I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 427 - Chapter 427 – Sovereign Demon Sect

Chapter 427 - Chapter 427 – Sovereign Demon Sect


Top 10?

The Divine Cliff’s Ascenders started to murmur among themselves. There were at least over 1,000 Ascenders in this Ascender Examination, and most of them had already come to the Great Thousand World for hundreds of years and were ready to fight to the death. Reaching the top ten would be incredibly difficult.

Of course, there were some who felt confident that they would be able to reach the top ten.

After all, there were those who thought their fate was higher than the sky.

Zhou Xuanji sat cross-legged and started to comprehend the power of heaven and earth, and the others gradually quietened down.

There was no point boasting now; only when they reached the Mysterious Tribulation Crater would they show their true abilities.

Emissary Li Qing gave a faint smile and did not say much, and he focused on controlling the bottle gourd fan.

It was quite a distance from the Divine Cliff to the Mysterious Tribulation Crater, and they might encounter some dangers on the way.

The Center God Province was more dangerous than the mortal realms because there were too many experts here and there was more plotting. Most experts would do anything to become even stronger.

‘Brother, you die so that I won’t die’—this was a good way to describe it.

No one knew how long the Mysterious Tribulation Crater had existed for; it had been created by the heavens and earth. The crater was 1,000 kilometers wide and was filled with canyons. It went deep underground and was incredibly majestic.

There were castles in each of the eight directions around the crater. They were structures the Dao Heaven Sect used to protect the Mysterious Tribulation Crater, and each one had a Void Extreme Immortal guarding it.

Above the Mysterious Tribulation Crater were clouds and fog.

The Dao Heaven Sect was above the clouds, and it was made up of thousands of floating islands. From an extremely high vantage point, one would be able to see that these islands were arranged in a Taichi diagram.

Currently, it was incredibly lively within the Dao Heaven Sect.

As the Ascender Examination was about to begin, many guests began to arrive at the Dao Heaven Sect.

Within a large hall, the Dao Heaven Sect’s Elder Li ZHangqi was receiving the Sovereign Demon Sect.

Li Zhangqi wore a Daoist robe and had a goatee. He sat at the main seat, and he smiled and chatted with the Sovereign Demon Sect’s Elder, Guan Hong.

Guan Hong was well-built and sturdy, looking like a steel tower. He wore a black robe that made him look like a skeleton, and his laugh was especially savage.

Within the palace, the other Dao Heaven Sect’s disciple’s expressions were quite grim. After all, the Dao Heaven Sect was a righteous sect and had noble hearts, and they did not like the Sovereign Demon Sect.

“Long time no see. The Dao Heaven Sect is becoming more and more prosperous, congratulations to you all. Our Sovereign Demon Sect cannot compare to you.”

“How can you say that? Mo Yuhe is a one in one million years genius, and in terms of our disciples’ talent, our Dao Heaven Sect has lost.”

“Hahaha, his talent is indeed powerful, but the Dao Heaven Sect’s disciples are not lacking either.”

“This Ascender Examination will be where good nephew Mo soars to the sky.”

“Let’s hope that’s the case.”

Li Zhangqi and Guan Hong flattered each other, both feeling quite pleased.

Mo Yuhe sat beside Guan Hong, not seeming very interested. He looked at his fingernails the whole time, looking quite bored as he waited.

His looks were somewhat devilish; his white hair was coiled in a gold crown and even though he was smaller than Guan Hong, his aura was no less lacking, making it difficult for people to look at him directly.

The Dao Heaven Sect’s disciples would occasionally glance at him, a look of enmity hidden in their eyes.

Mo Yuhe’s fame was too great!

He had ascended for 300 years, and his name had already spread through the Center God Province.

Even though he was a Second Class Great Emperor, his talent was not any lacking to that of a First Class Great Emperor. In the future, it was extremely likely that he would become the Sovereign Demon Sect’s next Sect Lord.

At that moment, a disciple ran in and said hurriedly, “Elder Li, the Buddha Ghost Sect has arrived!”

Buddha Ghost Sect!

Guan Hong’s expression immediately fell.

In the Center God Province, the Sovereign Demon Sect and Buddha Ghost Sect were mortal enemies!

