I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 442 - Chapter 442 – Gu Tianxia’s Wish

Chapter 442 - Chapter 442 – Gu Tianxia’s Wish


“Are you wondering why the Great Emperor Dao Court hides in the dark?” Gu Tianxia asked. Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji lightly nodded.

Wasn’t this fellow blind?

No, this was an illusory world; it shouldn’t matter if he was blind.

Gu Tianxia answered his own question, “The Great Emperor Dao Court is indeed powerful but there is definitely an existence just as powerful as them restraining them, such as the mysterious existences above the 33rd heaven, as well as the Ancient Immortal Clan that has disappeared for a long time.”

Above the 33rd heaven?

Zhou Xuanji suddenly thought of Marquis; his main body was in closed-door training there.

According to Marquis, there was a very powerful existence supervising him; could it be an existence that could rival the Great Emperor Dao Court?

He had heard of the Ancient Immortal Clan before.

Real Immortal Gods who were recognized by heavenly law!

“Malicious Buddha’s task is to bring you to the Demonic Emperor, but Xuan Daoya has always been scheming regarding you, and he will not give up. The two of them will definitely fight, which will be your chance. I will use the Tianxia Map to transfer you away. As for where you are transferred to, that will be up to the heavens,” Gu Tianxia said softly as he looked at Zhou Xuanji.

He spoke very effortlessly, like insipid clouds and light wind.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “With how strong they are, even if I escape, they will still find me.”

Gu Tianxia replied, “If you can survive this tribulation, that’s good enough for now. They are not omnipotent; the reason why they were able to find you was because everyone knew you were at the Divine Cliff.”

Zhou Xuanji came back to his senses.

Indeed, if the Demonic Emperor and Malicious Buddha were that powerful, they would have found him much earlier; why did they need to wait for so long?

Gu Tianxia’s eyelids suddenly opened, revealing his eyeless eye sockets. They were like two black holes, causing Zhou Xuanji’s face to twitch.

“Xuan Daoya also nurtured me back then but he killed me while I had my guard down. However, I left behind my eyes before that happened; if you can find them, you can revive me. I am filled with hatred towards Xuan Daoya, and if you can revive me, I will not rest until he is dead. That way, the pressure on you will also be reduced,” Gu Tianxia said slowly as he looked at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite speechless. Why did he keep meeting dead people who wanted to be revived?

He thought back to the people he had killed; had they all truly died?

“Alright, hopefully we can meet in the future and I will be alive when that time comes,” Gu Tianxia said as he waved his hand. Without waiting for Zhou Xuanji’s agreement, he shattered the illusory world.


Zhou Xuanji felt as if he had woken up from a dream, and flames shined on his face.

He found that he was lying on the ground within a forest, and there was a moon hanging in the sky.

He turned and saw Malicious Buddha sitting not too far away, and the other clones were gone.

Malicious Buddha noticed that he had woken up and did not pay him any attention. He was holding a yellow skin and was carefully examining it.

Zhou Xuanji did not say anything and silently looked at Malicious Buddha.

This fellow was quite ugly.

Thinking of the horrible way Emissary Li Qing had died, Zhou Xuanji felt irrepressible fury within his heart.

One day, he would make Malicious Buddha die a terrible death!

“You want to kill me?”

Malicious Buddha did not even look over as he asked.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply. Even though he was angry, he was not stupid. Going against Malicious Buddha at a time like this would only increase his suffering.

Malicious Buddha continued to study the yellow skin as he said softly, “I understand your feelings; in fact, I probably felt even more pain than you. Do you know why I went from being a buddha to being a demon? It’s because buddhas can not change anything. They cannot save anyone and cannot save themselves. Only by becoming a demon and not having any worries can one be the strongest.”

Zhou Xuanji coldly harrumphed.

Which villain did not have a reason?

However, no reason could justify taking revenge on the world.

