I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 43

Chapter 43


Chapter 43: Chapter 43 – Onto The Great Zhou Reputation Ranking

*Want to be my slave for life?*

Zhou Xuanji stopped in his tracks and looked back. He saw Northern Valiant Sword in a kneeling position and was moved slightly.

He could see blood flowing from Northern Valiant Sword’s forehead, like a blood flower blossoming on the ground.

Little Jiang Xue curled her lip and said, “Wasn’t he so arrogant previously?”

He hesitated. There was no harm keeping Northern Valiant Sword under him.

After all, he was going to carry out his revenge plans.

After thinking, he said to Northern Valiant Sword, “Ten days later, If I encounter you in front of the main gate at the border, I will keep you as my slave.”

After he spoke, he left with Little Jiang Xue.

Northern Valiant Sword heard and became overjoyed. He quickly raised his head and cried, “Thank you, my master!”

All the vital channels in his entire body were severed. To reach the border in ten days was not an easy feat.

Zhou Xuanji did not reply but left quickly with Little Jiang Xue.

The cultivators and commoners did not follow him. They were afraid that they would offend Sword God Zhou.

After the turn of events of being relieved from great danger, the news about Northern Valiant Sword becoming Sword God Zhou’s sword slave would definitely become popular news.

Zhang Ruyu looked at Northern Valiant Sword, and he rolled his eyes in thought.

Seeing that Northern Valiant Sword had successfully joined Sword God Zhou’s party, he was a little moved too.

However, to become a sword slave meant that he would lose his freedom. He would not be that reckless.

He should have just admired Sword God Zhou in his heart.

Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue walked briskly in the alley towards the city gate.

“Are you really taking him along?”

Little Jiang Xue said reluctantly. She loved to spend time alone with Zhou Xuanji; it would be so uncomfortable with an extra person along with them.

Zhou Xuanji said, “Don’t worry, when the time comes, I will just let him stay outside the valley to guard the place for us.”

Northern Valiant Sword was talented and was quite powerful.

Although Northern Valiant Sword was not a threat to the Empress of Great Zhou, it was not bad to have one more runner serving him.

Little Jiang Xue understood and felt that it was reasonable.

With Northern Valiant Sword’s abilities, when danger came, he could become a shield for them.

They continued moving.

After they passed by two streets, Zhou Xuanji suddenly stopped.

His eyes were burning with anger. He turned back and shouted, “Who is following me again?”

Little Jiang Xue heard too and anxiously turned to take a look.

She saw a lady dressed in black walk out from the corner. She was beautiful. Her long hair was coiled to the top of her head, and her face looked rather cold. Despite being cold, she appeared attractive overall.

“Who are you?” Zhou Xuanji asked in a low voice.

He could see that the lady had the cultivation of Foundation Building Level One and was not a threat to him.

The lady in black grit her teeth, walked to him, and knelt down, saying, “Senior, we have met previously. I wanted to become your maidservant, but you did not agree.”

“It’s you!”

Little Jiang Xue opened her eyes wide. Back then, the lady’s face was full of dirt, so she did not expect her to look so beautiful.

The lady in black nodded and said, “I’m Huang Lianxin. I really hope that you can take me in because I have nowhere else to go.”

Zhou Xuanji said, frowning, “Tell me clearly, what’s your motive!”

The lady was so determined to become his maidservant, there must be some ulterior motive.

Huang Lianxin bowed her head and took a deep breath. “I want revenge,” she said.

I knew it!

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart: I have yet to have my revenge, and now you want me to help you?

“The truth is, I have a deep-seated hatred towards the Great Zhou’s royal family.”

Huang Lianxin continued saying but she was unaware of Zhou Xuanji’s thoughts.

Great Zhou’s royal family?

“Oh?” Zhou Xuanji squinted his eyes and asked, “Who in the Great Zhou’s royal family?”

“Zhou Yalong!” Huang Lianxin gnashed her teeth as she said, “When I was still a child, Zhou Yalong came to the city where I was living. He lost his mind in his cultivation and slaughtered the entire city. My father hid me in the cellar, so I survived…”

“The entire city was filled with fire and corpses… I will never forget that scene…”

Zhou Xuanji was shocked. Zhou Yalong lost his mind in his cultivation?