Once both sects met, they would definitely draw their weapons at each other, and even if there were no deaths, there would at least be injuries.

Li Zhangqi’s eyes flashed and said, “Receive them well and invite them in.”

Guan Hong’s expression immediately became unsightly.

After flying for five days, the Divine Cliff’s people finally reached the Mysterious Tribulation Crater.

Looking at the Mysterious Tribulation Crater from a distance, all of them felt quite shaken, Zhou Xuanji included. He wondered if an asteroid had fallen from the heavens and smashed this crater in the ground.

How big would that asteroid have to have been?

Emissary Li Qing laughed and said, “The truly grand view is not the surface but underground.”

Hearing this, everyone felt even more curious towards the Mysterious Tribulation Crater.

Soon, they came to one of the Dao Heaven Sect’s garrisons. After showing their identity, the Dao Heaven Sect’s disciples lead them to fly towards the Dao Heaven Sect above the clouds.

One hour later, Emissary Li Qing brought Zhou Xuanji to the Dao Heaven Sect’s Meeting Hall, while the other disciples remained in the residential area.

This made the other disciples feel quite jealous.

“What a difference in treatment!”

“He was someone who could bring Shi Shenzong with him.”

“So what? I can also defeat Shi Shenzong!”

“He’s a Third Class Great Emperor; what about us? Just be satisfied.”

“This is the case anywhere; talent draws people’s attention.”

They all sighed as they entered a residence.

Elsewhere, Zhou Xuanji followed Emissary Li Qing into the Meeting Hall.

Only Li Zhangqi and some Dao Heaven Sect disciples were in the Meeting Hall; there was not anyone from other sects.

Emsisary Li Qing cupped his fists as he smiled and said, “Elder Li, long time no see.”

Li Zhangqi nodded and chuckled as he replied, “This must be Ji Xuan, who recently rose to fame. Third Class Great Emperor, he’s quite incredible. Even in the Dao Heaven Sect, such talent is rare.”

A Third Class Great Emperor was not worth him roping in, but since Zhou Xuanji could make the Second Class Great Emperor Shi Shenzong follow him, this made him quite exceptional and made him worthy of being curried favor with.

Having an extra friend was always better.

Emissary Li Qing shook his head and said, “He’s alright. We’ll see this time if he can perform well in the Ascender Examination.”

The two of them began to chat, and Zhou Xuanji did not speak, silently listening by the side.

This was what Emissary Li Qing had instructed him.

It was most likely he was afraid of him being bewitched.

The time of an incense stick later, Li Zhangqi said goodbye to them. Before they left, he especially reminded them of the various factions participating, which was a bit of special treatment.

After leaving the hall, a Dao Heaven Sect disciple brought them to the Divine Cliff’s residence.

After entering the residence, Emissary Li Qing finally spoke, “See, the Dao Heaven Sect is filled with these sanctimonious people.”

His tone was filed with displeasure.

Zhou Xuanji laughed; wasn’t he having a good time with Li Zhangqi, praising each other?

The two of them found a room each to stay in.

The Ascender Examination was tomorrow, and only then would they know of the specific rules.

At night, three Dao Heaven Sect disciples came to visit, preparing identity medallions for each participant, recording their names and sects.

After returning to his room, Zhou Xuanji sat on his bed and played with his identity medallion.

It was as big as a jade pendant and was a bright red color. On it were engraved four characters: Divine Cliff, Ji Xuan.

“I’m looking forward to tomorrow,” Zhou Xuanji muttered to himself as he gave a slight smile.

As long as he came first, he would be able to obtain the biggest prize. According to Han Xuzi, it would allow him to rise to a Tenth Revolution Golden Immortal within ten years.

When that time came, with the All Evil Yin Yang Destruction, he would have strength that could compare to Void Extreme Immortals.

It was not just him who felt excited for the next day.

Early the next morning.


Everyone was shocked awake.

A dignified voice said, “The Ascender Examination will shortly begin. Participating Ascenders, please head to the Mysterious Tribulation Crater and wait there.”

After the voice spoke, Zhou Xuanji sensed many auras rush towards the ground.