I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 436 - Chapter 436 – Gu Tianxia

Chapter 436 - Chapter 436 – Gu Tianxia


Led by a Dao Heaven Sect disciple, Zhou Xuanji and the others came to a large hall.

At the same time, their sects’ seniors also came with them.

Gu Moyuan continued to stare at Zhou Xuanji, looking as if he wanted to eat him alive.

Within the hall, there were three Dao Heaven Sect Elders waiting. They looked sage-like and kind, their white hair floating in the air, looking as if they had walked out of a painting.

“Congratulations to the geniuses for obtaining victory in this Ascender Examination. We will now present your respective prizes,” the white-haired elder in the middle said as he smiled. Following this, he started to give out prizes from tenth place.;

Emissary Li Qing sent Zhou Xuanji a telepathic message, saying, “We’ll stay at the Dao Heaven Sect for a few days and wait for the Cliff Master to take us back.”

Zhou Xuanji gave a slight nod.

He understood that if they went out now, they would be dead without a doubt.

It was just that he did not know if Han Xuzi could fend off so many experts.

Soon, it was Zhou Xuanji’s turn.

The Dao Heaven Sect put all of the rewards in spatial rings, and Zhou Xuanji swept through his with his divine sense and found that there was a small mountain of Pure Spirit Pills. There was also a red pearl as big as a fist, which had a sparkling exterior, and it looked like a fruit.

He was curious as to what it was, but he did not feel that it would be good to ask.

“Little friend Xuanji, how about you stay as a guest for a few days? Our Sect Lord wants to chat with you,” the white-haired elder said with a chuckle, and the two other elders also smiled and nodded.

This boy in front of them had talent that was even more absurd than their Sect Lord’s, so they naturally wanted to establish a good relationship with him.

Zhou Xuanji laughed and said, “To refuse would be impolite.”

He also wanted to meet Taichu Yudao.

Following this, he left with Emissary Li Qing.

Gu Moyuan suddenly blocked his way and gnashed his teeth as he said, “Zhou Xuanji, next time we meet, I will definitely defeat you. Don’t you die!”

After saying this, he left with the Buddha Ghost Sect’s True Gods.

Zhou Xuanji had two opportunities to kill him but he spared him each time, making him feel quite complicated.

He decided to go into closed-door training after going back.

He would not come out unless he broke through to Void Extreme immortal!

Zhou Xuanji did not mind, but seeing this, Emissary Li Qing shook his head and laughed, saying, “Youth is great.”

Zhou Xuanji pouted as he said, “I’m young, but he’s not young.”

Who knew just how old Gu Moyuan was already.

Within a Daoist temple, Zhou Xuanji finally met the famous Taichu Yudao. He entered the Daoist temple by himself, while Emissary Li Qing remained outside.

This person was more ordinary than he had imagined.

Standing there, his aura seemed non-existent, as if he was one with the heavens and earth, and he did not give off the aura of a powerful expert at all.

However, the more this was so, the more respect he felt towards Taichu Yudao.

This was another type of expert who stood at the peak. He saw through everything and held his power back.

Taichu Yudao stroked his beard and smiled as he said, “As expected of a First Class Great Emperor; your talent is indeed astounding.”

Zhou Xuanji cupped his fists and said, “Thank you Sect Lord Taichu for your help.”

Taichu Yudao waved his hand, signalling for Zhou Xuanji to come up.

Zhou Xuanji did not show any wariness and didn’t hesitate to walk over.

If Taichu Yudao wanted to kill him, he could directly act; he would be powerless to do anything about it.

Taichu Yudao gently pulled his hand and sighed as he said, “I’m sure you’re wondering who that little friend I spoke of is?”

Without waiting for Zhou Xuanji to reply, he started to speak.

It was just as Zhou Xuanji had guessed.

His little friend was the person who had created the World Buddha Art and the Tianxia Map. He had fallen 180,000 years ago, and the Tianxia Map had fallen to the mortal realm because of this.

That person was called Gu Tianxia, and he had the bloodlines of both the human race and demon race. Ever since he was born, neither race accepted him.

