I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 437 - Chapter 437 – Undying and Unkillable

Chapter 437 - Chapter 437 – Undying and Unkillable


Hearing Emperor Zhao’s words, Zhou Xuanji felt quite surprised, so he asked about Xuan Daoya’s strength.

Emperor Zhao laughed as he said, “He has a special soul constitution that allows him to go outside of the Five Elements and heavens and earth, which lets him travel without any traces. That’s why he seems so deep and unfathomable to others. However, his own strength is not very strong, and he was only able to kill Gu Tianxia back then because Gu Tianxia was caught unawares. Back then, Gu Tianxia had a massive battle with Divine Lord Ji, and both of them suffered heavy injuries, giving him this opportunity.

“I once met Xuan Daoya, and back then he wanted to split off a part of his soul to possess my body, but I was able to easily defeat him.”

Emperor Zhao’s tone was arrogant and filled with condescension.

He could easily defeat an existence who made even Taichu Yudao wary; how could he not feel pleased?

Emperor Hanlan also spoke, “Even though this is the case, no one can kill him; this is also a form of power. He is the only existence in the Great Thousand World who is truly able to be undying and unkillable.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji could not help but think of Daoya Old Man’s Undying Regeneration.

So he had inherited it from his main body.

Emperor Zhao once again said, “Brother Zhao, find an opportunity to help me revive, and I will bring you to sweep across the Center God Province. Even though I was less than 80,000 years old, I nearly became the Sovereign Demon Sect’s Sect Lord. Back then…”

He started to unceasingly boast, and Zhou Xuanji felt somewhat sceptical.

This fellow had once been the next-in-line for Sect Lord of the Sovereign Demon Sect?

The Sovereign Demon Sect was an even more powerful faction than the Divine Cliff; was this fellow really that powerful?

The current Sect Lord of the Sovereign Demon Sect was an existence who had lived for hundreds of thousands of years.

Sovereign Xuan coldly harrumphed, “Sovereign Demon Sect? Back when This Sovereign was still alive? There seems to be a Sovereign Demon Sect created by a junior.”

Emperor Zhao laughed, “So good at boasting.”

The other souls also spoke.

“Emperor Zhao, all you want is to revive. That’s right, you never said how you died.”

“I know, he died from qi deviation.”

“Tsk tsk, the Sovereign Demon Sect has already fallen to such a sorry state?”

“Are you all looking down on me?”

“Everyone’s just a remnant soul now, stop boasting.”

Zhou Xuanji could tell that these souls all wanted to revive.

It was not impossible, but it would not be possible for now.

He was not strong enough yet, and he still wanted to use the nine souls to learn more about the Great Thousand World.

After asking them some questions, the pressure he felt in his heart greatly decreased.

Even though Xuan Daoya was undying and unkillable, his battle power was not very strong, so he did not have to feel very worried about facing him.

However, he had to be wary about Xuan Daoya using plots and schemes, luring other experts to deal with him.

Only after talking for about an hour did Zhou Xuanji allow them to return to the Ancient God Sword.

He then sat cross-legged on his bed and began to cultivate.

This was the Dao Heaven Sect, so he did not worry about someone launching a sneak attack on him.

At the same time, news of the Mysterious Tribulation Crater’s Ascender Examination spread. The information that Ji Xuan was actually Zhou Xuanji also travelled like a cyclone, and in just ten days, the entire Center God Province was talking about this matter.

First Class Great Emperor, Zhou Xuanji!

He had ascended!

He had first taken in Shi Shenzong before defeating Gu Moyuan and Mo Yuhe, and he had domineeringly taken first in the Ascender Examination.

In just a moment, Zhou Xuanji once again became an incredibly famous figure. This was especially so in the younger generation, who all desperately wanted to get to know him.

It had to be known that Zhou Xuanji was not even 100 years old.

Over the past few days, whenever Zhou Xuanji had gone out to look around the Dao Heaven Sect, the way the disciples looked at him had become completely different. Wherever he went, there would be many people discussing among themselves, looking and pointing at him. Of course, no one dared to get close to him.

A First Class Great Emperor only existed in legends, and to be able to see him with their own eyes, they were already very excited.

By now, it had already been 24 days since the Ascender Examination had concluded, and Han Xuzi finally arrived.

