I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 438 - 93 Years Old, Sixth Tribulation Golden Immortal

Chapter 438 - 93 Years Old, Sixth Tribulation Golden Immortal


Only Zhou Xuanji could enter this courtyard, and he had given the order that if anyone wanted to come in, they would have to announce themselves from outside, including Shi Shenzong.

Shi Shenzong and Fei Hai were not here; they were most likely in the Divine Cliff City studying.

Soon, Marquis’ voice sounded from the Spirit Communication Heart, “What is it?”

Zhou Xuanji asked about the situation in the Northern Wilderness and Marquis answered any questions he had.

After he had left, the Northern Wilderness had continued to be quite peaceful. Devil Emperor Dugu guarded the north of the continent, not stepping out at all.

The other experts who could threaten the Northern Wilderness had not caused any problems either, and the Northern Wilderness had entered a period of peace.

The tension in Zhou Xuanji’s heart finally dissipated.

He told Marquis about Xiao Hongjun ascending and told him to be careful.

Following this, he put away the Spirit Communication Heart and gave some orders to his female attendants before going into his room and beginning his closed-door cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji sat on his bed cross-legged and made a circle with his hands as he prepared to consume the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl.

He directly used World Internalisation and absorbed the spirit qi within the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl.


Zhou Xuanji felt his soul tremble as massive amounts of spirit qi flowed into his body. The feeling of this spirit qi cleansing his muscles and bones felt quite amazing, and he went into a state of complete focus.

Within the Cliff Master’s Hall, Han Xuzi gathered the 36 Emissaries, his Legacy Disciples, and the various Elders.

He sat at the main seat and began to speak.

“On the way to the Dao Heaven Sect, I encountered the people who wanted to kill Zhou Xuanji. Their target has already turned to our Divine Cliff, and according to my investigations, the participating factions include the Kuimu Hall, Big Dipper Sect, Buddha Ghost Sect, Black Thunder Hole, and Eight Desolate Spirit Sect. There are also some people whose identities I was unable to uncover.

“Even though I killed eight of them, it was far from enough. We will soon face the Divine Cliff’s biggest disaster in the past 100,000 years. I don’t want to explain why we need to protect Zhou Xuanji; you should all understand. You all need to be on your guard and defend against any invasions from enemies!”

His voice became more dignified and solemn than ever before, and no one questioned him.

As the executives of the Divine Cliff, they all knew that the Divine Cliff’s development had reached a bottleneck. They could no longer continue to excavate resources from mortal realms, and Zhou Xuanji gave them hope of breaking through their obstacles.

The Senior Disciple Yang Yutian cupped his fists and said, “Do we need to provide Zhou Xuanji with more resources?”

He did not feel any envy towards Zhou Xuanji.

He wanted the Divine Cliff to become stronger even more than the Cliff Master.

Moreover, according to his understanding, Zhou Xuanji had created his own sect in the mortal realm and loved swords, and he would most likely not accept the position of Cliff Master.

Han Xuzi shook his head and said, “He has his own fortuitous opportunities; we don’t need to add momentum. All we need to do is help him find the locations of the Eighteen Saint Swords.”

Eighteen Saint Swords!

Everyone in the hall started murmuring.

Yang Yutian felt quite startled and said, “I know of one Saint Sword, but that sword is in…”

He said that Saint Sword’s location, causing everyone to feel quite shocked.

“Why is it in his hands?”

“If that really is the case, how can we obtain that sword?”

“Forget it, let’s look for the other Saint Swords.”

“I agree.”

“Cliff Master, you can’t leave the Divine Cliff; if you leave, the Divine Cliff will most likely be attacked.”

Han Xuzi deeply frowned, a look of wariness in his eyes.

He sighed and said, “Let’s look for the other Saint Swords. That person is quite crazy but has great power. Even if I face off against him, I don’t have complete certainty of victory.”

The others nodded.

Yang Yutian frowned but did not say much.

News of Zhou Xuanji’s ascension caused the Centre God Province to be quite chaotic.

