I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 440 - Malicious Buddha and Sovereign Xuan

Chapter 440 - Malicious Buddha and Sovereign Xuan


Three years later, Zhou Xuanji turned 98 years old and successfully broke through to Eighth Revolution Golden Immortal.

At the same time, he obtained two ordinary sword techniques and five swords: four Amethyst grade swords and one Heavenly Soul grade sword.

They were the Memory Sword, Torrential Rain Sword, Earth Attraction Sword, Great West Star Sword, and Sunset Heavenly Qi Sword.

Zhou Xuanji was the most interested in the Memory Sword.

Even though it was only an Amethyst grade sword, its special ability was quite good.

If one was stabbed by it, one would start to have flashbacks through their memories.

During battles, if he could make others fall into their memories, it could produce unexpected effects.

Zhou Xuanji thought of the manga, television series, and movies from his previous life; whenever one had flashbacks of memories throughout their life, it meant that they were going to die.

After reaching Eighth Revolution Golden Immortal, he stopped.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and summoned the nine souls.

He had not yet finished using the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl’s spirit qi, but he felt that it was going too smoothly.

If he went on like this, would there be any negative side-effects?

Demon Lord Ruyuan replied, “The Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl cannot count as an incredibly precious material, and just like your Violet Demon Monarch Heart, they are things created by the heavens and earth through good luck. The Dao Heaven Sect treats them as a treasure and uses them to create relationships; you don’t need to worry.”

The Ancient God Sword’s nine souls were Emperor Hanlan, Saber Monarch Donghai, Demon Lord Ruyuan, Emperor Canghai, Ghost Emperor Zhangtian, Emperor Zhao, Dao Lord Xuantian, Liu Wuji, and Sovereign Xuan. The most mysterious were Dao Lord Xuantian and Sovereign Xuan, and even now, the others did not know of their backgrounds.

The others had all made names for themselves in the Great Thousand World, so they could give Zhou Xuanji a lot of information on obscure history that others did not know about.

Zhou Xuanji asked in curiosity, “How are Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearls produced?”

This item was too powerful, and comparatively speaking, the Five Color Immortal Fruits were not much.

Liu Wuji answered, “They are created by the Dao Feotus Tree. The Dao Foetus Tree has seven colors of fruits, and the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl is the third grade fruit.”

Only third grade?

Zhou Xuanji blinked and suddenly wanted to snatch an entire Dao Foetus Tree.

Of course, that was just his thoughts.

Taichu Yudao had shown him great kindness, so even if he had the strength to do so, he would not do such a thing.

Zhou Xuanji chatted with them for a bit longer before putting them back into the Ancient God Sword.

Zhou Xuanji sent a telepathic message to Fei Hai, who was currently cultivating, and asked him to go and locate Xian Xianghua.

They had already ascended for six years, and with Xian Xianghua’s personality, she most likely had already made a name for herself.

In order to defend against anything unexpected, he also brought up Baihao Yixin and Xiao Hongjun and asked Fei Hai to investigate them too.

That way, if any enemies heard of this, they would only think that Zhou Xuanji was investigating his enemies.

Fei Hai immediately set out. He had many friends outside of the Divine Cliff, and even more within the Divine Cliff. As long as his friends kept an eye out while travelling and training outside, he would be able to obtain information soon.

Half a year later, within the Cliff Master Hall.

Han Xuzi, who was silently cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes and said in a low voice, “Who is it? Come out!”

An eerie laughter sounded out, sounding as if malicious spirits had entered the hall.

Following this, a person appeared on a pillar nearby. He was not wearing anything on the top half of his body, and his white hair was scattered. His skin was dark and his facial features were twisted and savage, and he wore an embroidered gown covered with poisonous thorns.

He looked at Han Xuzi and said coldly, “Han Xuzi, it’s time for you to die.”

Seeing him, Han Xuzi’s pupils constricted and he immediately stood up.

“Malicious Buddha! How can you…” Han Xuzi called out with a trembling voice, his eyes filled with apprehension.

More figures suddenly appeared on the ground; they were also Malicious Buddha, looking like clones.