Why had he never heard of it before?

But it was reasonable after some thought. If news of such a thing spread, it would inevitably impact Zhou Yalong’s reputation negatively. It could be that the story about the event was already suppressed.

There were so many cities in the Great Zhou Empire; destroying one city would not have a significant impact across the entire empire.

“That is Zhou Yalong, you want me to die?”

Zhou Xuanji seemed indifferent as he asked. Little Jiang Xue watched Huang Lianxin in vigilance.

Previously, when she was captured by Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends, she heard legends about Zhou Yalong.

He was even more powerful than Sword Noble Xiao Jinghong.

More importantly, he was likely to become the next emperor of Great Zhou, and the entire Great Zhou would be in his hands.

The Great Zhou’s emperor was even more powerful that the Gulan Demon Monarch.

Huang Lianxin lifted up her head and said, “Because of how talented you are, I can see that although you are not even ten years old, you are mature. With your talent, you are someone that can stand up against Zhou Yalong.”

Zhou Xuanji knitted his brow and asked, “How can you be sure that I’m less than ten years old?”

Huang Lianxin said sincerely, “I have my talent. Ever since I became conscious, I could see through the vital channels and bones in the human body. From my experience, I can judge the age of your bones to be less than ten years old.”

Zhou Xuanji was stunned. Little Jiang Xue was in shock too.

Penetrative sight?

Zhou Xuanji looked at her in admiration, this girl was fortunate.

If she really had such a talent, she was worthy of nurturing.

He had already taken in a sword slave, so what if he took another one?

He would be dealing with the Great Zhou Empress in the future anyway, so naturally, he would offend Zhou Yalong.

At that time, Huang Lianxin would surely take him on.

He muttered, “Stand up. Follow us.”

After she heard him, Huang Lianxin lifted up her head in joy.

Little Jiang Xue opened her eyes wide and randomly thought about how many beautiful wives and concubines Zhou Xuanji would have after he grew up. She instantly became angry and pinched Zhou Xuanji’s waist.


Zhou Xuanji sucked in a breath of air. With Huang Lianxin around, he dared not to cry in pain, but could only endure it.

And so, Huang Lianxin became his maidservant.

After leaving the Cloud Swallow City, the three of them continued to walk toward another city.

Huang Lianxin bought a carriage with her own money, for Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue to heal from their injuries. With such an understanding gesture, she won Little Jiang Xue’s acceptance.

This lady was not so unlikeable after all.

As Zhou Xuanji watched the two of them chatting joyfully, he sighed in amazement. What a silly girl, it seemed that he must watch over her closely in the future, or else she might not realize, even if she was sold by someone else.

Two days later, they came to another city. By this time, Zhou Xuanji was fully recovered from his injuries.

Little Jiang Xue’s physique was not as good as his, so she was still limping as she walked. Fortunately, Huang Lianxin was there to support her.

After they entered the city, they began purchasing all the supplies they needed, including food and materials.

Zhou Xuanji was already sick of eating roasted meat without salt.

Eight days later…

They came to the border. From afar, Zhou Xuanji could see Northern Valiant Sword standing at the gate.

Northern Valiant Sword saw them too and immediately got excited.

At that time, Zhou Xuanji had already taken off his mask, but he remembered Little Jiang Xue.

He did not make a commotion but watched silently as Zhou Xuanji walked over.

“Tsk tsk, have you heard it? Sword God Zhou entered the Reputation Ranking of Great Zhou!”

“Of course. Killing the Old Qing and destroying the demon prince’s flesh, how could he not become famous?”

“Yeah! Even senior Northern Valiant Sword submitted to him.”

“After the battle at the Cloud Swallow City, Sword God Zhou became famous throughout the Great Zhou Empire.”

“I heard that Sword God Zhou has the body of a dwarf, is this true?”

As they walked past the city gate, Zhou Xuanji and the others heard the guards commenting on Sword God Zhou.