I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 431 - Chapter 431 The Winds and Clouds Gathered

Chapter 431 - Chapter 431 The Winds and Clouds Gathered


No matter how hard Go Moyuan struggled to break free, it was futile.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s attacks were just too fierce. Gu Moyuan could not even catch his breath.

He could already foresee how the spectators would talk about him.

And he really wanted to kill himself on the spot.

But he was reluctant to give up like that.

He did not want to die!

He was the descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline. He still had too many abilities yet to be shown.

“I will give you them!” He said with gritted teeth, “I will give!”

Zhou Xuanji had ingenious sword techniques and peculiar divine abilities. It was his first time encountering such an enemy.


He would surely get revenge!

Zhou Xuanji stopped and said with a smile coldly, “What are you waiting for?”

Gu Moyuan immediately began throwing out his Earth Core Crystals one after another. Zhou Xuanji began collecting them.

The two built a bridge made of the Earth Core Crystals.

The Earth Core Crystals did not stop, which shocked Zhou Xuanji a little.

How many people did this guy rob?

Gu Moyuan, who was within the demonic shadow, had a really bitter face.

Those were all his hard work.

A while later.

Gu Moyuan stopped. He gave Zhou Xuanji 2,231 Earth Core Crystals.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Truth Sword and pierced into his body.


“I have more!”

Gu Moyuan opened his eyes wide in astonishment.

And so, he threw out another 3,000 Earth Core Crystals.

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. This guy was really wealthy.

He continued to interrogate.

Gu Moyuan gave another 1,000 crystals.

After another interrogation, he threw out 2,000 more again.

Gu Moyuan was about to cry. How could he not stop himself from speaking the truth?

He looked at the Truth Sword and had fear in his eyes.

The outside world was greatly shocked.

A sword that could force someone to speak the truth?

It was so imposing that even Gu Moyuan could not resist?

Finally, Zhou Xuanji took more than 13,600 pieces of Earth Core Crystals from Gu Moyuan. After confirming that he had no more, Zhou Xuanji finally stopped.

Gu Moyuan got up with a complicated expression. His eyes were filled with hatred and rage.

Zhou Xuanji felt pity for him and consoled him, saying, “Don’t blame yourself. It’s just that I’m too powerful. You cannot defeat me.”


Gu Moyuan could not take such humiliation, and a stream of blood shot out from his mouth. Blood spilled across the rock debris.

With a smile, Zhou Xuanji left as he waved his hand.

Gu Moyuan sat on the ground paralyzed, and his magic energy was already depleted. He tried his best to regain calm.

After Zhou Xuanji left, his rationality began to recover.

“Divine Cliff, Ji Xuan… If I don’t get revenge for this, I will no longer be human!”

He said with gritted teeth. He could not take it whenever he thought about the countless people mocking him.

But it was fortunate that he still had a chance.

That sly guy was a fool. He let him live!

“You wait. The only victor of this Ascenders Examination shall be me!”

He said with determination as he clenched his fists.

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji dived deeper.

After he bullied Gu Moyuan, he felt rather pleasant.

He finally had a gauge of his own power. He could defeat anyone in the Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortal stage.

Mo Yuhe must be more powerful, but he stood a chance to win if he were to use all his trump cards.

He hummed a joyous melody as he flew swiftly.

Time passed quickly. Five days later.

Zhou Xuanji’s Earth Core Crystals exceeded 20,000.

There were only a few who were powerful like Gu Moyuan. However, he had yet to encounter Mo Yuhe, so he dared not confirm that he had the most crystals.

Until this day, the number of ascenders left shrunk greatly.

Zhou Xuanji could hardly encounter another ascender. He realized that his divine sense could only scan a radius of a thousand meters.

It seemed like there was something in the Mysterious Tribulation Crater that blocked divine sense.

Zhou Xuanji stopped, looked down, and saw that beneath him was a boundless ocean of lava. The radiance of fire illuminated the surrounding walls. The view was extremely impressive.

Piping hot air rushed up. If it were an ordinary person, they would have been incinerated already.