The Malicious Buddha on the pillar savagely laughed and said, “You should know clearly who you have offended. Someone has asked me to kill you; it’s that simple.”

More and more Malicious Buddhas appeared around Han Xuzi, completely surrounding him.

“To be honest, I don’t understand you; for Zhou Xuanji, you offended two sides: the Great Emperor Dao Court and the Demonic Emperor. Where does your confidence come from?” Nine Malicious Buddhas spoke simultaneously. Their voices mixed together, increasing the sense of pressure.

Han Xuzi frowned and said, “You were asked to kill me by the Demonic Emperor?”

The Malicious Buddhas condescendingly laughed, the eyes of nine of them simultaneously giving off killing intent, and they collectively rushed towards Han Xuzi.


A shocking explosion sounded out, startling the entire Divine Cliff.

Zhou Xuanji, who was cultivating within his residence, also opened his eyes in shock. He immediately swept out with his divine sense and saw the Cliff Master Hall being enveloped by billowing dust and flames, and countless disciples rushing over.

“Enemy attack!”

“Someone is attacking the Cliff Master?”

“Prepare to fight!”

“What’s going on?”

“Who dares to intrude into our Divine Cliff?”

Shouts sounded out as the 36 Emissaries and Legacy Disciples rushed out.

Zhou Xuanji frowned and walked out of his room.

The attendants in his residence were all panicking, and even Fei Hai looked terrified.

Shi Shenzong came over to Zhou Xuanji and said in a low voice, “They might be here for you; I feel that you should escape. Since the other side has directly attacked the Cliff Master, they are clearly confident of victory.”

If they directly attacked Zhou Xuanji, it would mean that they were scared of Han Xuzi.

However, since they had attacked Han Xuzi first, it was likely that they had high chances of success.

Zhou Xuanji frowned even deeper; how could he just escape like this?

Han Xuzi had shown him great kindness, and he could not be so ungrateful.

At that moment, Emissary Li Qing suddenly appeared.

He said in a low voice, “Come with me, the two of you!”

After speaking, he directly waved his sleeves and used his magic energy to transport Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong away.

A green wind quickly swept them into heavy fog.

Within the wind, Zhou Xuanji asked in a low voice, “Where are we going?”

He was using his divine sense to sweep Emissary Li Qing.

He remembered the story of Sun Wukong and his three battles against the White Bone Spirit.

Was this fellow an enemy disguised as Emissary Li Qing?

Emissary Li Qing’s expression was grim as he gnashed his teeth and said, “The Cliff Master ordered me to run away with you. The Divine Cliff is in danger, and the attacker is called Malicious Buddha. He is an undying old monster who has lived for over one million years; the Cliff Master is not a match for him!

“Despicable, this kind of person still existed!”

Malicious Buddha!

Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong’s expressions both fell.

They had heard of this name before: he had once been a Buddha but had fallen into the demonic path. He was exceptionally talented and had disappeared for hundreds of thousands of years. Many people of the later generations thought he was just a fabricated existence.

Zhou Xuanji tightly gripped his fists and asked, “What about the Cliff Master and Divine Cliff? Will they be safe after I leave?”

Emissary li Qing did not reply, but his body slightly trembled; evidently, he felt quite chaotic within.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji sighed.

In the end, he had brought harm to the Divine Cliff.

He could not understand why an existence like Malicious Buddha would act against him. Was he envious of his talent?

This should not be the case; after all, he was not the only First Class Great Emperor, and there were 11 people ranked higher than him, as well as a few behind him.

“Where are we going now?” Shi Shenzong asked. He did not ask Emissary Li Qing to leave him behind and instead decided to follow Zhou Xuanji.

Since he had agreed to follow Zhou Xuanji, he would not break his promise, even if the end result was death.

Emissary Li Qing looked into the distance and muttered, “To rely on help from the most powerful existence in the Center God Province.”

Shi Shenzong asked, “Who is that?”

Emissary Li Qing sighed and said, “Sovereign Xuan.”

Shi Shenzong felt stunned; who was that?

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes widened and almost cursed out loud.