I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 446 - Chapter 446 Working Together

Chapter 446 - Chapter 446 Working Together


Xiao Chan was stunned. A slightly piercing pain came from her right shoulder. Tears began welling up in her eyes as she bit her lips slightly, asking, “You don’t trust me?”

“Is what you said true?” Zhou Xuanji asked calmly, “Where did the old immortal come from?”

Xiao Chan felt wronged, and then she grew angry.

“Of course it’s true,” she replied with gritted teeth, “How would it benefit me to harm you? No one knows the background of that old immortal. He saved me when I was in danger before, and he was the one who taught me the way to cultivate! He was virtuous and definitely will not harm others!”

Zhou Xuanji kept his Truth Sword and smiled slightly, “I’m just joking!”

Xiao Chan was still angry. She looked at Zhou Xuanji with sad and angry eyes. Tears were about to flow at any time.

Bai Suwan flew up to her shoulder and smiled, “He’s worried that you might be disillusioned by the enemy. You know how powerful his enemies are? They could kill another person from ten miles away. The grand-teacher who nurtured him since he was young was the reincarnation of a slice of his enemy’s soul. That grand-teacher brought his mother up, which meant to say that his enemy had been scheming since his birth.”

Xiao Chan opened her eyes in disbelief and shuddered.

Her eyes were filled with sympathy toward Zhou Xuanji now.

Zhou Xuanji did not explain but asked her to lead the way.

Along the way, they witnessed many wars.

The Sovereign Demon Sect was warring against the other fiend races. Commoners were plundered and suffering.

There were ordinary living beings in the Great Thousand World as well, just that they had a stronger physique than those in the mortal realm.

The timing of the fiends’ invasion was extremely close to when Zhou Xuanji’s identity was exposed. He could not help but think about the correlation.

Four days later, they left the Sovereign Demon Sect’s territory.

There was only one monarchy in the Center God Province, and that was the Great Heaven God Dynasty.

Under the rule of the Great Heaven God Dynasty, there were no empires or kingdoms. Creating an empire without permission was a severe transgression. The Great Heaven God Dynasty had wide influence and the biggest territory in the Center God Province. However, they held no rein over the mortal realms. Mortal realms were controlled by sects and clans equally.

Xiao Chan said that no one knew the old immortal’s name. He lived in a mountain forest outside the southern border of the Great Heaven God Dynasty. It was pervaded with miasma, but the demons there were rather weak and fearful of him.

Zhou Xuanji walked carefully and avoided coming into contact with strangers, including demons.

Along the way, he sent Bai Suwan to collect intel from the cities.

After the Malicious Buddha attacked the Divine Cliff, he did not appear again. The Divine Cliff and Dao Heaven Sect reclaimed their peace, and lives still went on. However, the Divine Cliff was greatly weakened and was pressured by surrounding factions. Zhou Xuanji really wanted to help, but he could not.

What’s worth mentioning was that Shi Shenzong did not die. He tried to help the Divine Cliff but was captured by the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

There were just too many things happening in the Center God Province. Compared to it, the Northern Wilderness Region was just too small.

Bai Suwan could only collect limited intel, which made Zhou Xuanji feel that he needed to create a secret intel unit.

Today, he suddenly stopped.

Because he felt a familiar aura.

Baihao Yixin!

He had an idea and immediately rushed toward that aura.

A 100 miles away, Baihao Yixin was lying on the grassy hill. Six beautiful ladies were sitting beside him, playing with each other happily.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly landed on the top of the hill with his Qi Obscuring Incantation activated. However, Baihao Yixin still sensed Bai Suwan and Xiao Chan.

“The fragrance of a young lady…”

Baihao Yixin looked up, mesmerized. But behold, he saw Zhou Xuanji.

He leaped up in shock, and the ladies accompanying him screamed as well.

“Brat, why are you here?” He looked at Zhou Xuanji in vigilance and muttered.

