birth. Dao came from Heaven innately. To compare who is the best since ancient times, the Heavenly Saint, Buddha, and Demons are all conceited.”

Zhou Xuanji remembered these words. He leaped up above the clouds and sat there to experience the Celestial Power of the Heavenly Law.

After a while, strands of celestial power fell from Heaven and entered his body. He was overjoyed.

He flew higher and realized that the higher he got, the more celestial power he sensed.

Soon, there was a formless wall blocking him.

He looked up. The sky was still too high for him to climb, and he could no longer get higher.

Levels of Heaven!

33 Levels of Heaven, each having their own Heavenly Law restrictions.

With Zhou Xuanji’s power, he could break through the first level of Heaven. But after thinking about it, he decided to give up.

The three months were not over yet. He should not risk it.

He began extracting the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

His target was to store celestial power inside the Tianxia Map.

Celestial power was even more powerful than the world’s power. If he could use celestial power in normal battles, his power would grow tremendously.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he got.

Under the dim sky, bolts of lightning flashed. A massive lake sat upon a massive and lone pinnacle. The lake water was billowing like gigantic waves.

A swarm of blood bats flew over and landed on the peak.

There was a stone palace with an old tree in front of it, enduring the storm.

Xiao Hongjun walked up to the stone palace’s gate and cried out, “Wuwang, come out now! The Heavenly Saint is coming. You want to stay here and wait for your death?”


The unprecedented Demon Emperor who almost led the demon race to rule over the entire Northern Wilderness Region 11,000 years ago.

“You leave on your own. I have my own ways,” Great Emperor Wuwang’s calm voice came out, which enraged Xiao Hongjun.

She came to visit him with goodwill, but he didn’t even open his doors.

With gritted teeth, she said, “The Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart that you left in the mortal realm has been taken away, and it’s most likely Zhou Xuanji who did it. Let me find him for revenge!”

In the Northern Wilderness Region, only a few were powerful enough to obtain the Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart. It was most likely Zhou Xuanji.