I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 425 - Mysterious God Image

Chapter 425 - Mysterious God Image


All of Zhou Xuanji’s swords came out, and he fought 100 Golden Immortals by himself.

The Sword Souls behind him continuously shot out, and every time they attacked, they would injure some enemies, causing shouts of pain to continuously sound out.

“So many swords!”

“Could these swords all have their own spirits?”

“Despicable, he’s only a Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal, and yet he’s able to block all of us.”

“This is an incredibly great humiliation; we can’t tolerate this!”

“Did you all not eat? Use all of your strength!”

The Golden Immortals defended against the swords, evil ghosts, and sword images as they blamed and cursed at each other.

Nangong Lie watched from above; how could they not panic?

They all unleashed their trump cards and vowed to kill Zhou Xuanji, but it was a pity that it was of no use.

The Golden Immortals continued to be killed, one after another, while the speed and strength of the swords continued to grow stronger.

Soon, Zhou Xuanji began to use the power of the heavens and earth.

After coming to the Great Thousand World, he could no longer use World Overlord as easily as before, but he continued to work hard.

After all, the power of heavens and earth in the Great Thousand World was much stronger than in the Northern Wilderness.

Even despite only comprehending a small portion, it was enough to suppress these Golden Immortals.

Nangong Lie was slightly stronger than Lan Shangying, but it was a pity that his divine abilities were not enough to shake her off.

This was the might of a Divine Cliff Core Disciple. They were the Divine Cliff’s cornerstones and could hold their own in any circumstance.

Golden Immortals continued to die one after another, while Zhou Xuanji’s magic energy continued to become stronger!

He was using World Internalisation and using the swords to absorb his enemies’ cultivation.

How could he easily kill these 100 Golden Immortals?

Shi Shenzong watched in awe, and he became completely convinced of Zhou Xuanji’s strength.

In terms of talent, he truly was inferior to this fellow.

Nangong Lie was completely dumbfounded.

These Golden Immortals were his heart’s blood; how could he bear to watch them continuously fall here?

He did his best to shake off Lan Shangying so that he could go and kill Zhou Xuanji, but it was a pity that he could not do this.

Only now did he realize the terrifying power of the Divine Cliff’s Core Disciples.

Because he had underestimated his opponent as she was a woman, he was now paying a heavy price.

“Stop! Let’s stop here!” Nangong Lie could not bear the pressure and called out.

Lan Shangying coldly replied, “Tell your subordinates to retreat first.”

As she spoke, the Golden Immortals all quickly retreated, getting away from Zhou Xuanji’s attacks.

They simply could not withstand it.

They had finally endured until Nangong Lie had given in.

Lan Shangying and Nangong Lie stepped back at the same time.

The two of them distanced themselves from each other, and Lan Shangying quickly came before Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong, to protect against Nangong Lie pulling any tricks.

All of the swords returned to Zhou Xuanji’s side and waited there.

Nangong Lie looked at him fiercely and gnashed his teeth as he said, “Boy, tell me your name.”

Zhou Xuanji calmly replied, “Ji Xuan.”

Remember this name and find a Grand Master to divine about me.

“Very well!” Nangong Lie said savagely.

After saying this, he left with his subordinates.

He was not planning on letting things go like this.

He wanted to first bring his subordinates back before heading out by himself.

He had to kill Zhou Xuanji before he grew even more.

Otherwise, if he met Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong in the future, how could he survive?

Lan Shangying turned and looked at Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong and said, “Follow me back to the Divine Cliff.”

Her thoughts had long since been with the Divine Cliff.

Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong did not have any objections, and the three of them quickly headed back towards the Divine Cliff.

After passing through the boundless fog, Zhou Xuanji and the others returned to the Divine Cliff.

The Divine Cliff was 10,000 feet above the ground, and it was called the cliff from which celestial gods looked down on the mortal realm.

The three of them were somewhat surprised to find that the Divine Cliff had not been destroyed. Disciples continued to come and go, and they did not look like they had just encountered a powerful enemy.

They directly flew towards the Cliff Master Hall.

