I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 439 - Chapter 439 – Hundred Swords Martial Gathering, Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal

Chapter 439 - Chapter 439 – Hundred Swords Martial Gathering, Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal


Baihao Yixin forced a smile and said, “Revered Teacher, Zhou Xuanji is still young. I’ve seen him before; what need is there to suppress him?”

Feng Kule’s expression was strange.



Are you kidding me?

The well-built man glared at him and said reproachingly, “If I tell you to fight him, then you fight! He’s a First Class Great Emperor and once he grows, he will throw you far behind.”

Baihao Yixin felt quite depressed and asked, “What about a reason? Surely there’s a reason. Is it just because his talent is too powerful?”

The well-built man replied, “The person behind him comes from the Great Emperor Dao Court. Ever since he appeared, the Great Thousand World’s fate has changed. Other God Province’s races have also started to invade the Center God Province. It was first the Northern Wilderness, and now it might be the Great Thousand World, all because of him.”

Baihao Yixin’s eyes widened as he gnashed his teeth and said, “Great Emperor Dao Court? Wait! Don’t tell me it’s that old fellow!”

Feng Kule felt incredibly confused; what was the Great Emperor Dao Court?

It sounded very powerful.

“It’s him, Xuan Daoya. The Daoya Old Man by Zhou Xuanji’s side was a reincarnation of part of his soul,” the well-built man nodded with a sharp gaze and said.

Baihao Yixin’s breathing became ragged and he became increasingly infuriated.

So it was like that!

Xuan Daoya had tricked him to go down to the mortal realm to become a stepping stone for Zhou Xuanji!


In the blink of an eye, two years passed.

Zhou Xuanji was now 95 years old and had obtained three new swords: Abyss Breaker Sword, Silver Moon Sword, Three Leopard Fusion Sword.

They were all Glorious Gold grade.

For his current self, he felt that his luck was quite bad, but he was not demotivated because he had started breaking through to Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal.

It had to be said that the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl’s spirit qi was too vast. As his cultivation increased, his absorption rate had also increased, but he felt that what was left was still immense.

He started to suspect whether there was an independent world within the pearl.

Apart from spirit qi, the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl also had a special energy that continuously improved his body.

After breaking through for eight days, he finally reached Seventh Tribulation Golden Immortal.

After stabilizing his surging magic energy, he immediately took out the All Evil Yin Yan Extermination.

At a glance, this sword looked like a pair of scissors that had a black blade and a white blade with a gap that was three centimeters wide between them.

At the hilt were dozens of small black and white pearls as big as sesame seeds.

Zhou Xuanji gulped and muttered, “What terrifying power…”

Even though he had not activated the All Evil Yin Yan Extermination or sent in any magic energy, he could sense the surging power within it. If it exploded out, it could destroy everything.

He gave a pleased smile and did not test how powerful the All Evil Yin Yan Extermination was, and he instead put it back into the Supreme Storage.

He did not get up and leave but continued to absorb the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl.

Since he had gone into closed-door cultivation, he would naturally try to absorb all of the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl in one go.

Within the courtyard, Shi Shenzong was currently training with his sword, and Fei Hai came to his side, asking out of curiosity, “Senior Zhou has broken through again?”

After finding out that Ji Xuan was Zhou Xuanji, he felt incredibly excited and was filled with pride wherever he went.

Now, whenever he went to the Divine Cliff City, there would be many disciples trying to curry favor with him.

Of course, there were some people mocking him, but he did not take it to heart.

It seemed that the Divine Cliff was set on nurturing Zhou Xuanji as their sect treasure, so he naturally would not mind the jealous words of other disciples.

Shi Shenzong continued to train as he replied, “Mm.”

He acted very calmly because he had already become used to it and accepted it.

He no longer wanted to compete with Zhou Xuanji.

It was the first time Shi Shenzong had felt so powerless in front of someone’s talent.

Before, he had thought that he could catch up to Zhou Xuanji.

However, now…

His goal was now the Ascender Examination; he also wanted to obtain such an opportunity.

