I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 444 - Chapter 444 The Great Escape. Isolated Cultivation.

Chapter 444 - Chapter 444 The Great Escape. Isolated Cultivation.


“Thank you for saving me. You were saying that this is the Sovereign Demon Sect’s territory? Can you tell me more?”

Looking at the beggar girl, he first thanked her before asking.

The girl had good intentions after all. How could he blame her?

At the same time, he was shocked in his heart. The Tianxia Map’s transportation was really terrifying. Even a body so powerful as his felt like it was being torn apart.

The beggar girl took a deep breath and said, “This is the southern region of the Center God Province, near the Cloud Devil Marsh. Somehow, the fiends outside of the Center God Province began invading. The Sovereign Demon Sect was fighting against them and enslaving people like us to dig spirit stone and natural resources for them.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and thought in his mind.

From today onwards, he will be pursued by both the Demonic Emperor and the Great Emperor Dao Court for his life.

He remembered what happened at the Divine Cliff and would surely revenge them.

The most important matter now was to plan what to do next.

The initial aim after ascension was to cultivate to reach the True God stage as soon as possible. Only then could he return to protect the Northern Wilderness Region.

But now that he did not even have a place of belonging, where should he head to in this vast world?

His only advantage was that his fate could not be divined. Those enemies could not divine him.

Forget it.

Just like before, he decided to find a remote place to focus on cultivating and finding the 18 Divine Swords.

He sighed and was enraged the more he thought about it.

Whenever he remembered Han Xuzi and Emissary Li Qing, his murderous intent could hardly be controlled.

Ever since he came to the Northern Wilderness Region, the Divine Cliff was the only faction that had treated him genuinely.

Not counting Tanhua Sect, because Xian Xianghua forced herself on him.

He remembered Xian Xianghua also and wondered where this old demonic woman was and whether she’s safe.

The beggar girl saw Zhou Xuanji’s sorrow and blamed herself even more.

She came up to Zhou Xuanji’s side and consoled him softly, “I will surely get you out. Let me heal you first.”

After that, she grabbed Zhou Xuanji’s palm with her hand.

Instantly, a sense of coolness entered Zhou Xuanji’s body and made him feel rather refreshed. He looked at her astonishedly.

Because there were too many people around, he could not take out the Holy Light Redemption Sword. He did not expect this girl to know healing spells.

But this spell was not very powerful. It could be considered powerful for cultivators at the Spirit Refinement stage or below. It was less effective for cultivators at higher stages.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “How did you end up like this when you have such a spell?”

If she opened a hospital, she would not have ended up like a beggar.

“This is to protect me,” she whispered, “You can call me Xiao Chan.”

She sounded a little excited. Hearing from Zhou Xuanji’s tone, he was not resistant toward her.

She began to plan ahead.

It was difficult for her to live alone. She wanted to convince Zhou Xuanji to become her subordinate so that he could protect her.

The more she thought about it, the happier she got.

Zhou Xuanji was suspicious about her passionate attitude, but he did not speak much.

After that, he shut his mouth and focused on cultivating.

Xiao Chan did not disturb him.

He listened to the soldier’s discussions while he cultivated.

It was already ten days since the Divine Cliff was attacked. This event shook the entire Center God Province.

Even factions as powerful as the Divine Cliff and the Dao Heaven Sect were attacked again and again. If they were other factions, they would have already been obliterated.

A wave of horror was spreading all across the Center God Province.

All the cultivators were discussing who was the one who attacked the Divine Cliff and the Dao Heaven Sect.

After hearing the news about the miserable state the Divine Cliff was in, he felt even more sorrowful.

The party continued to travel ahead.

The reason they were not flying was so that they could capture more slaves along the way.

Zhou Xuanji saw traces of the fiend race.

Those from the fiend race looked like humans but were not humans. They had the characteristic of other living things, and the diabolic aura surrounding them was visible to the eye.

At the same cultivation stage, devils were more powerful than humans. Moreover, they were bad-tempered and could hardly control their emotions, just like beasts.

A day later.

Zhou Xuanji was prepared to leave. He got up slowly and held the Holy Light Redemption Sword in a reverse grip such that the edge of the blade sunk into his skin slightly. He looked down at Xiao Chan and asked, “Leave with me?”

Xiao Chan, who was half-asleep, mumbled as she rubbed her eyes, “You should be the one leaving with me.”


The Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword appeared beside Zhou Xuanji, and its energy exploded. The impact destroyed the prison wagon immediately and shook Xiao Chan fully awake.

She was flung out by the Nine Flame Chimera Demon. Fortunately, the Sky Dominating Divine Sword appeared behind her and caught her with the blade’s flat side.

Zhou Xuanji stopped onto the Windcutter Sword, and numerous legendary swords appeared around him. He ignored the soldiers who were paralyzed in shock and flew forward. The Sky Dominating Divine Sword pushed Xiao Chan along and followed right behind him.


The leading general cried out furiously as he charged at Zhou Xuanji with his saber drawn.

The Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss turned around and slashed. Countless vicious ghosts appeared, and the general fled immediately in fear.

Xiao Chan opened her eyes wide. She was immediately stupefied seeing those ghosts.

Could Zhou Xuanji be a devil?

Her expression turned into despair.

After flying for three hours, Zhou Xuanji stopped in a bamboo forest and began cultivating while holding the Holy Light Redemption Sword. The Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword and the Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss landed beside him to guard him. The other legendary swords were stored in his Supreme Storage.

After Xiao Chan landed, she kept her distance from Zhou Xuanji.

Without opening his eyes, Zhou Xuanji said, “You may leave now. Walk east, and you will reach a city within a few miles.”

Xiao Chan was stunned before hesitating.

Although Zhou Xuanji did not look like a good person, she might be caught again after leaving him and become a slave again.

She asked carefully, “Can I stay? I can become your maidservant.”

“You cannot,” Zhou Xuanji said without hesitating, “We are cleared. You should leave.”

Xiao Chan’s cultivation was too weak, and those healing spells were not effective enough. Keeping her along would only become a burden to him.

Next, he planned to find a secluded place to focus on cultivation until he broke through to Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal.

Xiao Chan grew anxious and said, “Bring me along. Although I’m not powerful, I know the southern region of the Center God Province. You will surely find me useful.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and did not reply immediately.

Xiao Chan sat down obediently and did not dare to disturb him.

Three days later.

Zhou Xuanji fully recovered from his injuries. His soul was not injured and the physical injuries were not so severe as to hurt his Inner Pellet and Astral Infant.

He left with Xiao Chan.

He traveled full-speed ahead and finally found a forest that was abundant with spiritual Qi. He opened a cave with his legendary swords and cast a sealing spell to seal the entrance of the cave.

He let Bai Suwan out and said, “The two of you stay inside the cave and cultivate. Don’t go out before I finish cultivating.”

Xiao Chan heard him and her face grew bitter.

Isolated cultivation?

How long would that take?

Zhou Xuanji ignored her and sat down immediately. He took out the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl to continue his cultivation.

In case of accidents, he took out the Ancient God Sword. Although the nine souls did not appear, they could still communicate with him in his mind.

He told the nine souls about his recent experience.

“You are in such a miserable state,” Emperor Zhao exclaimed in amazement.

“Brother, revive me. If I’m revived, I will fight to become the Sovereign Demon Sect Lord. And then, I will help you to stay under cover and search for the 18 Divine Swords.”