I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 447 - Chapter 447 Extraordinary Appearance

Chapter 447 - Chapter 447 Extraordinary Appearance


After encountering Baihao Yixin, Zhou Xuanji and his companions rushed to find the old immortal.

A month later.

They finally reached it.

The three landed and looked ahead. Undulating mountain ranges were pervaded with mist. At one glance from afar, it was mysterious and scenic.

Xiao Chan said, “Let’s walk over quietly. The old immortal likes serenity and likes to not be disturbed.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and followed behind her with Bai Suwan.

Half an hour later.

The three came to a taoist temple that was not very massive. Fruits and vegetables were planted on both sides. A cat that was as fat as a pig was snoring on the ground. The smell of incense came from inside the temple.

Xiao Chan walked up to the main gate and said respectfully, “Old immortal, I’m back.”

She spent decades with the old immortal, and she always revered him.

“Come in, all of you.”

An old but amiable voice came. Next, the temple door opened forcefully, shocking the fat cat awake.

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. This voice could give him a shock.

He began looking forward.

That old immortal seemed to have very high cultivation.

After entering the temple, ZHou Xuanji finally saw the old immortal, who wore a clean white robe and had the demeanor of a celestial being. He sat on his cultivation mat, eyes closed, and held a duster in his hand.

Looking at him, Zhou Xuanji could not help but remember Taichu Yudao.

Xiao Chan giggled, “Old Immortal, I brought two friends back. You won’t blame me, right? He saved me.”

The old immortal opened his eyes with a smile and said, “It’s okay. I’m also very interested in the famous Sword Emperor Zhou Xuanji.”

These words shocked Zhou Xuanji and Xiao Chan.

The old immortal glanced toward Bai Suwan and said, “You received the help of a Nine Heaven Divine Snake’s help right from your ascension. My little friend Xuanji, you are really luckier than those who came before you.”

This time, Zhou Xuanji really believed that this old immortal was extraordinary. He might be even more powerful than Han Xuzi.

Zhou Xuanji cupped his fist and asked, “You know my identity, but do you know my background?”

The old immortal nodded and said, “The 18 Divine Swords are not easy to find. Only one of them was seen in the Center God Province, and it was held by someone not weaker than the Malicious Buddha. I advise you to give up.”

Someone not weaker than the Malicious Buddha?

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart. Where did so many powerful cultivators come from?

The old immortal said casually, “I understand your dire situation. Just stay with me for three years, and this situation will be resolved. You will soar like an eagle across the world, although not without dangers. Still, at least the Great Emperor Dao Court and the Demonic Emperor will no longer trouble you.”

Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan were pleasantly surprised by what he said.

“Could you explain further?” Zhou Xuanji inquired curiously.

If this dire situation can really be resolved, there was no hurry to search for the 18 Divine Swords.

The old immortal shook his head and said, “The vegetables in the garden are ripe for harvest. Do help me.”

After that, he closed his eyes without a further word.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and did not speak further. He turned and left.

Xiao Chan paid her respect and left the temple with Zhou Xuanji.

The gate to the temple was shut, as though he no longer welcomed any guests.

Zhou Xuanji picked the vegetables while he took out the Ancient God Sword. He pretended to be cutting the roots while he communicated with the nine souls.

“Wow, Brother Zhou, you are getting more miserable!”

Emperor Zhao laughed at him. His words made Zhou Xuanji roll his eyes.

He told them what the old immortal said and wanted to know the nine souls’ thoughts.

Liu Wuji said, “So it’s him. Listen to him. No one will hurt you here.”

Emperor Hanlan sighed in amazement, “Your luck… I really admire you.”

Zhou Xuanji heard them and immediately asked who was the old immortal, but the nine souls did not reply.

He could only stay back patiently.

After he finished harvesting the crops, the old immortal allowed him and Xiao Chan into the temple. He allowed Zhou Xuanji to find a place to focus on cultivation and wait for the three years to pass.

The region was rather serene and was suitable for cultivation. Although the spiritual Qi was not as abundant, it was not bad either.

He spent all his efforts on Sword Sect Immortal Cry.

The Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power was extremely powerful, but other than using this divine ability, it was difficult for him to borrow this celestial power.

It felt rather peculiar. He was apparently familiar with the technique, but he could not do it.

Time passed quickly.

A year later, on the 33rd Level of Heaven.

The Great Emperor Stele was trembling. Two men dressed in black appeared before the stele.

A name appeared in the tenth position and pushed Zhou Xuanji into the 13th position.

Emperor Jundao!

“Emperor Jundao… 10th on the Great Emperor Stele. How can it be… Another First Class Great Emperor appeared! How long has it only been since Zhou Xuanji?”

“It’s too terrifying. What’s happening to this generation?”

The two men in black cried out in shock. Shortly after, they disappeared from the Great Emperor Stele.

Within seven days, the name of Emperor Jundao shook the world.

Someone who was even more devilish than Zhou Xuanji appeared!

Instantly, everyone was talking about him.

“Emperor Jundao? Such a domineering name. Could he also have ascended from the mortal realms?”

“No, he must be a genius nurtured by some overlord grade faction.”

“Yeah, how could there be so many geniuses from the mortal realms.”

“Tsk tsk. Zhou Xuanji is nowhere to be found and already has nowhere to belong to. What will happen to Emperor Jundao?”

“Another First Class Great Emperor!”

The commotion was just like what happened to Zhou Xuanji but even more explosive because of Zhou Xuanji’s precedence.

Zhou Xuanji flew back to the old immortal’s taoist temple on his sword.

He was frowning. Every two months, he would go into the nearby city to collect intel, so he knew about Emperor Jundao.

He did not envy Emperor Jundao but was pondering about the old immortal’s words.

Could this be the resolution he meant?

Emperor Jundao was ranked even higher than him. How could the Great Emperor Dao Court, Demonic Emperor, and Malicious Buddha not notice him?

However, the old immortal did not ask to see him, so he continued to cultivate.

If he was too impatient, then it would be embarrassing for himself.

There were two more years to wait, so he continued to wait.

Half a year later, Emperor Jundao joined the Great Heaven God Dynasty and was greatly favored by the emperor. He was elegant and arrogant and did not even take Zhou Xuanji seriously.

He claimed that he would surpass all the ancestors and help the Great Heaven God Dynasty become the Great Thousand World’s overlord!

A great commotion broke out because of these words.

Zhou Xuanji also heard about this. He was not angry but happy instead. He hoped that the new Great Emperor would continue to be arrogant without stopping.

Just like everyone expected, the Great Heaven God Dynasty was assaulted consecutively. If not for the emperor’s great prowess, Emperor Jundao would have ended up like Zhou Xuanji.

The Great Heaven God Dynasty had to be more vigilant, and Emperor Jundao began isolating himself in cultivation.

What’s worth mentioning was that the invasion of the fiend race was getting more powerful. The Sovereign Demon Sect seemed to be having a hard time holding back the invasion. Not only that but the demon race in the north was also on the move as well.

Half a year more to the time set by the old immortal.

Zhou Xuanji felt that it was not enough.

Just Emperor Jundao alone was not enough to resolve his dire situation.

“Emperor Jundao? This brat’s extreme arrogance must have been nurtured. His revered teacher must have a very powerful background.”

Emperor Zhao muttered in Zhou Xuanji’s mind.

The other souls speculated similarly.

If he were from the mortal realm and had experienced the vicissitudes, he would not have been so arrogant.