I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 429 - Chapter 429 Sage Yutian Was Shocked

Chapter 429 - Chapter 429 Sage Yutian Was Shocked


“I really have no more…”

The black-armored ascender was about to cry. He looked at Zhou Xuanji and was in great fear.

He still did not understand why he spoke the truth uncontrollably.

Such a devious divine ability!

Zhou Xuanji stored all the Earth Core Crystals into his Supreme Storage before continuing to suck his opponent’s magic energy.

He had to say that this guy was quite fierce. He had so many Earth Core Crystals.

At the same time, it meant that the crystals were not as hard to obtain as he thought.

Fortunately, he found out about this early enough.

If he moved out a few days later, he might not have been able to win.

What if someone was shamelessly keeping himself hidden and kept on collecting Earth Core Crystals?

“How much longer are you going to siphon?”

The black-armored ascender could no longer hold it and asked furiously. If Zhou Xuanji continued, his magic energy would be sucked dry, and another person would come to kill him.

“Are you in a hurry?” Zhou Xuanji replied calmly.

His reply almost made the black-armored ascender vomit blood.

If you are in my situation, would you not be in a hurry?

“I beg you…”

His voice was soft like a mosquito as he begged.

Zhou Xuanji smiled with disdain before turning into a sword light beam and dashing toward the deeper regions.

The black-armored ascender heaved a sigh of relief and quickly flew upwards.

He did not dare to search for his identity token. He could only escape the Mysterious Tribulation Crater and admit defeat.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji focused on searching for the other ascenders.

It was not just to rob their Earth Core Crystals but also of their cultivation to strengthen himself.

This attracted the attention of many observers.

“These people are so dumb. Why do they keep telling him how many Earth Core Crystals they have?”

“Something is wrong. He seemed to have the divine ability to absorb another person’s cultivation.”

“It seems so. Listen carefully.”

“Such a sly tactic from the disciple of the Divine Cliff.”

“This brat is very powerful. Almost all his enemies were defeated instantly.”

The projections in the sky had both images and sounds. However, the sounds were soft, and they could only hear the voices by listening carefully.

Sage Yutian and a group of Heavenly Hall’s soldiers stood above the clouds. He frowned deeply.

He always felt that Ji Xuan from the Divine Cliff resembled Zhou Xuanji.

It should not be. Why would Zhou Xuanji ascend into the Divine Cliff?

He could not think it through. However, he had heard about Ji Xuan subduing Shi Shenzhong.

Zhou Xuanji had already defeated Shi Shenzong in the mortal realm. It was him who had persuaded Shi Shenzong to ascend.

If Ji Xuan really was Zhou Xuanji, what should he do?

If this matter was exposed, it was equal to offending the Divine Cliff.

Zhou Xuanji did not know that he had attracted a lot of attention, but he would not care even if he did.

Within three days.

He had robbed 78 ascenders, and the number of Earth Core Crystals in his possession was more than a thousand. He sighed in amazement.

It seemed like Earth Core Crystals were really quite common.

He still thought that the crystals were rare natural gems or materials for forging artifacts.

The facts showed him that he had overestimated them.

He continued to dive deeper. Based on his estimation, he was already 30,000 meters underground.

Searching for ascenders became more difficult.

Most of them were already eliminated, while the rest were hiding.

After passing through tunnels after tunnels in the labyrinth, Zhou Xuanji stopped suddenly.

Someone was standing on the massive boulder in front of him. Three dead bodies laid at the edge of the boulder, and each of them had died a miserable death.

Zhou Xuanji looked over and saw that the person wore delicate red clothing. He had a tall statue and unkempt black hair. In the dim underground space, he seemed like a devil.

He grabbed a ball of flesh and began chewing on it—this greatly disgusted Zhou Xuanji.

“Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal and a powerful aura. You are almost as powerful as a Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal. Brat, tell me your name.”

The red-clothed man smiled ruthlessly. His hoarse voice made Zhou Xuanji’s scalp numb.