He came to the residence, and all of the disciples gathered around him.

Zhou Xuanji said gloomily, “Cliff Master, it took you so long to arrive.”

It had only taken them six days to travel here, but Han Xuzi had taken nearly one month.

However, Han Xuzi was here to save him, so he could not feel very aggrieved.

He was just too eager to go into closed-door cultivation and consume the Dao Foetus Red Loathe Pearl.

Han Xuzi smiled and said, “Let’s go. I’ve already spoken to Sect Lord Taichu.”

After saying this, he waved his right hand, and everyone was lifted by a gust of wind.

A green wind quickly sped over the horizon.

On the way, all of the Divine Cliff’s disciples felt very wary, afraid that enemies would once again appear.

Han Xuzi praised everyone before turning to Zhou Xuanji and saying, “After we get back, just focus on cultivating so that you can break through to Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal as soon as possible.”

The other disciples felt immense envy.

Zhou Xuanji had ascended for less than one year, and yet he would be able to reach Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal. Compared to him, they were truly…

Wu Minghe felt the most complicated because he had ascended the same day as Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “Cliff Master, can you help me search for the locations of the Eighteen Saint Swords? In the future I’ll go and look for them myself.”

Eighteen Saint Swords!

Emissary Li Qing looked at him in surprise.

Han Xuzi laughed with his eyes narrowed and asked, “Who told you about the Eighteen Saint Swords?”

In the Center God Province, the Eighteen Saint Swords were just an illusory legend.

Zhou Xuanji sent a telepathic message in response.

There was no need to hide Magistrate Cui’s identity; after all, he was very powerful, so who dared to make trouble for him?

Hearing this, Han Xuzi looked at him with a deep look.

The others were also shocked.

They immediately realized why Zhou Xuanji could ascend to the Divine Cliff; he should have appeared in the Heavenly Palace.

“That’s no problem. I also have something to tell you,” Han Xuzi nodded as the smile on his face disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him, a look of curiosity on his face.

Han Xuzi disregarded everyone else and directly said, “Two people ascended from the Northern Wilderness: Baihao Yixin and Xiao Hongjun; you seem to have enmity with them.

“Baihao Yixin is not too bad; that boy’s personality is free and easygoing, and he won’t ask his master to act on his behalf. However, Xiao Hongjun is determined to have revenge, and she has returned to the Blood Bat Cave. She will most likely ask the Blood Bat Ancestor to deal with you. That demon’s cultivation is not inferior to mine, so you need to be careful.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned; he had never thought that those two fellows would also come to the Center God Province.

He decided that after getting back to the Divine Cliff, he would take out the Spirit Communication Heart and contact Marquis to ask about the situation in the Northern Wilderness.

Han Xuzi asked, “Devil Emperor Dugu is also in the Northern Wilderness, right? Is your relationship with him good?”

Hearing this, Emissary Li Qing’s expression slightly changed.

Back then, Devil Emperor Dugu had charged into the Divine Cliff by himself, and he was one of the Divine Cliff’s enemies.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and did not hide anything.

He had his own friends; he was sure that Han Xuzi would not be so narrow-minded.

Seeing this, Han Xuzi nodded and said, “Devil Emperor Dugu indeed has extraordinary talent, and is at the pinnacle of Second Class Great Emperors. However, that person is easily bedevilled, so you need to be careful.”

Easily bedevilled?

Zhou Xuanji’s heart thumped; surely that fellow wouldn’t get bedevilled in the Northern Wilderness and slaughter all living things, right?

“Don’t worry, it’s just that he can’t endure the spirit qi in the Center God Province; he’ll be fine in the mortal realm. Otherwise, why would he hide in the Northern Wilderness?’

Han Xuzi could tell what he was thinking and reassured him, allowing Zhou Xuanji to let out a sigh of relief.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt that after coming to the Center God Province, he could not see through the Northern Wilderness more and more.

Why were Marquis, Devil Emperor Dugu, Baihao Yixin, Xuan Daoya, and Xiao Hongjun at the Northern Wilderness?

He did not understand, but he did not ask either.

Half a day later, they returned to the Divine Cliff. After returning to his residence, Zhou Xuanji immediately took out the Spirit Communication Heart and contacted Marquis.