I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 432 - Chapter 432 The Final Battle

Chapter 432 - Chapter 432 The Final Battle


Zhou Xuanji did not know that his identity had been exposed. A huge group of enemies was on the way toward him.

He laid on the stone pillar and waited for time to pass.

In the blink of an eye.

Only five days were left before the Ascenders Examination ended.

Zhou Xuanji was already reputed in the Mysterious Tribulation Crater. He only robbed other ascenders and did not kill anyone after all.

The news about him robbing Gu Moyuan spread like wildfire, which made him on par with Mo Yuhe in people’s eyes.

All the ascenders looked forward to his battle with Mo Yuhe.

It would be best if the two most powerful ascenders were to kill each other.

However, Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe were not hostile toward each other and did not attack.

Especially Zhou Xuanji, who merely laid there and did not move.

The ascenders understood his intention.

This guy wanted to rob the other ascenders’ Earth Core Crystals?

Wu Minghe and a group of Divine Cliff’s disciples concentrated their movement around Zhou Xuanji.

Until this day, the Divine Cliff had only nine people left. They could only rely on Zhou Xuanji’s deterrence to stay alive.

Zhou Xuanji noticed them drawing near and did not pay attention.

Gu Moyuan did not attack other ascenders and merely collected as many Earth Core Crystals as he could.

The surface of the lava seemed extremely silent. The atmosphere was heavy, and everyone was looking around in vigilance.

If someone was struck down toward the lava, he would surely die.

Some of those miserable ascenders fell down and did not even leave a sliver of their soul.

Four more days to the end.

Gu Moyuan could no longer sit still. He began slaughtering the other ascenders.

Those who had survived until this day didn’t want to quit without a fight.

And so, many ascenders died because they took the risk and could not take out their identity token in time.

Three more days.

There were fewer than 200 ascenders left in the Mysterious Tribulation Crater.

Most of them were hidden somewhere in the underground space. They no longer dared to draw near to the lava ocean.

On the outside, many ascenders who were eliminated returned to their own sects in disappointment.

Although they wanted to leave, they had to respect the Dao Heaven Sect, so they endured and watched.

At the same time, they also wanted to know who would be the final victor.

This day.

Mo Yuhe also began attacking other ascenders.

He and Gu Moyuan became ruthless hunters, tracking them down.

Zhou Xuanji did not move still. He did not even leap down to collect Earth Core Crystals. He merely laid on the ground as though he was sleeping.

Even when there was no longer anyone on the lava ocean, he did not move.

Everyone understood his intention.

They looked forward to it.

A First Class Great Emperor was really that powerful?

A mere Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal could already reign supreme among other Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortals?

On the second last day.

Mo Yuhe returned to the lava ocean and stood on a horizontal stone pillar. From there, he could see Zhou Xuanji.

The two were less than 1,000 meters apart.

This distance was already considered very close to them.

Mo Yuhe sat down with a mocking smile.

He did not know Zhou Xuanji’s real identity but knew that he was someone who had defeated Gu Moyuan, so he was not in a hurry to attack him.

He did not even take Gu Moyuan seriously.

Zhou Xuanji told Wu Minghe and the rest telepathically to stay far away. It was best to crush their identity token now.

Other than these people, other ascenders were already at the Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal and above.

Zhou Xuanji was very curious. They had only ascended for five hundred years. How did they progress so quickly?

But one thing was for sure, these ascenders came from influential factions.

Having heard Zhou Xuanji’s warning, the other disciples of the Divine Cliff decided to retreat in a group. They flew up close to the ground surface and waited for the examination to be over.

However, they forgot that Gu Moyuan was above.

On the lava ocean, only Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe were left.

“Hey,” Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes and asked, “How many Earth Core Crystals do you have? I have 20,000.”

Mo Yuhe glanced at him and said calmly, “About more than a million.”

More than a million!

Zhou Xuanji smiled. Such a fat sheep to be slaughtered.

Seeing his smile, those on the outside were shocked.

This First Class Great Emperor was arrogant indeed!

How powerful was he such that he showed no fear?

With a deep frown, Guan Hong really did not like Zhou Xuanji.

Sage Yutian was silent, but the expression in his eyes was complicated.

If Zhou Xuanji could be for the Heavenly Hall to use…

The Heavenly Hall might flourish.

Li Zhangqi stood beside Emissary Li Qing and chatted with him about Zhou Xuanji.

The other factions were envious. How did this guy become the elder of the Dao Heaven Sect?

Such a shameless person!

“Wait until Zhou Xuanji becomes the victor and reaches Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal ten years later. He will be considered another Void Extreme Immortal added to your rank. I’m envious,” Li Zhangqi chuckled, as though he was a good brother to Emissary Li Qing.

Han Xuzi sent Emissary Li Qing to lead Zhou Xuanji. This meant that they were close in relationship, so he had to befriend Emissary Li Qing.

Emissary Li Qing shook his head in a humble smile.

However, he felt really pleasant in his heart.

Continue to lick my boot, don’t stop!

Time continued to pass.

On the final day.

Zhou Xuanji got up slowly. Everyone on the clouds was silent.

The final battle was finally happening!

Zhou Xuanji and Mo Yuhe were definitely the most powerful ascenders this time around.

Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss and Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword appeared in Zhou Xuanji’s hands, while the other legendary swords appeared around him one after another. They each activated their divine energy and beamed with glorious radiance.

Zhou Xuanji’s skin turned golden and heavenly lightning enveloped him. A nine sword purple Taichi diagram appeared in front of his forehead.


The cave walls around him shook violently, and even the lava was billowing.

Mo Yuhe opened his eyes, a little astonished.

He knew Zhou Xuanji was powerful, but he did not expect him to have such a powerful aura.

Is this guy really a Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal?

He got up as well and exploded with his own aura.

The two different auras clashed together, and the shockwave caused many rock spikes hanging on the ceiling to fall.

Zhou Xuanji smiled and said, “After defeating you, I will have more than a million crystals. Quite easy.”

Mo Yuhe raised his right hand, and a crimson polearm appeared in his hand. An ebony armor was clad over his clothing, which made him even more imposing than a devil god.

“Easy? I will kill you,” Mo Yuhe stared at Zhou Xuanji and said with a smile. His smile was filled with murderous intent.

Their eyes met, and each was arrogant.


The two got into action almost at the same time. The stone pillars underneath their feet were crushed in an instant.


The swords and polearm clashed. Zhou Xuanji swung his twin swords with extreme speed.

Mo Yuhe wielded his polearm with both hands extremely swift as well. He did not lose to Zhou Xuanji’s speed at all.

The legendary swords flew down swiftly, and Zhou Xuanji activated the Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation immediately. With his control, more than a hundred legendary swords surrounded Mo Yuhe.

Next, he activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. Gathering the world’s power, a golden buddha that was a few hundred meters tall appeared quickly, and he merged with it.

Mo Yuhe frowned. He could sense that Zhou Xuanji’s magic energy and strength had grown much more powerful.

But he did not lose his composure. A billowing surge of demonic Qi exploded, transforming into countless tentacles and deflecting the legendary swords.

His eyes turned crimson red, and he thrust his polearm forward with all his strength.

The demonic Qi turned into a black dragon that coiled around the polearm and clashed into the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. The impact pushed the buddha backward.