I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 433 - Chapter 433 The Talent of A First Class Great Emperor

Chapter 433 - Chapter 433 The Talent of A First Class Great Emperor


The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha stretched open his 1,000 arms, each armed with a sword. It hacked and slashed at Mo Yuhe.

Over 100 legendary swords that were wrapped in a dragon-shaped Qi surrounded Mo Yuhe.

At one glance, it was like an army trying to press down on him with such a powerful and imposing aura. Although Mo Yuhe was suppressed, he still had the power to fight back.

Compared to Gu Moyuan, Mo Yuhe was over ten times more powerful.

Zhou Xuanji frowned. If he were to observe carefully, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha appeared to be losing its advantage.

This guy’s demonic Qi was really powerful!

If this continued, the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha would disperse even before he injured Mo Yuhe.

He cursed in his heart. Does his armor reflect damage?

He immediately deactivated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

Next, he used the Ancestral Dragon Sword. Transforming himself into an Ancestral Dragon, he charged ahead.

A loud boom shook the earth.

The unstoppable Five-clawed Golden Dragon swallowed Mo Yuhe and rushed toward the lava surface, sweeping up fiery waves.

Mo Yuhe, who was in the dragon’s mouth, tried to stand against it.

He looked around in shock, realizing that the dragon was formed by sword Qi.

Such a majestic sword technique!

At this moment, a stream of sword light flew toward him. It was Zhou Xuanji.

He had already fully mastered the Ancestral Dragon Sword.

He could attack the enemy while stabilizing the Ancestral Dragon.

With the nine sword souls at his back, he charged toward Mo Yuhe swiftly. Wielding both of his swords in unison with his sword souls, he slashed at Mo Yuhe.

Mo Yuhe had mastered some kind of powerful polearm technique that was extremely domineering. He blocked Zhou Xuanji’s every attack.

But although he looked calm, he was feeling the pain.

His thenar webbing was already torn, and the pain shot into his heart.

Most importantly, he was using a secret technique to maintain his most powerful form. This was speeding up the depletion of his magic energy.

Even so, he was only on par with Zhou Xuanji.

He could not understand.

How could a Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal have such power?

He did not know that Zhou Xuanji held two God-slaying legendary swords with the World’s Power and the Tianxia Map. All sorts of serendipity were gathered on this Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal. How could he not be powerful?

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon broke through the cave wall and wreaked havoc in the underground space.

A great commotion burst out on the outside.

“Zhou Xuanji is really on par with Mo Yuhe!”

“What Sword Technique is that?”

“He’s too powerful. If this guy becomes a True God, what will happen?”

“Mo Yuhe had the talent to become the next Sovereign Demon Sect Lord. How come he feels so ordinary now?”

“It’s not that his talent is ordinary. It’s that Zhou Xuanji is too powerful. The Divine Cliff has found themselves a treasure!”

All the factions were discussing amongst themselves. Even the Dao Heaven Sect’s disciples were shocked.

Especially the female disciples. Their eyes were all sparkling.

Zhou Xuanji was impressively handsome and unprecedentedly talented. Which woman could resist such a charm?

Emissary Li Qing sighed in his heart in amazement with a smile.

A First Class Great Emperor was really overwhelmingly powerful.

No wonder Zhou Xuanji was ranked 12th on the Great Emperor Stele.

The top twenty were all extremely powerful cultivators who had great accomplishments.

Even the Dao Heaven Sect Lord, Taichu Yudao, was ranked 18th.

Even at rank 18, he had challenged the most powerful person in the Center God Province.

It was hard to imagine how powerful Zhou Xuanji would become in the future.

In the taoist temple.

Taichu Yudao sat on his cultivation hassock and looked toward the sky. He stroked his long beard in a smile like an amiable grandfather and without the demeanor of a powerful cultivator.

He said softly with a smile, “The Tianxia Map and the World Buddha Art indeed. No wonder Divine Lord Ji wanted it so much.”

He reminisced and mumbled, “Little brother, you are overwhelmingly talented indeed. To come to this stage, you should not die. I will not let your tragedy happen again.”

The battle between Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe seemed so tiny in his eyes.

Boooom! Boooom! Boooom!

The Five-clawed Golden Dragon traveled freely in the underground, while Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe fought fiercely in its body.

Mo Yuhe found out in shock that his magic energy was being siphoned away by his opponent.


He must leave this place!

With gritted teeth, Mo Yuhe disappeared and reappeared on the dragon’s head.

He raised the long polearm and smashed it down.


The Five-clawed Golden Dragon that was thousands of meters long was shattered immediately, turning into countless sparkles.

Sword light flashed, and two Sword Souls came charging at Mo Yuhe, who tried to block instinctively. His cheek was still cut, and blood splattered. His jade crown fell, and his white hair flew wildly.

Mo Yuhe’s eyes grew fierce and cold suddenly, and a wave of murderous aura exploded from him.

Zhou Xuanji really infuriated him!

He raised his polearm high, and demonic Qi gathered above his head like a sea of clouds. Countless hatred spectres charged out from the demonic sea of cloud unstoppably toward Zhou Xuanji.

With a disdainful smile, Zhou Xuanji raised his Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss and summoned the Extreme Abyss.

From the Extreme Abyss came countless ferocious ghosts that clashed with Mo Yuhe’s army of hatred spectres.


The underground mountain walls crumbled suddenly, and Gu Moyuan was charging over with his saber.

With wild laughter, his first target was Zhou Xuanji.

He was extremely fast!

Like a stream of blood beam that could hardly be captured by his eyes.

Zhou Xuanji slashed at him with the Sky Dominating Divine Sword Soul!

Gu Moyuan could only sense an unstoppable force crashing toward him, which almost shredded his body. Next, blood shot out from his mouth as he flew backward into the billowing dust.

Then, Zhou Xuanji controlled 26 of his legendary swords into a formation.

The Hades God-slaying Formation!

He could not defeat Mo Yuhe, so he could only find a helper.

Before he came, he inquired Emissary Li Qing about it.

Such a summoning formation could be used. As long as he did it on his own and was not reliant on any formation scrolls, he did not transgress the rules.

He charged at Mo Yuhe again.

Mo Yuhe noticed the Hades God-slaying Formation and wanted to stop it, but Zhou Xuanji was too difficult to break free from.

“How is this guy controlling his own swords?” He was shocked in his heart, “Could these swords all have their own sword spirits? No, there’s no aura of sword spirits. He’s controlling them!”

He could do two things at once?

It was far beyond that!

Zhou Xuanji did not know about the shock in his opponent’s heart because Mo Yuhe always appeared at ease. This made Zhou Xuanji feel that Mo Yuhe had boundless magic energy and was hard to defeat.

Roooaarrrr —

A horrifying voice came from the Hades God-slaying Formation. From the black hole, numerous black tails appeared and danced wildly.

A terrifying aura pressed down against the ruined underground space.

Mo Yuhe looked up with a frown and showed fear in his eyes.

But Zhou Xuanji felt pleasantly suppressed.

He had many accidents when using the Hades God-slaying Formation, which made him almost lose confidence in this formation.

This aura…

Very powerful!

It was already too late to stop the Hades God-slaying Formation.


Gu Moyuan charged toward him again. With a lunatic and furious look, he swung his saber at the Hades God-slaying Formation.

“Ji Xuan! If I cannot win, you shall not win either!”

His saber Qi swept across like a crimson moon. It was impressive and domineering.

The black tails in the black hole disappeared suddenly. A black ray of light shot out, dispersing the crimson moon saber Qi before sweeping toward Gu Moyuan.

Gu Moyuan could not evade in time and was shot by the black beam.