After he went into closed-door training, whenever the Divine Cliff’s disciples went out on missions, they would be attacked by mysterious factions.

Even the Divine Cliff City had enemies sneak in.

Even though the higher-level personnel could understand, the disciples felt quite dissatisfied.

They felt that it was unjust that they had to suffer danger because of Zhou Xuanji.

Soon, voices of discontent began to fill the Divine Cliff.

Ten months later.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 93 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Glorious Gold] God Temple Diamond Sword, [Heavenly Soul] Shaking Wind Sword!”

Zhou Xuanji was woken by the Sword Spirit’s voice. He did not open his eyes and continued to absorb the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl’s spirit qi because he was about to break through.

The Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl had gathered over 100,000 years’ worth of spirit qi, and it was incredibly massive.

In less than one year, he was about to break through to Sixth Revolution Golden Immortal.

In other words, in another two years at most, he would be able to reach Seventh Tribulation Golden Immortal.

The Armageddon sword was waving at him!

Five days later, he successfully broke through to Sixth Tribulation Golden Immortal, but he continued to cultivate.

In the adjacent courtyard, Shi Shenzong could sense his massively rising aura, causing him to slightly frown.

“No, I can’t let me surpass me even more!”

Shi Shenzong gritted his teeth and did not continue to train with his sword, and he instead sat down to internalize qi and cultivate.


Under a sky covered with thunder clouds, there were mainly mountain peaks densely packed together like spikes sticking out of the ground.

Baihao Yixin knelt at the bottom of one peak, and next to him was Feng Kule.

Currently, Feng Kule only had a remnant soul left, which continuously flickered, looking as if it would dissipate at any moment.

He gritted his teeth and asked, “How much longer do we need to kneel for?”

Baihao Yixin used the same method as Zhou Xuanji to ascend, and in order to follow him, Feng Kule had given up his body, leaving behind only his soul and seeming incredibly wretched.

Now that things had come to this, he could only commit to this dark path and continue to follow Baihao Yixin.

Baihao Yixin’s back was perfectly straight, and his hands were on his legs as he said, “Quietly wait for This Emperor’s Revered Teacher to descend. When that time comes, a single wave of his finger will be enough for you to regain your body.”

Hearing this, Feng Kule immediately became excited.

He could not maintain his soul form for very long; after all, his magic energy was not profound enough.


A chilling wind blew past, causing Feng Kule’s soul to tremble.

“Baihao, you dare to come back?” A dignified voice sounded out. Those words caused Feng Kule’s expression to immediately fall.


Baihao Yixin had kept him going down to the mortal realm a secret from his master?

If that was the case, would his master become angry upon seeing him?

The more he thought about it, the more scared he became.

Baihao Yixin sighed and said, “Revered Teacher, This Emperor was wrong. This Emperor was tricked by an evil person; that old fellow is too sinister; you should be more cautious when making friends!”

After he spoke, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him and slapped him, sending him flying and crashing through the side of a mountain.

Feng Kule trembled and looked at the person in terror.

It was a well-built man who looked around 40 or 50 years old. There were many white hairs among his black hair, and he wore tattered gray clothes, looking like a farmer from the mountains.

He looked at Baihao Yixin and said in a low voice, “Are you criticising your master?”

Baihao Yixin hurriedly fell to the ground and knelt as he said, “How could I dare, Revered Teacher? I was wrong!”

Seeing his master become angry, he no longer dared to refer to himself as ‘This Emperor’, no longer putting up any airs.


The well-built man looked at him and said coldly, “From today onwards, you will no longer go down to the mortal realms. I will give you a mission, so you need to focus on cultivating.”

Baihao Yixin felt quite startled and asked, “What mission is it?”

The well-built man replied, “To defeat a person and bring glory to me.”


“The twelfth place on the Great Emperor Stele, Zhou Xuanji.”

Baihao Yixin’s face instantly became pale, and he almost coughed up a mouthful of blood.