“Divine Cliff, Ji Xuan,” Zhou Xuanji replied.

He sensed danger, even extreme danger, from the flesh-eating man in front of him. It seems that this person was not to be trifled with.

Could he be Mo Yuhe?

Or that descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline?

“Ji Xuan? I’ve heard from you. My name is Gu Moyuan. You should have heard about me too.”

The red-clothed man said with a cold smile. After that, he leaped down and threw the ball of flesh away. He wiped his hand with his clothes, and it was extremely gross.

Gu Moyuan!

The descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline!

In the Great Thousand World, there was more than one descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline. They had all inherited the bloodline perfectly and were very popular among the evil factions.

Zhou Xuanji mumbled with squinted eyes, “I have heard of you indeed.”

He walked forward with the Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss in hand.

Nine Sword Souls appeared behind his back.

On the sea of clouds, Sage Yutian clenched his fists in his long sleeves. “It’s really him!” He squinted his eyes and mumbled.

He turned around and looked at Emissary Li Qing, who stood far away.

The emissary gazed back at him with seemingly a smile. Sage Yutian saw the threatening expression in the emissary’s eyes, and he was covered in beads of cold sweat.

Gu Moyuan looked at the nine Sword Souls and smiled with some interest, “Sword Soul, interesting.”

He flipped his right hand, and a long crimson saber appeared.


The two clashed instantly and began fighting fiercely in the narrow space.

Both wanted to become the victor and were definitely not going to give up the fight after encountering each other.

The swords flashed, and Sword Souls flew out one after another. Gu Moyuan swung his crimson saber and deflected each of them.

Although his expression was grave and stern, he was shocked in his heart.

Such power!

This brat was not simple, indeed!

A Ninth Revolution Golden Immortal like him had no fear for Zhou Xuanji. He immediately used his full power to suppress Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji looped around to his back with the Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps and slashed, aiming to decapitate him.

Gu Moyuan jerked his shoulders, and a blood mist burst out from his back and forced Zhou Xuanji back.

The blood landed on Zhou Xuanji’s body before turning into strands of smoke.


Zhou Xuanji quickly evaded while he slashed and hacked swiftly with his sword Qi.

On the outside.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji and Gu Moyuan were on par, countless people were astonished.

“Ji Xuan from the Divine Cliff is that powerful?”

“A Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal can fight a Ninth?”

“He’s such a genius in the Sword’s Way to use nine Sword Souls at the same time!”

“Where did the Divine Cliff find such a genius?”

“The Divine Cliff indeed. They have so many geniuses.”

Each faction sighed in amazement. Only those from the Buddha Ghost Sect and Sage Yutian had bitter faces.

Gu Moyuan was from the Buddha Ghost Sect, and those from his sect felt shame for him.

Gu Moyuan was four Revolutions higher than Zhou Xuanji in cultivation after all.

Sage Yutian was aghast. Zhou Xuanji’s growth was just too horrifying.

He could already fight any Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortals right after his ascension.

Wouldn’t he become a Void Extreme Immortal in 100 years?

And wouldn’t he become a True God in 10,000 years?

As a True God, he was not confident that he could defeat Zhou Xuanji.

His eyes turned dark as he began to think of a strategy.

“Hahaha! This feels so good!”

Gu Moyuan laughed wildly. His face became greedy and arrogant.

Zhou Xuanji’s prowess did not enrage him but excited him.

He immediately produced a few hundred duplicates that slashed their sabers at Zhou Xuanji simultaneously.

Zhou Xuanji transformed himself into a legendary sword and wreaked havoc with the Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss as he charged toward Gu Moyuan.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

The entire underground space began crumbling. Rocks fell onto the two like nothing.

They had no fear but only each other in their eyes.

‘His flesh must be delicious!’ Gu Moyuan thought to himself.

‘This guy must have many Earth Core Crystals,’ Zhou Xuanji thought to himself.