I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 430 - Chapter 430 He Is Zhou Xuanji

Chapter 430 - Chapter 430 He Is Zhou Xuanji


Gu Moyuan was the descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline indeed. With such a great talent in battle, Zhou Xuanji was merely on par with him even with the God-slaying legendary sword.

However, Zhou Xuanji had yet to use the world’s power.

He understood that he could already sweep across the entire Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortal stage.

Zhou Xuanji immediately activated the Universal Attraction and sucked Gu Moyuan up to him.

His opponent was greatly shocked and instinctively swung his saber at him. The saber Qi struck onto Zhou Xuanji’s body and was reflected by World Reincarnation straightaway.


Gu Moyuan was bombarded by his own saber Qi. The impact sent him flying backward thousands of meters, smashing through subterranean rocks.

Zhou Xuanji pursued as he activated the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. Countless sword shadows flushed through the tunnel like a primordial river.

With the Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss in hand, he rode the waves and laughed mockingly, “Demonic Emperor Bloodline? Not so powerful after all!”

The World Fool Sword appeared in his left hand.

Gu Moyuan heard him. A spark of evil flame was generated in his heart, and it grew rapidly.

A murderous aura emanated from his eyes as he charged at Zhou Xuanji with his saber.

Zhou Xuanji had already activated the world’s power and had no fear for him.

Gu Moyuan clashed directly with the river of Primordial Sword and was blasted away.

“What’s happening…”

He opened his eyes in great astonishment.

How did Zhou Xuanji’s magic energy grow so much more powerful?

He could not understand what had happened. Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, did not give him time to think either. He used all sorts of sword techniques that dazzled the eyes, elegant and domineering.

On the outside, all the observers were attracted by Zhou Xuanji’s sword technique.

“This guy knows so many sword techniques!”

“Is it real? Gu Moyuan was suppressed?”

“He is too powerful. Is there no limit to his magic energy?”

“So many sword techniques that consume his magic energy. If it were me, I would have already hit my limit.”

“Is he really a Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal? Did he use some kind of trick to hide his cultivation?”

Everyone was shocked. Sage Yutian sighed in his heart with a downcast face. He had yet to use his greatest ability.

Emissary Li Qing’s had a big wide grin on his face.

He suddenly felt that his suggestion to Han Xuzi to keep Zhou Xuanji was a wise choice.

Such a genius should not be eliminated!

Zhou Xuanji suppressed Gu Moyuan. He fixed his eyes on him, in case his opponent might take out the identity token to admit defeat.


Gu Moyuan gnashed his teeth. He was extremely infuriated, and his eyes were bloodshot.

At this moment, he did not feel a tinge of excitement.

Somehow, he felt that Zhou Xuanji was very detestable and sly.

He did not think about the reason behind Zhou Xuanji’s power but merely wanted to torture him to death.

The sword souls at Zhou Xuanji’s back slashed at Gu Moyuan one after another.

Under the impact of the Primordial Sword river, Gu Moyuan could hardly resist the sword souls’ attacks.

Instantly, he was covered with wounds.

The two shuttled swiftly, and the Primordial Sword river was unstoppable. Along the way, they encountered many ascenders.

Those ascenders were so frightened that they ran away.

“Was that Gu Moyuan just now?”

They had the same thought.

Gu Moyuan was already considered the big boss in the Ascenders Examination. Other than Mo Yuhe, everyone shuddered at his name.

Mo Yuhe and Gu Moyuan had encountered each other a couple of times, and both brushed past each other’s shoulder tacitly.

They wanted to wait until the last moment to fight each other.

They saw each other as a must-kill because of the dignity of the two sects they belonged to.

“Gu Moyuan, you cannot defeat me. Give me the Earth Core Crystals, and I will not kill you!”

Zhou Xuanji looked down at Gu Moyuan and cried out coldly.

Under the influence of the World Fool Sword, Gu Moyuan almost exploded in a rage.

“Who do you think you are?”

Gu Moyuan roared furiously. Strands of blood Qi dispersed from and covered his body, forming a mighty demonic shadow.

