I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 445 - Chapter 445 100 Years Old. New Divine Ability of the Sword's Way

Chapter 445 - Chapter 445 100 Years Old. New Divine Ability of the Sword's Way


Facing Emperor Zhao’s suggestion, Zhou Xuanji asked in his heart, “How do I revive you?”

Emperor Zhao was silent.

Sabre Monarch Donghai smiled mockingly, “Gu Tianxia bothered to keep his eyes as the catalyst. What about you? The Ancient Emperor was not so smart after all.”

Emperor Zhao was furious about being embarrassed and began arguing with Saber Monarch Donghai.

Zhou Xuanji asked Sovereign Xuan about how he died.

Sovereign Xuan took a long while before he said casually, “I wanted to know how powerful the Heavenly Law was. I flew up to the 36th level of heaven and was destroyed by the Heavenly Law.”


Zhou Xuanji was stunned. The other eight souls were silent too.

Such an embarrasing way to die.

“You committed suicide?”

Emperor Zhao sighed in amazement. His tone was filled with ridicule.

They were dead against their own wishes, but Sovereign Xuan sought his own death.

However, this meant that Sovereign Xuan was really powerful indeed, or else why would he challenge the Heavenly Law?

Dao Lord Xuantian asked, “You have Xuan in your name. Have you heard of me, Dao Lord Xuantian, before?”

“Who are you?” Sovereign Xuan asked back.

Dao Lord Xuantian was silenced.

And so, Zhou Xuanji talked to them as he continued to absorb the spiritual Qi from the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl.

Meanwhile, Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan chatted.

Both were girls and became friends easily.

Liu Wuji and the others’ voices resounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, “You are in a very dire situation, however it is not without hope. Magistrate Cui was right, you should search for the 18 Divine Swords. Although the Malicious Buddha is powerful, he’s a devil still and dares not to go near the Divine Swords. The Demonic Emperor did not come personally for some reason.”

As for the other powerhouses in the Great Emperor Dao Court, there are ways to deal with them. There were many others who encountered the same experience as you, such as Devil Emperor Dugu, Wang Hou, and Great Emperor Wuwang and so on, including us. You can think of drawing out those ancient genius hermits or reviving us. Our revival could greatly distract Great Emperor Dao Court and the Demonic Emperor.”

Although he spoke out of his own interest, it was reasonable.

Zhou Xuanji had another doubt. “The Demonic Emperor should be your juniors, why was he so powerful that even the Malicious Buddha served him?”

Liu Wuji replied, “He became a demon. No one knows the exact reason.”

A demon!

Zhou Xuanji suddenly remembered the Malicious Buddha’s words.

He became powerful by becoming a demon?

Then why didn’t the Sovereign Demon Sect and the other fiend races reign over the Great Thousand World?

He did not understand and did not think further.

During the next period of time, neither the Malicious Buddha or Xuan Daoya came.

Initially, ZHou Xuan was a little worried, but he eventually eased down.

It seemed that Xuan Daoya could not divine his location and could only ask around.

A year and half later.

Zhou Xuanji reached 100 years old.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 100 years old. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Armageddon] Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword, [Heavenly Soul] Chaotic God And Demon Sword, and Sword Sect Immortal Cry.”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes in pleasant surprise.

The 100th birthday was a big deal indeed. He was given an Armageddon legendary sword straightaway!

Information of the two legendary swords appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword

Grade: Armageddon

Description: The sword of the holy light. When the sword is drawn, divine shadows dance across the heavens and the sky with world-shattering power. During battle, it can create extreme misperceptions. Only Eighth Revolution Golden Immortals and above can use this sword.

Sword Name: Chaotic God And Demon Sword

Grade: Heavenly Soul

Description: A sword forged with the will of a demon and a god. A weak-willed person must not use it.

A sword of holy light?

Could it be a series?

Zhou Xuanji thought of the Holy Light Redemption Sword and immediately took out the Holy Light Divine Shadow Sword.

