I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 44

Chapter 44


Chapter 44: Chapter 44 – Sword God destroys brigands, and Northern Valiant Sword follows!

“What is the Reputation Ranking?”

Little Jiang Xue asked curiously. She had only heard about Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board, because the prodigy Ye Feifan, who was on the board, was killed by Zhou Xuanji seven years ago.

Huang Lianxian replied, “It’s a ranking issued by the Great Zhou Empire. It records people of great reputation each year, a hundred in total. This means you are now someone with a great reputation.”

Zhou Xuanji heard her and thought, I’m so famous now?

He still underestimated how infamous Zhuang Huisheng was.

The demon prince slaughtered a city but was defeated by a sword cultivator that few had heard of. This was really quite dramatic.

At that moment, Zhou Xuanji walked pass Northern Valiant Sword.

He said softly, “Follow us.”

Northern Valiant Sword was barely able to conceal how surprised he was and quickly followed him.

The guards opened their eyes wide, and their breathing became rapid.

This child is Sword God Zhou!

Huang Lianxin left the carriage there. Whoever kept it, it was all fate.

As the guards watched the four of them leave, they were all mind-blown.

“Sword God Zhou!”

“So it was him. I have an impression of him. Half a month ago, when he was entering the custom, I was on shift!”

“He looks even younger than my son.”

“Tsk tsk, don’t think like that, he might be older than your grandfather.”

“Did you see it? The famous Northern Valiant Sword was right behind Sword God Zhou and really followed him like a slave. That’s the spirit of Sword God Zhou.”

The guards kept on commenting and looked very excited.

Today’s encounter was enough for them to talk over the dining table for a long time.

After they left the Southern Snow Kingdom’s border, they continued journeying ahead.

Northern Valiant Sword appeared to be very nervous, he dared not to speak much.

On the other hand, Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin were chatting happily

“Oh yeah, do you like swords?”

All of a sudden, Zhou Xuanji asked Huang Lianxina. Although it did not seem like a serious question, a shiver still ran down her spine.

She promptly replied, “Yes, I do. I even know a sword technique, but it’s very low-grade. It could barely be counted as the low tier of the Yellow Grade.”

All energy techniques, spells, and martial arts were ranked based on their grades and tiers.

Broadly speaking, they were categorized into four grades: Sky, Earth, Black, and Yellow. More specifically, each grade was divided into the top tier, advanced tier, intermediate tier, and low tier.

Zhou Xuanji’s White Crane Sword Technique and Fiery Sword Technique were all Yellow Grade. Only the Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword Technique was in the top tier of the Black Grade.

Huang Lianxin looked towards Zhou Xuanji and was full of hope. Could it be that Sword God Zhou was going to teach her a sword technique?

Northern Valiant Sword looked at Huang Liaxin in disbelief and in admiration.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji turned around and said to Northern Valiant Sword, “You teach him a Black Grade sword technique and help her achieve Great Accomplishment.”

Northern Valiant Sword opened his eyes wide and was bewildered.

Huang Lianxin, on the other hand, was surprised. Black Grade sword techniques were not something of inferior quality. In the empire, these techniques were only passed down within the clans. Although the Great Zhou Empire’s chamber of commerce did sell, they were costly, beyond what she could afford.

Zhou Xuanji believed that Northern Valiant Sword had in his possession a Black Grade sword technique for sure.

If Northern Valiant Sword had none, he would look down on him.

Northern Valiant Sword took a deep breath, “Yes, master!” he said.

Since he became the Sword God’s sword slave, he would not dare to object.

Zhou Xuanji nodded pleasantly and said, “Do you know the sword technique that I used to defeat you?”

Northern Valiant Sword shook his head, but he suddenly remembered something and muttered, “Master, the sword technique somewhat resembles the Sword Noble’s Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword.”

Zhou Xuanji said, “You are right. It was Tri-source Vein Severing Sword.”

Northern Valiant Sword opened his eyes wide. Huang Lianxin was shocked too.

The name of Sword Noble was far more famous than Northern Valiant Sword. He ranked third on Great Zhou’s Hero Ranking Board and had long been listed on the Reputation Ranking. He was indeed a powerful sword cultivator who shook the world.