Countless bubbles rose and popped on the surface of the lava ocean.

Zhou Xuanji glanced around and found countless Earth Core Crystals floating on the surface.

But even with his cultivation, he did not dare to close in recklessly.

Far away, someone flew swiftly and continued to pick up Earth Core Crystals from the lava surface.

Zhou Xuanji gazed at him and was sizing him up.

This person was wearing a dark purple robe with embroidery and a jade crown on his head. Two strands of hair fell along his cheeks, and beads of sweat covered his handsome face.

His cultivation was very powerful!

Zhou Xuanji could not see through his cultivation and could only sense that he was much more powerful than Gu Moyuan.

There’s only one possibility.

Mo Yuhe!

With squinted eyes, he contemplated in his mind whether to attack Mo Yuhe or not.

He was not afraid of Mo Yuhe but merely wanted to maximize his own benefit.

Forget it. Let him collect a while longer.

Zhou Xuanji laid down and began resting while absorbing the spiritual Qi around him.

Time passed.

More than ten ascenders were on the lava surface, and each was over 10,000 meters apart. They did not disturb each other and tried their best to collect as many Earth Core Crystals as possible.

Only Zhou Xuanji did not move.

Even so, most of the spectators were focusing on him.

The reputation as a First Class Great Emperor was too huge. Even Mo Yuhe could not be compared to him.

“This guy wants his enemies to fight each other first before taking advantage of them!”

“He doesn’t even take Mo Yuhe seriously? Such arrogance!”

“He’s a First Class Great Emperor. Didn’t you see Gu Moyuan acted like a dog before him?”

“Shhhh, don’t let others hear that.”

“If so, he might be the final victor?”

“No, I think he will die in his own conceit.”

Hearing the discussion, Sovereign Demon Sect’s Guan Hong and others from the Buddha Ghost Sect were furious.

Especially those from the Buddha Ghost Sect. They hated Zhou Xuanji so much that they wanted to shred him to pieces.

Gu Moyuan suffered such a miserable defeat. It was so miserable that they wanted to leave immediately.

Guan Hong was worried about Mo Yuhe. He heard about Zhou Xuanji from the Sovereign Demon Sect Lord before, who asked him to find an opportunity to loop Zhou Xuanji in.

This was enough to show how overwhelmingly talented ZHou Xuanji was.

He really hoped that Mo Yuhe would not be defeated.

After all, he was the one who had guided Mo Yuhe, and he hoped that Mo Yuhe would take over as the Sect Lord one day.

Emissary Li Qing was definitely the happiest person among all.

The others came up to talk to him, and his nostrils were almost pointing to the sky.

On the Heavenly Hall’s side.

An old man flew up to Sage Yutian and said to him, telepathically, “Your Majesty, the news has been spread.”

Sage Yutian nodded and mumbled, “This Emperor doesn’t want to harm you. After this matter has been made known, the Heavenly Hall will never be involved in this muddle again.”

Although he did not like Zhou Xuanji, he hated the powerhouses who oppressed the Heavenly Hall and used them as weapons.

Now that Zhou Xuanji had ascended and the Northern Wilderness Region had disappeared, it was the best opportunity for the Heavenly Hall to exit this matter.

He suddenly looked forward to it.

Facing the collective attack from all those powerhouses, what would the Divine Cliff do?

In the taoist temple at the pinnacle of heaven.

Li Zhangqi came up to Taichu Yudao again and said with respect, “Senior apprentice brother, Heavenly Hall really spread the news about Zhou Xuanji. Next, I’m afraid that the Dao Heaven Sect will become the center of the storm.”

He was full of disdain toward the Heavenly Hall.

Since ancient times, the Northern Wilderness Region gave birth to countless geniuses. But it was a pity that the Heavenly Hall never managed to keep any of them.

The biggest reason was Sage Yutian was not forceful enough.

He could never stand on the pinnacle.

Taichu Yudao’s back faced Li Zhangqi as he said with a smile, “It’s okay. Let them come.”