I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 435 - Chapter 435 The Domineering Taichu Yudao

Chapter 435 - Chapter 435 The Domineering Taichu Yudao


Chapter 435: Chapter 435 The Domineering Taichu Yudao


Everyone on the clouds looked toward the gigantic eyes at the horizon.

This place was the Dao Heaven Sect, and Zhou Xuanji was the treasure of the Divine Cliff. Who dared to kill him here?

Zhou Xuanji looked over as well. It was not his first time seeing such a huge pair of eyes before, but he could still not recognize the other person.

For someone to kill him here, it must not be because of envy but a hateful grudge.

But to Zhou Xuanji, other than Heavenly Hall and Xiao Hongjun, who else had he offended?

There was another possibility.

And that was Divine Lord Ji.

But Emissary Li Qing told him before that Divine Lord Ji was extremely mysterious. He never showed up personally. Everyone only knew his name but had never seen him before.

“Divine Cliff, this brat carries too many iniquities. If you want to protect, you will become the enemy of the Center God Province!”

The pair of giant eyes bellowed toward Emissary Li Qing. Having heard these words, all the factions felt weird.

Enemy of the Center God Province?

Who do you think you are?

Such arrogance!

Zhou Xuanji and Emissary Li Qing were speechless too. Was that guy brainless?

The surrounding ascenders backed off and drew their distance from Zhou Xuanji.


A bolt of lightning came from the sky with such impetus that it seemed to be able to incinerate Zhou Xuanji’s soul.

Emissary Li Qing quickly pushed out his palm, and a mountainous green palm shielded the two of them from the lightning.

The lightning coiled around the green palm, and the latter cracked and crumbled instantly.

Emissary Li Qing’s expression changed drastically as he looked at the bolt of lightning approaching them.

A breeze came and dispersed the lightning.

The gigantic eyes dissipated. Then, a ten-mile tall black shadow appeared at the edge of the Mysterious Tribulation Crater suddenly. A total of 23 black shadows appeared in the other directions as well. They were like black pillars that supported the sky, and all the factions were shocked.

“Who are they?”

“Such a powerful aura. They must be at least True Gods, or even more powerful.”

“Zhou Xuanji has so many enemies?”

“They fear that Zhou Xuanji will become too powerful for them. He’s a First Class Great Emperor after all. If he fully matures, he will influence too many things.”

“Then Zhou Xuanji would be dead for sure. Even if Han Xuzi is around, he might not be able to protect him.”

The 23 mysterious, powerful cultivators stood at the Mysterious Tribulation Crater’s border and tightly surrounded Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes as his heart raged.

He had not offended so many powerful cultivators.

It seemed like someone was really envious of him and wanted to find an excuse to eliminate him!

“Don’t ever let me know who you are, or else I will not stop going for revenge until I die!”

Zhou Xuanji mumbled to himself as he stared at them coldly.

Emissary Li Qing heard his words but did not look back. He was full of vigilance.

Even in such a dire situation, he did not back off.

Zhou Xuanji took out his two God-slaying legendary swords and prepared to fight.

At this moment, an old voice came, “Sect Lord Taichu, you are going to protect him?”

Sect Lord Taichu!

Dao Heaven Sect Lord, Taichu Yudao!

Everyone was shocked. Dao Heaven Sect and the Divine Cliff were not very close.

Could it be to loop Zhou Xuanji in?

Taichu Yudao’s voice came from the heavens calmly, “Zhou Xuanji has inherited the legacy of a little friend of mine, so he’s considered closely related to me. I have to protect him for sure.”

With these words, a huge commotion exploded above the Mysterious Tribulation Crater.

Zhou Xuanji had such a relationship with the Dao Heaven Sect Lord?

Even Emissary Li Qing and Li Zhangqi were stunned.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. He received the legacy of a little friend of Taichu Yudao?

Wouldn’t that mean I became Taichu Yudao’s little old brother?

No, my position should be even lower than that.

Wait, whose legacy did I inherit?