He went through countless trials and created the World Buddha Art and Tianxia Map, resulting in him gaining an immense reputation. He challenged experts everywhere, winning every fight, until he met Taichu Yudao.

After losing to Taichu Yudao, the two of them struck a deep friendship and discussed the Dao in the Dao Heaven Sect for thousands of years, each of them gaining much.

When bringing up Gu Tianxia, Taichu Yudao continuously sighed, his tone filled with regret and sadness.

If such a genius could have continued to live, perhaps he would have already been able to rival him.

Zhou Xuanji could not help but ask, “Who killed him?”

Taichu Yudao frowned and said, “I don’t know; I only know that that person’s surname is Xuan.”

Xuan Daoya!

Zhou Xuanji nearly cursed out; so it was that fellow.

No wonder that fellow would change his fate so that he would have the fortune of finding information about the Tianxia Map.

Feng Kule, Daoya Old Man, and Devil Emperor Dugu had all become his pawns without knowing it.

Xuan Daoya said that he could become Zhou Xuanji’s trump card, but he had killed Gu Tianxia; it was possible that this promise was also a threat.

Zhou Xuanji’s thoughts were like lightning, thinking of countless possibilities.

However, he did not say any of them out and pretended that he did not know Xuan Daoya.

He was unable to completely trust Xuan Daoya or Taichu Yudao.

The best thing to do was to pretend to be a pawn and calmly observe the situation.

Zhou Xuanji looked up and asked, “Between you and that person, who is more powerful?”

This question was very important.

Taichu Yudao said thoughtfully, “I’ve only met him once, and before I could act, that person was able to easily escape from in front of me. He’s most likely stronger than me.”

He actually did not believe that person was a match for him, but in order for Zhou Xuanji to be more careful, he could only exaggerate him.

Zhou Xuanji felt a headache coming on. An enemy that even Taichu Yudao would find it difficult to defeat; when would he be able to fight him?

However, that fellow was always hiding in the darkness, so there was definitely a power stronger than him limiting him, making it so that he did not dare to openly show himself. To Zhou Xuanji, this was an opportunity.

“You can just stay at the Dao Heaven Sect and wait for Han Xuzi to bring you back. That boy is very powerful and might even surpass me sometime,” Taichu Yudao said as he chuckled. There were only a few people in the world who dared to call Han Xuzi ‘that boy’.

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said, “I’ll have to trouble the Dao Heaven Sect then.”

Taichu Yudao waved his hand and smiled as he said, “If I fall one day, when the world belongs to you, I hope you can treat the Dao Heaven Sect well.”


Zhou Xuanji said seriously, “You have shown me kindness, so I will definitely do so. Of course, the prerequisite is that I can have that kind of strength.”

Taichu Yudao smiled as he nodded, not doubting Zhou Xuanji’s potential at all.

The two of them chatted for a bit longer before Zhou Xuanji left.

The Daoist temple became quiet again.

Taichu Yudao stopped smiling as he took out a small bamboo stick, on which were carved two strange characters.

He muttered, “What you said was indeed true. I’m suddenly very interested in knowing who is playing this game of chess.

“The helper you left behind should be appearing soon.”

The bamboo stick disappeared and turned into motes of light that scattered in the air.

Elsewhere, Zhou Xuanji and Emissary Li Qing returned to the residence.

Emissary Li Qing smiled and said, “The Dao Foetus Red Loathe is something that has existed for over 100,000 years, and the Dao Heaven Sect has fewer than ten of them. Consume it after we return to the Divine Cliff; after all, you will have to go into closed-door training for a long time.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded; in the Daoist temple, Taichu Yudao had told him of the Dao Feotus Red Loathe Pearl’s history, so he was quite eager to get back to the Divine Cliff.

The two of them then went back to their own rooms.

Zhou Xuanji sat on his bed and took out the Ancient God Sword, summoning the nine souls.

He asked about Gu Tianxia and Xuan Daoya, seeing if anyone knew of them.

Emperor Zhao condescendingly laughed and said, “Xuan Daoya? He’s just a paper tiger; don’t be scared by him.”