The demonic shadow clenched its fist and punched at ZHou Xuanji furiously.

The Primordial Sword river exploded from the punch, and the gush of shockwave sent Zhou Xuanji flying away.

Zhou Xuanji quickly landed on the cave wall and looked up.

That demonic shadow was more than a dozen meters tall, and it materialized quickly. It seemed to be wearing a layer of armor, and its face could not be seen clearly. It was emanating an evil aura that Zhou Xuanji’s heart skipped a beat.

“What is that?” Zhou Xuanji thought to himself in astonishment.

He could sense Gu Moyuan’s aura growing stronger and more dangerous.

Enveloped by the demonic shadow, Gu Moyuan moved like a ghost and charged toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji blocked with his sword instinctively. But with a loud clang, he was sent flying away. His Golden Invincible body crushed the rocks where he landed.

Before he could even react, Gu Moyuan stepped onto his abdomen. A horrifying strength made his face twist.

What a dick!

He roared in his heart and immediately activated Sword Qi Soar to force Gu Moyuan back.

Gu Moyuan turned into a ferocious beast and ran across the cave wall swiftly. His eyes were beaming with a crimson radiance, which was terrifying.

Zhou Xuanji immediately activated the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. The buddha head pushed against the cave ceiling as it rose from the ground and quickly reached a few hundred meters before Zhou Xuanji entered into its body. Gu Moyuan slammed onto the buddha like slamming onto a golden bell.

With a loud bang, he was knocked off.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha stretched out its thousand hands and hacked and slashed at Gu Moyuan, shredding the demonic shadow instantly.

On the outside, everyone from the Heavenly Hall recognized Zhou Xuanji.

With gritted teeth, they began cursing at him in anger.

When the others heard them, there arose a great commotion.

“Zhou Xuanji? That First Class Great Emperor?”

“The Heavenly Hall is talking rubbish. Zhou Xuanji has yet to ascend!”

“It’s him. The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. That’s his signature divine ability!”

“For real? The Divine Cliff is really resourceful!”

“Tsk tsk. I wonder what the Divine Cliff is going to do with him.”

The spectators began discussing in shock. Other than the Heavenly Hall and the Buddha Ghost Sect, the other factions were not too hostile toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was a Northern Wilderness human indeed, but he was already a Great Emperor. This meant that he had cut ties with the Devil Emperor and could not be considered a devious fiend.

His opponent was the true fiend.

However, Zhou Xuanji was just too talented that everyone was fantasizing about getting him.

Li Zhangqi suddenly came to a realization. So it was him that his Senior Apprentice Brother was speaking about.

He knew a little about Zhou Xuanji. He was not even a hundred years old and was overwhelmingly talented.

And Li Zhangqi disappeared immediately.

On the other side.

Zhou Xuanji felt extremely good about using the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha.

He was no longer afraid that his identity would be exposed. If Han Xuzi was not afraid, why should he be afraid?

Even if the sky falls, the Divine Cliff will hold it for him.

Gu Moyuan could not even retaliate the buddha’s attacks. His body sunk into the rocks.

“Ji Xuan!” He roared with extreme anger, “If you dare, kill me. Or else, I will make sure you die a slow and painful death!”

He was the descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline and had a very high position in the Buddha Ghost Sect. But now, he was being bullied by a Third Class Great Emperor.

It was such great humiliation!

It could not be tolerated!

“Give me the Earth Core Crystals,” Zhou Xuanji said with a cold laughter, “Do you really want to die?”

As he spoke, he began using World Internalization.

With every slash, he was absorbing Gu Moyuan’s magic energy. This was like a pail of cold water poured onto his raging heart, bringing him back to himself again.

He is absorbing my magic energy!

“Fine! I will give them to you!”

Gu Moyuan cried out reluctantly, and Zhou Xuanji stopped.

Just when he stopped, Gu Moyuan attempted to escape.

But how could Zhou Xuanji allow that to happen?

Using the Universal Attraction, Zhou Xuanji sucked Gu Moyuan to him and began slashing at him wildly again into the ground.

Such grief!

I want to cry!

This was how Gu Moyuan was feeling.