Sky-sundering Sword Emperor, Wang Xiaofei?

Hegemon Sword Emperor?

Impossible. The two of them were not qualified to become friends with Taichu Yudao.

He suddenly thought of the World Buddha Art and the Tianxia Map.

This energy technique and the artifact could reign over the entire mortal realm. Even in the Great Thousand World, they were still powerful.

Until now, he had yet to know who created the World Buddha Art.

He heard that the World Buddha Art had more than three levels.

The more he thought, the deeper he frowned.

“Little friend? What a joke. Taichu Yudao, you want to make the entire Center God Province your enemy?”

Another voice came, and it was filled with murderous intent.

They did make any moves to attack and were apparently wary of Taichu Yudao.

Taichu Yudao’s voice came again, “Within ten breaths, if all of you don’t back off, then stay forever.”


He had been the most powerful cultivator in the Center God Province indeed!

Or, he might still be the most powerful one!

Everyone admired how domineering he was.

The 23 black shadows became silent. They did not expect Tiachu Yudao’s fearsome insistence, and they immediately became hesitant.

Soon, they disappeared one after another.

The initial voice came again, “Taichu Yudao, although you can protect him for now, you cannot protect him forever. Your Dao Heaven Sect might meet its end soon.”

Taichu Yudao did not reply, and each faction did not take it seriously as well.

Who didn’t know how to bluff?

They were more concerned about the relationship between Taichu Yudao and Zhou Xuanji.

Could this be a cause for an alliance between the Divine Cliff and the Heaven Dao Sect?

If the two factions work together, they could reign over the entire Center God Province.

The Sovereign Demon Sect’s Guan Hong fell into deep contemplation with a bitter face.

The people from the Buddha Ghost Sect were whispering amongst themselves too.

Emissary Li Qing heaved a sigh of relief and asked Zhou Xuanji in astonishment, “You are related to the Dao Heaven Sect in such a way?”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “I don’t know. It’s my first time ascending.”

Emissary Li Qing nodded. He did not speculate that Zhou Xuanji had something to hide. It might be a good serendipity that Zhou Xuanji’s ancestors had left behind.

Sage Yutianlooked Zhou Xuanji with a complicated expression in his eyes. His heart was filled with reluctance.

Hatred welled up from within him!

But it was not Zhou Xuanji that he hated.

He hated himself.

If he was as powerful as Taichu Yudao back then, he would have protected Zhou Xuanji by force.

Who wouldn’t want to obtain such a genius?

The more he thought about it, the more bitter he became. He couldn’t wait to leave the place

Li Zhangqi said, “The Ascenders Examination is over. We will now count the number of Earth Core Crystals!”

Right after he spoke, 36 Dao Heaven Sect disciples flew down and began counting the number of Earth Core Crystals for those who remained till the end.

Zhou Xuanji laid out all his crystals and waited for examination.

Meanwhile, he was still thinking about who those people were.

Emissary Li Qing could see what he was thinking and muttered, “They might be the top-notch faction in the Center God Province, which might be one of the factions present here. For example, the Sovereign Demon Sect or the Buddha Ghost Sect. Don’t neglect this just because they are around.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded. He was not that stupid. The leaders of each faction were not here personally after all.

However, why did those cultivators not reveal their true faces?

Half an hour later.

The results were out. Just as expected, Zhou Xuanji was the victor.

The runner up was a Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal from the Buddha Ghost Sect. He hid well and did not encounter Zhou Xuanji.

Gu Moyuan was ranked seventh. He could not catch up with the rest even though he tried to pick up as many crystals as he could on the last day.

Mo Yuhe had none and was considered eliminated.

Other than Zhou Xuanji, no other disciples of the Divine Cliff got into the top ten.

The top ten cultivators were brought into the sky by Dao Heaven Sect’s disciples. At the same time, Li Zhangqi sent the other factions off.

Zhou Xuanji looked forward. What kind of supreme resources could get him to Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal quickly?

Once he reached Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal, he could use the Armageddon legendary sword. Just the thought of it was enough to excite him.