I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 441 - Chapter 441 – Divine Cliff’s Loss

Chapter 441 - Chapter 441 – Divine Cliff’s Loss


Sovereign Xuan!

Wasn’t this fellow one of the nine souls in the Ancient God Sword?

Wasn’t he already dead?

Zhou Xuanji’s expression was strange, and Shi Shenzong asked who Sovereign Xuan was.

Emissary Li Qing said with a look of respect, “This person achieved his Dao extremely early, and not many people in the current age know of him. When the Sovereign Demon Sect was established, Sovereign Xuan had already shaken the Great Thousand World…”

He started to unceasingly boast about Sovereign Xuan.

Hearing this, Shi Shenzong felt quite surprised.

He had never thought that there would be such a powerful being in the current age.

Zhou Xuanji asked coldly, “He’s lived for that long; is it possible that he has fallen already?”

Emissary Li Qing glared at him and chided him, saying, “Don’t spout nonsense; if you were heard by a senior, that would be bad. He’s our only hope at surviving.”

Zhou Xuanji felt even more depressed.

Sovereign Xuan was already dead.

His soul is in my sword.

He asked, “Why don’t we go and join Taichu Yudao? Could it be that he’s not a match for the Malicious Buddha?”

Wasn’t Taichu Yudao said to be the strongest in the Center God Province?

Emissary Li Qing shook his head and said, “Even though Taichu Yudao is powerful, he cannot withstand so many experts. Half a month ago, he was ambushed and heavily injured.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned; even Taichu Yudao was heavily injured?

Who could have done such a thing?

He asked Emissary Li Qing but did not get a reply. Emissary Li Qing most likely did not know either.

The three of them continued onwards, and Zhou Xuanji did not dare to summon Sovereign Xuan, or else Emissary Li Qing might lose hope.

On the way, they all felt quite uneasy, worrying both for themselves and for the Divine Cliff.


Thick fog rolled about, and the once-prosperous Divine Cliff City was now completely in shambles. Countless disciples lay in ruins, and there were corpses and blood everywhere.

18 Malicious Buddhas stood in the air, wildly laughing.

Yang Yutian held his bloody arm, looking at the Malicious Buddhas with an unresigned expression.

The Malicious Buddhas ignored him because many people here had that kind of expression.

“From today onwards, the Divine Cliff is going to take a devastating fall. Not only will I destroy you all, I’ll make you live on in humiliation!”

The Malicious Buddhas crazily laughed and disappeared.

He had killed more than half of the Divine Cliff’s disciples by himself, and most of the 36 Emissaries and Legacy Disciples were dead. Only Yang Yutian was left alive.

Yang Yutian sat in the ruins, paralyzed, his heart filled with despair and bewilderment.

He suddenly thought of Zhou Xuanji.

Why was he not here?

Could it be that Han Xuzi had expected this?

After flying for roughly six hours, Emissary Li Qing suddenly stopped, causing Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong’s hearts to tremble.

Shi Shenzong nervously asked, “What is it?”

Emissary Li Qing’s expression was unsightly as he gritted his teeth and said, “It’s over.”

It was not that he did not want to continue flying but that an extremely great power had stopped him.

Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong’s expressions fell and took out their swords, preparing to fight.

“Where are you trying to run off to?” Malicious Buddha’s cold laughter sounded out from all directions. Following this, eight more Malicious Buddhas walked out from different directions, surrounding Zhou Xuanji and the others.

Emissary Li Qing deeply breathed in and asked, “Are you Malicious Buddha?”

If Malicious Buddha was here, what did that mean?

The Divine Cliff…

He did not dare to think about it, and his heart was filled with terror.

Malicious Buddha ignored him and looked at Zhou Xuanji, looking him up and down before saying with a pleased smile, “Your talent is indeed incredible, and you also have the Violet Demon Monarch Heart and Tianxia Map. No wonder the Demonic Emperor wants to find you so much.”

Demonic Emperor!

Shi Shenzong and Emissary Li Qing’s expressions greatly fell; they had never expected that the mastermind behind all of this would be the Demonic Emperor.