He cursed in his heart. He was so unlucky.

It took him so much effort to run out and have some fun without Feng Gule’s nagging. And now, he had encountered this troublemaker.

“Where is Feng Gule?” Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile.

“He’s cultivating with This Emperor’s Revered Teacher,” Baihao Yixin said with a curled lip, “Why? You are not afraid that This Emperor’s Revered Teacher will find you? He really hates you!”

He glanced toward Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan, sighing in his heart.

This brat really had good luck with the ladies!

Especially that little white snake. He could see through her identity as the Nine Heaven Divine Snake.

Wait until she transformed into human form. Her beauty would be enough to overturn an entire city.

After the Nine Heaven Divine Snake transformed, they all had good looks with tender bodies. He was excited at just the thought of it.

Zhou Xuanji’s heart skipped a beat. Baihao Yixin’s revered teacher?

With a calm look, he said, “Baihao Yixin, we have no grudges. Why don’t we work together?”

Work together?

Baihao Yixin stood up straight proudly and said, “Why should This Emperor work together with you?”

Zhou Xuanji said with squinting eyes, “You must have your reason to descend into the mortal realm. However, you suffered so much in the mortal realm, so it must be someone scheming against you at your back. We will work together secretively such that others still see us as enemies. Still, we will exchange intel secretively to help each other.”

Baihao Yixin heard him and was enraged.

He thought about Xuan Daoya.

That old man!

Actually, he had already been admiring Zhou Xuanji at Juedi Cliff. His sacrificial courage and justice were really admirable. It was not bad to work together with him.

As for his revered teacher’s command?

How was it possible to defeat Zhou Xuanji in his condition right now?

Baihao Yixin looked at the ladies around him and said, “Go into the forest and wait for This Emperor.”

The ladies curled their lips and left reluctantly.

Zhou Xuanji sent Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan away as well to show his sincerity.

The two walked up to each other openly.

Zhou Xuanji spoke first, “Since we are both from the Northern Wilderness and agreeable with each other, I will first speak about my enemies currently.”

He told Baihao Yixin about Xuan Daoya, the Demonic Emperor, and the Malicious Buddha.

When he heard about Xuan Daoya, Baihao Yixin opened his eyes and almost cursed out.

That old man again!

After Zhou Xuanji finished, Baihao Yixin snorted, “Good, This Emperor is going to deal with Xuan Daoya as well.”

Zhou Xuanji told him his plan again.

He promised to loop in Emperor Zhao, Gu Tianxia, Devil Emperor Dugu, Liu Wuji, Wang Hou, and the others to form a secretive faction to stand against the Great Emperor Dao Court.

In this new faction, they had equal status and did not need to slave for the others. They only needed to help when they could, and they could not hide any information from each other.

Baihao Yixin was shocked and asked astonishedly, “Emperor Zhao, Gu Tianxia, Liu Wuji, Sabre Monarch Donghai, Demon Lord Ruyuan, Emperor Hanlan, Emperor Canghai, Ghost Emperor Zhangtian… Aren’t they all dead?”

Zhou Xuanji said with a mysterious smile, “The world also thought that the Malicious Buddha was no longer around.”

Baihao Yixin fell into silence.

The two then promised to complete their first mission to collect intel.

Zhou Xuanji promised to help Baihao Yixin to watch out for Xuan Daoya. At the same time, Baihao Yixin searched for the 18 Divine Swords for Zhou Xuanji.

After that, Zhou Xuanji left.

Baihao Yixin stood on the spot with a calm expression but not the arrogance that he used to have.

His eyes sparkled as he mumbled, “Zhou Xuanji, very good. Don’t disappoint me.”

From that day’s conversation, he knew more about Zhou Xuanji.

It was too difficult to kill him. Not only was he overwhelmingly talented, but he was also very sly.

On the other side, Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan asked who Baihao Yixin was.

“Don’t ask things that you should not ask,” Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly, “Or else I might kill you to shut your mouth.”