A blinding radiance appeared and illuminated the entire cave. Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan turned around in shock.

It was a light sword with a blade that was 1.5m long. Zhou Xuanji could feel warmth holding this sword. He swung the sword slightly and the sword Qi shot out into the cave wall. The impact left a crack on the wall and the entire mountain shook.

Zhou Xuanji immediately stored his sword. Facing Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan’s eyes, he closed his eyes without any explanation.

Xiao Chan already knew Zhou Xuanji’s identity. Despite Zhou Xuanji’s warnings, Bai Suwan still revealed it accidentally.

After knowing this, Xiao Chan submitted to Zhou Xuanji faithfully.

She sighed in amazement, “The Sword Emperor indeed. Any sword of his is so handsome.”

It was a pity that such an act of boot-licking did not receive any response.

Zhou Xuanji began learning Sword Sect Immortal Cry.

After he learned it, he became very excited.

This sword technique became his most powerful one.

More specifically, the most powerful divine ability!

It allowed him to control his swords with his soul power to attack nearby enemies. The range of it was determined by himself, and with the celestial power of the Heavenly Law, every sword was glowing with a celestial radiance.

The celestial power of the Heavenly Law!

He immediately got up and began training this divine ability.

Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan’s eyes sparkled with expectation and followed him out.

They were sick of staying in the cave after 1.5 years.

Comign into the forest, Zhou Xuanji took out all his swords and began practicing.

“You must not go too far away. If you are exposed, I will leave you here without hesitation because you asked for it.”

Zhou Xuanji warned. Xiao Chan spat her tongue fearfully at his warning, while Bai Suwan did not care.

The Sword Sect Immortal Cry was a divine ability and there were no sword moves. After learning the technique of channeling his Qi and borrowing the celestial power of the Heavenly Law, he quickly mastered the divine ability.

At the beginning, he could only control ten swords. When the celestial power was imbued into the swords, they were all glowing a silver radiance and revolved around him swiftly.

He then controlled the swords to hack down a small mountain, and the small mountain crumbled after a loud boom.

It was not difficult for him to learn Sword Sect Immortal Cry because he had already mastered the Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation

However, the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power was extremely domineering and even more powerful than the World’s Power. And so, his control over the legendary swords were not that fine.

Ten days later.

Zhou Xuanji had totally mastered the Sword Sect Immortal Cry. He caught Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan and dragged them back into the cave to continue cultivating.

Half a year later, he broke through to Ninth Revolution Golden Immortal.

Two years later, he broke through to Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal. The Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl had been depleted and turned into dust.

He could absorb from the pearl much faster near the end, and he felt that it had to do with the Heavenly Law’s Celestial Power.

Ever since he learnt Sword Sect Immortal Cry, his cultivation became faster and faster.

Within 2.5 years, he had obtained three legendary swords.

Those were the Tri-Dao Sword, Imprisoned Wolf Sword, and Exaggeration Sword.

These were all Amethyst. Apparently the Armageddon and Sword Sect Immortal Cry had used up his luck.

After breaking through, Zhou Xuanji felt rather refreshed. He brought along Xiao Chan and Bai Suwan and left.

“Where are we going next?”

Xiao Chan asked curiously. Look back at the cave, it was where she stayed for four years.

During the four years, she maintained her beggar look. Although she had washed her face and body, revealing a delicate face, Zhou Xuanji did not give her new clothes. This made her rather sad. Her storage ring had already been snatched away by the demonic cultivators from the Sovereign Demon Sect.

Zhou Xuanji looked toward the horizon and said, “To search for the 18 Divine Swords!”

He was already a Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal. He felt that he could already be compared to a Void Extreme Immortal!

However, he was still too weak for the Malicious Buddha.

“I know a place where an old immortal that lived for countless eras resides. A hermit like him might know the whereabouts of the 18 divine swords,” Xiao Chan said excitedly. Having heard her words, Zhou Xuanji took out the Truth Sword and placed it on her shoulder, cutting her skin slightly.