Logically speaking, Zhou Xuanji and the Demonic Emperor should not be on the same side.

Zhou Xuanji had never thought that Malicious Buddha would even be able to tell that he had the Violet Demon Monarch Heart.

Just how high was this fellow’s cultivation?

Shi Shenzong pointed his sword at Malicious Buddha and asked in a low voice, “What do you want?”

Just as he spoke, a Malicious Buddha appeared behind him, grabbing his shoulder and throwing him out of the green wind, causing him to quickly disappear.

In front of him, Shi Shenzong was unable to resist at all.

Zhou Xuanji’s expression became dark, wondering if he should use the All Evil Yin Yang Destruction.

He could tell that Malicious Buddha did not want to kill him, or else he would already be dead.

Emissary Li Qing stood in front of Zhou Xuanji, and he deeply breathed in as he asked, “What benefits did the Demonic Emperor give you for you to…”


A withered hand pierced through his chest, grabbing his heart and crushing it, causing blood to die his robes.

Emissary Li Qing was stunned and looked at the hand that had pierced through his chest in terror.

In the next second, Malicious Buddha directly ripped him apart.

Blood splattered on Zhou Xuanji’s face, causing him to become petrified, his body slightly trembling.

Another Malicious Buddha grabbed Emissary Li Qing’s soul.

“Did you see clearly, Zhou Xuanji? This is true power. Even with your overwhelming talent, you can only despair in front of it.” The Malicious Buddhas lightly laughed, sounding both horrific and malevolent.

Malicious buddha then crushed Emissary Li Qing’s soul, causing it to dissipate so that it could not reincarnate.

Zhou Xuanji’s pupils constricted and a terrifying aura exploded out, dissipating the surrounding green wind.

Zhou Xuanji was preparing to take out the All Evil Yin Yang Destruction, but a Malicious Buddha appeared in front of him and grabbed onto his throat.

Their eyes locked onto each other, and Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were filled with Malicious Buddha’s savage face.


A terrifying wave of spirit energy sent Zhou Xuanji’s consciousness into a deep abyss, causing him to fall unconscious.

Malicious Buddha grabbed him and coldly laughed as he said, “It’s useless to be furious. In front of absolute power, those who are weak have no hope.”

Under the deep blue sky, there was a vast and boundless grassy plains.

Zhou Xuanji was lying on the grass, and a slight wind blew.

He suddenly opened his eyes and sat up, breathing raggedly, instinctively looking around.

“Where am I?”

He hazily looked around before examining his body.

“You’re about to die.” A voice sounded out from behind him, causing him to look behind him in surprise.

A man wearing blood-red clothes with a tiger pattern on it stood behind him. He had a tall and straight figure and blocked the sunlight, causing Zhou Xuanji to hurriedly stand up.

This man was half a head taller than him, and his shoulders were quite wide. His black hair was slightly in disorder, and the rims of his eyes were very black. His eyelids were slightly sunken, and he did not have any eyeballs.

Zhou Xuanji asked in a low voice, “Who are you?”

The man in the blood-red clothes calmly replied, “I am the master of the Tianxia Map; you should have already heard of my name.”

Gu Tianxia!

Zhou Xuanji came back to his senses; wasn’t this the illusory world he had entered back when he had obtained the Tianxia Map?

Gu Tianxia walked beside him and looked up as he muttered, “Malicious Buddha, he is truly a savage figure. Even me at my peak cannot compare to even 10% of him.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “Since it’s like that, what’s the point of you seeing me?”

From how it seemed, his fleshly body had already been confined by Malicious Buddha.

Gu Tianxia replied, “Our experiences are quite similar; both of us are pawns of the Great Emperor Dao Court’s Xuan Daoya. However, we cannot just give up.”

Great Emperor Dao Court? What was that?

Zhou Xuanji’s frown became deeper; it was the first time he had heard of this name.

“The Great Emperor Dao Court is a faction that has existed since the start of the heavens and earth. There are many mysterious people hidden there, and Xuan Daoya is one of them,” Gu Tianxia said, making Zhou Xuanji feel even more curious.

Since it was such a powerful faction, why did it hide in the dark?