“Although the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword did not solely belong to the Sword Noble, this sword technique was his strongest and most frequently used. How did you obtain the Tri-Source Vein Severing Sword?” Northern Valiant Sword asked curiously.

The Sword Noble challenged sword cultivators all across the world. He was never defeated except when he faced the Sword Monarch.

He was one of those who were defeated by the Sword Noble.

Hope was aroused in his heart. Could it be that Sword God Zhou had the potential to defeat the Sword Noble?


Little Jiang Xue could no longer contain her laughter.

Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin looked at her in astonishment. What was so funny?

She glanced at Zhou Xuanji, laughing as she spoke. Only after, Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “His disciple is the Sword Noble. Back then, he had a gamble with Xiao Jinghong…”

She began the long story…

Northern Valiant Sword and Huang Lianxin were both aghast as they listened.

Just with sword techniques, Xiao Jinghong was defeated by Sword God Zhou?

Most importantly, Zhou Xuanji only took half a day to realize the sword will of the Tri-source Vein Severing Sword.

What level of mastery was he on the Way of the Sword?

At that moment, both of them wanted to kneel down for Zhou Xuanji.


Zhou Xuanji suddenly whistled. With the support of his spirit energy, the sound of his whistle could travel exceptionally far.

Northern Valiant Sword’s emotions were like waves and billows, it took a long time to calm himself down.

The most significant opponent in his life was Sword God Zhou’s disciple.

At that moment, he was overjoyed.

Huang Lianxin was too.

With Xiao Jinghong’s talent, he could surpass Zhou Yalong eventually. And together with Sword God Zhou who was even more devilish, there was hope for her vengeance!

Soon, two dragon eagles came.

The both of them knew that Sword God Zhou had dragon eagles, so they were not surprised.

Zhou Xuanji and Northern Valiant Sword rode Ah Big, while Little Jiang Xue and Huang Lianxin rode Small Er. The party flew towards the valley that Zhou Xuanji stayed in.

When they returned to the valley, it was already midnight.

At the valley’s entrance, Zhou Xuanji asked Northern Valiant Sword to build his own house outside.

Northern Valiant Sword had no objections. He turned around and began cutting down trees for the house.

Huang Lianxin was already familiar with Little Jiang Xue, and under the little girl’s plea, Zhou Xuanji agreed to let her into the valley.

Now, Zhou Xuanji’s started living with two more companions.

On the morning of the second day, Zhou Xuanji and the other two came out of the valley.

Northern Valiant Sword was highly efficient and had already built a wooden house that could shelter him from the elements.

When he heard footsteps, he woke up from cultivation mode.

“Let’s begin. Today, you will teach Huang Lianxin your sword technique, and I will watch. ”

Zhou Xuanji played around with the Three-Eyed Drought Rodent in his hand as he said casually.

Huang Lianxin stood behind him, seemingly calm, but the excitement was beaming in her eyes.

Little Jiang Xue, on the other hand, sat on a rock not far away. Ah Big and Small Er laid behind her. The two dragon eagles were sleepy, their heads drooping one after another, as if about to fall asleep anytime.


Northern Valiant Sword nodded his head. He was rather excited because he knew that the Sword God was testing him.

And so, he began teaching Huang Lianxin his sword technique every day, while Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue internalized Qi for cultivation beside them.

With Zhou Xuanji around, Northern Valiant Sword dared not slack off.

He had to acknowledge that Huang Lianxin was quite talented in the Way of the Sword. At least, it was not very difficult for Northern Valiant Sword to teach her.

Once every month, Zhou Xuanji brought them out to destroy brigand strongholds. Even Little Jiang Xue and the two dragon eagles joined the battles and honed their battle techniques together.

His aim was no longer focused on the Foundation Building Stage strongholds but also toward the more powerful brigands at the Enlightening Stage.

As they rescued more and more people, their fame spread like wildfire.

A year passed quickly.

The name of Sword God Zhou had already spread across all the kingdoms under the Great Zhou Empire.

‘Across the vast sky, the dragon eagles’ roar resounds, the Sword God destroys brigands and Northern Valiant Sword follows!’