I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 443 - Chapter 443 – Malicious Buddha vs Xuan Daoya

Chapter 443 - Chapter 443 – Malicious Buddha vs Xuan Daoya


After saying that he was waiting for Xuan Daoya, Malicious Buddha did not head onwards.

Zhou Xuanji did not know where they were, or how far they were from the Demonic Emperor.

Zhou Xuanji started to recover his magic energy; Malicious Buddha did not seal his cultivation, and it seemed that this fellow was very confident and was not afraid of him running off.

When it was nearly noon, Malicious Buddha brought Zhou Xuanji and left.

On the way, Zhou Xuanji noticed that they did not fly too quickly.

It seemed that this fellow was waiting for Xuan Daoya.

Three days later, the two of them stopped in front of a cliff. Malicious Buddha put him down and stood by the cliff by himself, not saying anything.

Zhou Xuanji sat on the ground, not paying any attention to him.

An hour later, Malicious Buddha said, “Come out, how long are you going to follow us for? Is everyone from the Great Emperor Dao Court cowards like you?”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes; Xuan Daoya was finally here!

A cold wind blew, and there were no clouds in the surrounding 10,000 kilometers. The ground was barren as far as the eye could see, and no third person could be seen.

“Heheh, Malicious Buddha, who would have thought that a personage like yours would become the Demonic Emperor’s dog. You say fate is higher than the sky and strength can surpass saints; what a joke.”

Xuan Daoya’s mocking laughter sounded out, causing the surrounding temperature to plummet.

Zhou Xuanji did not move or make any noise and waited for the battle to begin.

However, Emperor Zhao had said that Xuan Daoya’s strength was not very strong, and he might be suppressed by Malicious Buddha.

Soon, Xuan Daoya appeared on the opposite cliff, looking at Malicious Buddha.

Their gazes met and Malicious Buddha smirked as his clones appeared in the air, surrounding Xuan Daoya.

Zhou Xuanji felt that these clones were all living existences, like they were Malicious Buddha’s twin brothers.

Of course, that was complete nonsense.

How could Malicious Buddha’s mother give birth to so many children in one go?

Or what if she was not a human?

Zhou Xuanji thought about all kinds of ridiculous thoughts, purposefully thinking nonsensical things about Malicious Buddha.

Malicious Buddha coldly laughed and said, “Xuan Daoya, I suggest for you to leave the Great Emperor Dao Court. You’ve served them so much, but they’ve never helped you recover your body, and you’re not even acknowledged by heavenly law; why should you waste your effort like this?”

Xuan Daoya replied coolly, “Don’t worry if you don’t understand.”

Malicious Buddha pointed at Zhou Xuanji and said as he smiled, “You want to possess him? Back then, you tried to do this to Gu Tianxia, but that boy’s methods were powerful, making you suffer.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned; Xuan Daoya wanted to possess him?

He looked over closely and found that Xuan Daoya’s expression was indeed somewhat unnatural.

Xuan Daoya took out a backbone from his sleeve, and there were many black runes inscribed on it.

He gripped the bone and lightly swung it, and black vortexes appeared on the ground. Following this, countless skeletons rose up: humans, demons, and even some giants.

A massive battle was about to explode out!

Zhou Xuanji called out to Gu Tianxia with his mind.

It was a pity that Gu Tianxia did not reply.

Zhou Xuanji was not worried; if Gu Tianxia wanted to be revived, he had to rely on him.

Malicious Buddha’s clones all shot towards Xuan Daoya.

Xuan Daoya disappeared into thin air, and the skeleton army started to battle with Malicious Buddha’s clones.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

Explosions sounded out as the cliffs collapsed and sand and dust billowed.

Zhou Xuanji hurriedly retreated, leaving the battlefield.

Malicious Buddha’s main body did not follow him, as if he was not worried that he would escape.

“Xuan Daoya, do you really think that you can do what you want just because you’re undying and invincible? Today, I’m going to suppress you and make you taste eternal dullness and loneliness!”