After descending in front of the big doors, Lan Shangying bowed and cupped her fists as she said, “Cliff Master, we’ve returned.”

Core Disciples were not the Cliff Master’s disciples; only the Legacy Disciples were. Their statuses were above those of Core Disciples, and they had the qualifications to compete for the title of Cliff Master.

“Enter,” Han Xuzi’s voice sounded out as the big doors opened.

Zhou Xuanji and Lan Shangying let out a breath of relief.

From his voice, it was evident that he was not heavily injured.

He sounded just as calm and profound.

After entering the Hall, the three of them saw Han Xuzi. He had a slight smile and stood in front of a god statue.

“Ji Xuan, you indeed did not disappoint me. Even though you did not stop Shi Shenzong from becoming a Great Emperor, you brought him back to the Divine Cliff, and you can be said to have perfectly completed your mission,” Han Xuzi said as he lightly laughed, not seeming to reject Shi Shenzong.

Shi Shenzong’s talent was indeed powerful, but he was not someone the Divine Cliff was desperate to have.

If he dared to have any malicious intent, they would just kill him.

Zhou Xuanji replied, “It was thanks to Immortal Lan.”

Lan Shangying did not say anything; seeing that Han Xuzi was fine, she felt at ease.

Shi Shenzong silently sized up Han Xuzi.

In the Center God Province, Han Xuzi was a celestial god-level existence, and he reigned above all creatures. There were not many existences on the same level as him.

After Zhou Xuanji and Han Xuzi spoke some small-talk, only then did Lan Shangying ask if Di Guanlong had come.

Han Xuzi stroked his beard and smiled as he said, “He indeed did come, but he left.”

Lan Shangying felt quite confused and asked, “Why is that?”

Di Guanlong was an existence who could rival Buddha, and he most likely should not lose to Han Xuzi. Even if he was not his match, they should have at least fought.

Han Xuzi gave a mysterious smile and looked at Shi Shenzong as he said, “Second Class Great Emperor. From today onwards, you will enjoy the treatment of an Elite Disciple. Just stay by Ji Xuan’s side.”

Shi Shenzong nodded; this was the best arrangement.

He was not interested in the Divine Cliff; he was here just for Zhou Xuanji.

Following this, Han Xuzi waved his hand, signalling for the three of them to leave.

Even though Lan Shangying felt incredibly curious, she did not dare to ask any more and directly left.

After they left and the doors were closed, Han Xuzi coughed up a mouthful of blood, his face pale and bloodless.

He muttered, “Di Guanlong… is truly powerful.”

Behind him, the god statue in the center suddenly opened its eyes and said, “Di Guanlong’s target is you. There is no enmity between you; perhaps there’s a conspiracy afoot.”

Han Xuzi looked back and said, “Thank you for helping.”

The god statue said with a profound tone, “You might not be able to protect this First Class Great Emperor. If you are determined to protect him, perhaps you will have to pay much.”

The twelfth on the Great Emperor Stele.

The top ten were all unsurpassable and eternal legends.

If Zhou Xuanji’s identity was exposed, the entire Center God Province would become extremely chaotic.

Han Xuzi sighed and said, “If the Divine Cliff wants to rise up, we’ll have to rely on him. Without him, the Divine Cliff might decline. Back then, we were used as a tool to deal with the Demonic Emperor; now, the Demonic Emperor might return.”

He did not complete his words, but his intent was very clear.

He wanted to make a gamble.

The god statue’s eyes became deep and profound, and no one would be able to see through them.

After leaving the hall, Zhou Xuanji and Lan Shangying said goodbye, and Zhou Xuanji brought Shi Shenzong back to his residence.

Fei Hai immediately became alert as soon as he saw Shi Shenzong, thinking that there was a disciple here to compete with him.

After hearing that this person was Shi Shenzong, his attitude completely changed, and he became incredibly passionate.

Shi Shenzong was the most famous ascender in the recent 100 years.

He continuously bothered Shi Shenzong, continuously asking him questions, making him feel simultaneously both annoyed and satisfied.

Zhou Xuanji smirked; he suddenly found that Shi Shenzong was somewhat interesting.