I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 434 - Chapter 434 The Demeanor of A Powerful Cultivator

Chapter 434 - Chapter 434 The Demeanor of A Powerful Cultivator



Gu Moyuan cried out miserably toward the sky. His body shivered as a layer of black light enveloped his body.

Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe stopped at the same time and looked at him in astonishment.

Even Zhou Xuanji did not expect this to happen.

Under their eyes, Gu Moyuan was quickly demonized. Demonic Qi inundated him as he was transformed into a devil with 18 black tails. His eyes were beaming with a blood-colored radiance, and his face could hardly be recognized. Only his silhouette could be seen, and he was bellowing.

Next, Gu Moyuan charged toward Mo Yuhe immediately.

Mo Yuhe opened his eyes wide while Zhou Xuanji was pleasantly surprised. It seemed that this devil was very powerful. It could possess another person for battle.

He immediately followed and fought Mo Yuhe alongside Gu Moyuan.

After being possessed by the devil, Gu Moyuan’s power grew tremendously, even standing toe-to-toe with Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe.

Mo Yuhe could not withstand him and was clearly at a disadvantage instantly.

Zhou Xuanji switched his sword techniques seamlessly with ingenuity.

Gu Moyuan attacked without without reservations. His blows made Gu Moyuan’s hands numb.

This scene shocked everyone on the outside.

“What is that?””

“Is that cheating? Borrowing the power of the devils!”

“He formed the formation by himself, can you?”

“The descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline looks so miserable. He seems like a clown before Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe.”

“What else does this guy not know?”

“It’s over for Mo Yuhe!”

Hearing the commotion around him, Guan Hong from the Sovereign Demon Sect clenched his fists. His face was extremely black.

He really wanted to massacre everyone around him.

But it was a pity that he was not that powerful.

If this continued, Mo Yuhe would surely be defeated.

The Buddha Ghost Sect was even more furious than him.

Mo Yuhe was fighting two people after all. It would not be a shame even if he lost.

But Gu Moyuan…

They cursed Zhou Xuanji’s shamelessness in their hearts.


Gu Moyuan’s kick landed on Mo Yuhe, whose rib bones cracked as he vomited blood. Mo Yuhe’s body smashed through layers of rock and flew toward the ground surface.

Zhou Xuanji and Gu Moyuan pursued and beat the crap out of Mo Yuhe.

Within three breaths of time, Mo Yuhe lost grip of his polearm.

His face was twisted in pain, and he almost fainted.

Facing Zhou Xuanji and Gu Moyuan’s fierce attacks, he could not withstand them at all.

Too powerful!

His heart was filled with so much sadness and reluctance that he had never felt before.

At this moment, he experienced how Gu Moyuan felt before.

The sword flashed!

Lick Eat Sword, Soft Velvety Sword, Dumb Sword, World Fool Sword, Great Mercy Sword, and Truth Sword pierced into Mo Yuhe’s chest one after another. All sorts of special powers combined together becoming the last straw that broke the camel’s back, and Mo Yuhe was incapacitated.

Zhou Xuanji activated Universal Attraction and sucked Mo Yuhe toward himself. The Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss was pointed at Mo Yuhe’s throat.

“You are defeated,” Zhou Xuanji said calmly. His power matched his initial arrogance.

He was as calm as though he had defeated a mere passerby.

Mo Yuhe could hardly open his eyes and said with gritted teeth, “Kill me!”

After being defeated like this, he no longer had the face of continuing living.

“Hand over your Earth Core Crystals,” Zhou Xuanji said, “There’s no need to seek death. The road ahead is still long. Moreover, if you are dead like this, what about the Sovereign Demon Sect that has been supporting you?”

“Life is a long journey, and it cannot always be smooth-sailing without defeat. A powerful cultivator is not without defeat, but they are only defeated, not destroyed. It’s a small thing for the body to be defeated, but if your heart is defeated, then you are really dead,” he said casually, but Mo Yuhe reflected on his words silently.

The spectators outside were shocked by his words.

If such words were spoken in a different setting, others would have snorted in disdain.

But in the current situation, Zhou Xuanji could have simply killed Mo Yuhe to cut off one enemy.

Yet he did not.

Even the Sovereign Demon Sect was stunned.

Li Zhangqi sighed in amazement, “This guy has the demeanor of a powerful cultivator and grandmaster.”

Forgiveness was much harder than killing.

Zhou Xuanji asked Gu Moyuan to take out his own Earth Core Crystals. There were 1,200,000 altogether.

He said with a smile, “See, it’s not only you. Even he took everything out. We must learn to give up. In the future, we shall fight again. You are really powerful.”

Of course, you are still too weak for me.

Mo Yuhe took a deep breath and handed over all his Earth Core Crystals to Zhou Xuanji.

With over twp million crystals, Zhou Xuanji was already the final victor.

After that, Zhou Xuanji released Mo Yuhe.

This guy was already severely injured and could not recover within a day.

As for Gu Moyuan, he would recover after the devil dispossessed him.

Zhou Xuanji did not want to kill them. They had no grudge, and killing the two of them would only bring him endless troubles.

He had a bolder thought.

To keep them as his sword slaves!

When thinking about this, he said to Mo Yuhe, “Don’t blame yourself. I have the talent of a First Class Great Emperor. No one will look down on you even if you lose to me. Moreover, everyone saw the battle just now, and they will only praise you.”

Now, his identity must have been exposed.

He might as well stop hiding.

“First Class Great Emperor!” He said shockingly with his eyes wide, “You are Zhou Xuanji?”

Zhou Xuanji was definitely the most famous person in a hundred years. Not only in the Center God Province, but his name was also spreading even in other God Provinces.

No wonder!

Mo Yuhe suddenly felt comforted.

He was a Second Class Great Emperor after all.

After a sigh, Mo Yuhe fell into silence.

Zhou Xuanji flew to one side and waited for the examination to be over.

An hour later, the devil dispossessed Gu Moyuan, who woke up after that.

He looked at Zhou Xuanji fearfully and no longer dared to find trouble for him.

He realized that his Earth Core Crystals were no more and immediately turned around to collect more.

Mo Yuhe gave up.

To him, everything else other than becoming first was already defeat.

The runner up was the greatest failure instead.

The second day morning.

The Ascenders Examination ended.

All the ascenders in the Mysterious Tribulation Crater felt a majestic power wrap over their bodies and bring them out.

When Zhou Xuanji appeared, a loud wave of cheering shook the skies.

“Zhou Xuanji is mighty!”

“Great job, First Class Great Emperor!”

“Too powerful! First Class Great Emperor, indeed! You won everyone easily!”

“Not only is he overwhelming in talent and power, but his character is also admirable.”

“He should be a model for our disciples to learn from.”

“Should we call him Zhou Xuanji or Ji Xuan?”

The other ascenders who survived till the end turned around to look at Zhou Xuanji in shock.

He was Zhou Xuanji?

The Divine Cliff disciples were most astonished, especially Wu Minghe. His jaw almost dropped to the ground.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and sighed.

“Humph! Zhou Xuanji, you dared to protect the Northern Wilderness humans. You will die here today!”

A cold snort covered over all the cheerings and turned the whole place silent.

The cloud seas in the east parted, and a pair of giant eyes appeared.

The pair of gigantic eyes stared fixedly at Zhou Xuanji. Its murderous aura pervaded the entire space, sending shivers down everyone’s spine.

Emissary Li Qing immediately came up to Zhou Xuanji and blocked in front of him. “Who are you?” He cried out, “Zhou Xuanji is Divine Cliff’s core disciple. You think you can kill him that easily?”