Malicious Buddha wildly laughed and raised his arms. Two black-colored orbs of light surrounded by lightning appeared in front of his palms, shaking the space around him.

A wild wind blew, creating a powerful wind around the black orbs of light.

Even though Zhou Xuanji was 1,000 meters away, his clothes were still blown about by the wind.

“We’re still not going to escape?” Zhou Xuanji inwardly yelled. Malicious Buddha was indeed powerful; just his aura alone made him feel as if his spirit was going to dissipate.

This was even though he had Eighth Revolution Golden Immortal cultivation!

It was difficult to imagine just how powerful Malicious Buddha was.

Xuan Daoya suddenly appeared above Malicious Buddha’s main body, holding the bone whip with his right hand. He whipped out with great power, causing the air to explode.

Malicious Buddha easily dodged and swept out his palms, and the two black orbs of light directly exploded, giving off intense light. The heavens and earth lost their color, and their two figures were also inundated.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt the world seem to turn upside down, and the next second, he lost consciousness.

A wave of dizziness woke Zhou Xuanji up, and he slowly opened his eyes.

He was confused to find that he was lying inside a prisoner transport cart. His white clothes were tattered and covered with blood, and his blood was also covered with specks of blood.

He tried to move, but found that he had no strength in his body at all, and his magic energy was also depleted.

“We’ll be able to reach Liujiang City in 800 kilometers.”

“Recently, the Center God Province has been quite chaotic. The Dao Heaven Sect’s Sect Master was heavily injured by someone, countless have died at the Divine Cliff, and the Cliff Master might have already died.”

“Rumors say it is because of Zhou Xuanji.”

“Just who did Zhou Xuanji offend?”

“He’s a bane of others’ existence; whoever gets close to him will be doomed.”

The surrounding soldiers talked as they headed.

Zhou Xuanji slightly frowned and looked at a young female beggar next to him.

This young woman’s body was quite dirty and gave off an indescribably disgusting smell. Her hair was in a mess and she was sleeping as she leaned against the corner of the prisoner transport cart.

“What’s going on? This is…”

Zhou Xuanji felt a pain in his head, as if it was going to explode.

He started to recover from his injuries.

The soldiers noticed that he was awake and started to make fun of him.

At that moment, the General riding on a horse with tiger-patterns came near the cart and said, “Give your name; where do you come from?”

This General only had Sixth Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation. Because Zhou Xuanji was heavily injured and did not have a bit of magic energy, in his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was like a harmless mortal.

This prisoner transport cart was made of special wood and was incredibly sturdy. There were also restrictions within it, and even Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals would find it difficult to break free.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “My name is Zhou Menglang and I come from the Heavenly Palace. I was attacked by enemies while going through trials outside.”

Heavenly Palace!

The General and soldiers’ expressions slightly fell, but they did not panic.

The Heavenly Palace was extremely far away from this place.

With how far away it was, they were not afraid.

The General warned him, saying, “You’d best not try to run. Nearby is a place filled with people from the devil race. With your injuries, if you run about, you’ll die an even worse death.”

After saying this, he rode his horse to the front of the procession.

Zhou Xuanji noticed that there were over 1,000 soldiers in the procession, and there were nearly 100 prisoner transport carts, containing humans and demons.

He wondered where these people were taking him.

He was not afraid—even though he did not have any magic energy, he still had his swords.

He stealthily took out the Peerless Beast Pouch and let Bai Suwan out, and he had her hide in his clothes.

Bai Suwan said telepathically, “I nearly died of the stuffiness!”

Her tone was filled with reproach.

Zhou Xuanji did not have anything he could do about this. The Divine Cliff had been attacked and at the time, he could not think too much and had forcefully put Bai Suwan into the Peerless Beast Pouch. During the next period of time, he had not been able to take her out.

He comforted her and continued to recover from his injuries.

At that moment, the female beggar in his cart woke up. Seeing Zhou Xuanji healing his injuries, she first felt happy before feeling guilty, and she said hesitantly, “I’m sorry, I wanted to save you, but I never thought I’d encounter people from the Sovereign Demon Sect, resulting in you becoming a slave.”