“You are a sword cultivator, and if you enter the demonic path, you will definitely become very powerful. I once saw a sword demon, that fellow was incredibly powerful. If he was still alive, he would definitely be one of the top ten existences in the Great Thousand World,” Malicious Buddha continued to say as he laughed. He continued to ramble, praising the sword demon.

Zhou Xuanji did not want to become a demon—he had a wife and daughter and people he cared about. He did not want to harm them.

There was also Devil Emperor Dugu—even though he looked calm and gentle, after ascending, he often went into qi deviation and became demonic.

Malicious Buddha picked up the yellow skin and swung it in front of Zhou Xuanji as he laughed and asked, “Do you know what this is?”

Zhou Xuanji replied angrily, “Your bottom?”

Malicious Buddha chuckled as he replied, “Skin from the Ancient Immortal Clan. The Ancient Immortal Clan are real Immortal Gods, and every piece of skin and every hair contains the power of heavenly law. I am investigating why they are Immortal Gods.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “With how powerful you are, you can’t compare to Immortal Gods?”

Malicious Buddha loudly laughed, his laughter filled with condescension.

“The Ancient Immortal Clan has already fallen, and I just want to investigate the power of heavenly law. Do you believe someone can compare to heavenly law?” His tone became fanatical.

Compared to heavenly law?

Zhou Xuanji casually replied, “Of course it’s possible; heavenly law is only one type of rule, and when one becomes so powerful that one surpasses the rule, one will be able to surpass heavenly law. There are many realms above heavenly law.”

He had read many Xianxia novels in his previous life, so it was easy for him to make something up on the spot.

He greatly liked a Xianxia author called Ren Woxiao. Back when he had read a novel and saw the main character reach the Saint Realm and stand on the same level as heavenly law, he felt incredibly pleased.

However, he soon found that the Saint Realm was only just the beginning! How incredible!

When he saw the main character become the unparalleled Heavenly Emperor and reign above space and time, he felt incredibly respectful.

Fortunately that fellow had not crossed worlds, or else…

The main characters that the author wrote were all very arrogant, and with that kind of personality, on the path of cultivation, they would have been beaten to death early on.

“Oh? Heavenly law is a rule?” Malicious Buddha’s eyes lit up, thinking to himself.

He seemed to think of something and felt as if he was on the cusp of something.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji felt that there was an opportunity.

He immediately continued, “The Way that can be followed is not the eternal Way. The heavens are Dao, the earth is Dao. The Dao gives birth to One, One gives birth to Two, Two gives birth to Three, Three gives birth to all things…”

Malicious Buddha frowned but did not cut him off.

Zhou Xuanji rambled a bunch of nonsense, feeling quite pleased with himself.

How was that? You mindblown?

Malicious Buddha said dismissively, “What nonsense are you spouting; are you trying to trick children?”

Zhou Xuanji felt stunned; this kind of talk had made the Hegemon Sword Emperor gain instant enlightenment, but this fellow did not fall for it?

Zhou Xuanji changed the topic and asked, “Where is the Demonic Emperor?”

Malicious Buddha replied, “Very far away.”

“How far away?”

“A distance that you can’t even imagine.”

“How far away is that?”


“I already said you can’t imagine it!”

“Then you tell me!”

Malicious Buddha turned and looked at Zhou Xuanji, a savage smile on his face as he gave off killing intent.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji wisely chose to shut his mouth.

He inwardly prayed that Xuan Daoya would arrive soon so he could take advantage of the chaos and leave.

If Malicious Buddha brought him to the Demonic Emperor, Xuan Daoya would not have any chance at victory.

Deep at night, the flames of the fire flickered between the two of them, and Malicious Buddha focused his attention on the yellow skin.

A whole night passed.

As the first rays of sunlight shone the next morning, Malicious Buddha still did not show any intention of getting up.

Zhou Xuanji could not help but ask, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

Malicious Buddha calmly replied, “I’m waiting for Xuan Daoya.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned.

Eh? This fellow knew that Xuan Daoya was going to come?