“That’s right, the Hundred Swords Martial Gathering is going to start in ten years. Do you want to go and have a look?” Fei Hai could tell that his mood was not great, so he changed the topic.

Shi Shenzong was a Second Class Great Emperor and was also an existence who he should try to curry favor with.

Hearing this, Shi Shenzong stopped training and asked, “Are the Northern Wilderness’ Seven Sword Emperors also going to participate?”

Fei Hai nodded and said excitedly, “The Hundred Swords Martial Gathering is a grand occasion for you sword cultivators, and many powerful sword cultivators of the Center God Province will gather together. Gu Jianzun will be presiding, and it is said that it is possible to obtain a Heaven and Earth Sword Embryo at this Hundred Swords Martial Gathering. Do you want to go and try?”

Shi Shenzong started to think and Fei Hao did not disturb him. After confirming that Zhou Xuanji had no intentions of coming out, he turned and left.

Within the Cliff Master Hall, Han Xuzi sat on a chair and said in amazement, “Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal; this boy’s absorption rate is too powerful. Who would have thought that the joke I made back then would become the truth.”

Standing in front of him, Yang Yutian’s expression became somewhat complicated.

He admired Zhou Xuanji’s talent, but he felt a bit unwilling to accept it.

Fortunately, he did not feel any envy or hatred.

Yang Yutian cupped his fists and said, “Revered Teacher, recently, those sects’ actions have become more and more daring; I’m afraid a great battle will start soon. However, I feel that there’s a plot afoot—they seem to be stalling for something, but I don’t know what.”

Han Xuzi’s eyes narrowed as he said, “Don’t you understand what they’re waiting for? Who has the most threat in the Divine Cliff? If you want to fight, you need to first get rid of the greatest threat.”

Yang Yutian’s eyes widened; wasn’t the biggest threat in the Divine Cliff Han Xuzi?

Could it be that the enemies were plotting to kill Han Xuzi?

“Yutian, we need to plan for the worst. If I happen to fall, you will be the Cliff Master. You need to establish a good relationship with Wu Qiu and Zhou Xuanji; they are two of the Divine Cliff’s best people, especially Zhou Xuanji. That boy is magnanimous and principled. As long as you don’t make things difficult for him, he will definitely repay you,” Han Xuzi said profoundly as he got up.

He had always known of the conflict between Yang Yutian and Wu Qiu, but he very rarely brought it up.

Yang Yutian said in panic, “Revered Teacher, what are you talking about? How could you fall?”

Han Xuzi waved his hand and smiled as he said, “I’m just talking about the worst case scenario. I’ve already written my will. If, one day, you face a situation like mine, remember to make plans for the future; do not allow the Divine Cliff to perish with you.”

Yang Yutian fell silent; the heavy responsibility made it difficult for him to breathe.

He now truly felt what the position of Cliff Master signified.

Following this, Han Xuzi had him leave, and only Han Xuzi remained in the hall.

Han Xuzi sat down and said, “Come out.”

As his voice sounded out, a black shadow appeared, having the outline of a human.

The black shadow coldly laughed and said, “Han Xuzi, looks like you already understand the conclusion. Why must you still obstinately persist in your wrongdoing?”

Han Xuzi calmly replied, “In order to protect the Divine Cliff. I knew from a long time ago that you’ve been suppressing the Divine Cliff but did not do anything too big to maintain the peace in the Center God Province.”

The black shadow paced before him, as if it was thinking of something.

After a while, the black shadow came to a realization and said, “So it was like that; there’s a connection between Zhou Xuanji and the previous Cliff Master, right? Otherwise, why would you be so desperate to protect him? Talent alone cannot allow someone to establish themselves!”

Han Xuzi’s pupils constricted and just as he was about to speak, the black shadow dove into the ground.

He was not fast enough to stop it and could only give a long sigh as he collapsed into his chair.

His gaze became hazy as he muttered, “Sir, if you were here, how would you deal with this tribulation?”