I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 424 - Chapter 424 – All Trump Cards Out

Chapter 424 - Chapter 424 – All Trump Cards Out


After the old beggar and Di Guanlong left, Zhou Xuanji and the others fell silent.

Bai Suwan poked her head out of Zhou Xuanji’s clothes and said, “Little Ji Xuan, let’s not go back. Those two people were very powerful and made me shiver. They’re far stronger than you and this big sister.”

The Nine Heaven Divine Snakes had very sharp senses.

Back when she had Seventh Rank cultivation, she could already sense that Zhou Xuanji came from another world.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Lan Shangying.

Lan Shangying sighed and said, “That person is indeed very powerful and gives me the same feeling as the Cliff Master. However, it will be difficult for us to get back.”

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Why is that?”

With their speed, it would take less than two days to get back to the Divine Cliff.

“Because we’ve been ambushed,” Lan Shangying said gloomily as she looked around.

Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong were startled and took out their swords, preparing to fight.

They were surrounded by mountains and forests and they could not see anyone; the sound of blowing leaves could be heard clearly.

After a while, a cold laugh sounded out.

“Lan Shangying, is it? You’re quite perceptive; even like this, you were able to sense us.” Nangong Lie’s voice sounded out, his laughter filled with killing intent.

Following this, an intense wind descended from the sky, turning into Nangong Lie’s figure. 100 or so Golden Immortals rushed over from all directions, surrounding Zhou Xuanji, Lan Shangying, and Shi Shenzong.

Lan Shangying said coldly, “Nangong Lie, are you really going to make the Divine Cliff your enemy?”

Nangong Lie was just a roving bandit; how could he qualify to be the Divine Cliff’s enemy?

Before, she had never taken Nangong Lie seriously before.

Nangong Lie laughed condescendingly as he said, “Do you know who that person was?”

Lan Shangying frowned; even though she felt that Di Guanlong was very strong, she did not know his name.

“Have you heard of Di Guanlong? An existence who can rival Buddha,” Nangong Lie said as he laughed, feeling much schadenfreude.

Guanlong Nether Saber!

Lan Shangying and Shi Shenzong’s expressions greatly fell.

Zhou Xuanji had not been in the Upper Realm for long and had not heard of that name.

Lan Shangying’s face quickly became pale, and a look of fear appeared in her eyes.

Zhou Xuanji frowned; could it be that this Di Guanlong really did have the strength to kill Han Xuzi?

Zhou Xuanji wondered if he was a bearer of bad luck; he had only just ascended and now the Divine Cliff was going to be destroyed.

He no longer wanted to make the whole world his enemy and needed a big tree like the Divine Cliff to block the wind and rain for him.

“Kill! Today, none of these three people will leave!” Nangong Lie said as he savagely laughed. After speaking, he rushed towards Lan Shangying.

The 100 or so Golden Immortals shot over like sharp arrows, giving Bai Suwan a fright and causing her to duck back into Zhou Xuanji’s clothes.

Zhou Xuanji immediately used Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, and millions of sword images appeared, surrounding the three of them and creating mountains and rivers.

This scene shocked everyone.

Even Nangong Lie’s eyes widened. The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow was unstoppable and rushed out towards them.

Shi Shenzong sighed in amazement and said, “You’ve already become this powerful?”

The Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow was incredibly majestic, and it was comparable to the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and Ancestor Dragon Sword.

Boom! Boom! Boom…

The 100 or so Golden Immortals were blocked off, but Nangong Lie was unstoppable as he rushed towards Lan Shangying.

Lan Shangying did not act cowardly and rushed up to meet him.

The two Void Extreme Immortals rose high into the air and started a great battle.

The might from their battle caused Zhou Xuanji and the others to feel very uncomfortable, but they had to fight with all that they had.

Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong stuck close together, unleashing all kinds of sword techniques, defending against the Golden Immortals.

However, the other side’s attack power was too great, and they soon arrived before them.

Zhou Xuanji relied on World Reincarnation to reflect all of the attacks, jolting the Golden Immortals to the point that their qi and blood roiled, making them feel incredibly uncomfortable.

“What kind of evil divine ability is this?”

“Be careful, everyone!”

“There’s something strange about his body.”

“Kill Shi Shenzong first!”

The 100 or so Golden Immortals discussed while feeling alarmed, before turning their gazes and locking on to Shi Shenzong.

Shi Shenzong had only just become a Great Emperor; how could he be a match for them?

Zhou Xuanji would not allow them to get close to Shi Shenzong. He directly filled Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss with magic energy and summoned the Extreme Abyss.


Countless traces of eerie wind started to blow as an area of darkness suddenly appeared behind Zhou Xuanji. Within it was a blood-red moon in the sky, the only source of light.

This area of darkness quickly expanded, devouring all of them.

The surrounding 100 kilometers became the Extreme Abyss, and even Nangong Lie and Lan Shangying could not avoid it.

Countless evil ghosts flew out from the depths of the darkness, looking like an army of locusts, completely innumerable.

The 100 or so Golden Immortals were surrounded by the evil ghosts, and an evil yin aura filled the heavens and earth.

Some evil ghosts wanted to devour Nangong Lie, but Nangong Lie’s magic energy was powerful and the evil ghosts were unable to get close at all.

“What is that sword?” Shi Shenzong’s eyes widened; it was the first time that he had seen a sword that could summon a world barrier.

So powerful!

As a sword cultivator, his heart was filled with admiration.

It was the first time Zhou Xuanji had summoned Extreme Abyss, and at a glance, countless evil ghosts roared, creating an oppressive atmosphere.

The 100 or so Golden Immortals unleashed their various divine abilities, destroying the evil ghosts one by one.

The evil ghost army could only tie them down, and they could not cause any actual harm to them.

Seeing this, Zhou Xuanji condensed nine Sword Souls, and the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword appeared in his left hand.

The power of two God Slaying swords filled his body, and the nine-sword violet Taichi diagram appeared on his forehead as his aura exploded out.

He was becoming serious.

His body blurred as he directly unleashed Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps and rushed out.

A slaughter officially began!

Shi Shenzong’s eyes widened and sweat poured down his forehead.

He suddenly thought of Zhou Xuanji’s battle record.

This fellow could always fight with those with higher cultivation, and now that he was a Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal, didn’t that mean he was invincible among Golden Immortals?

Soon, Zhou Xuanji’s performance confirmed his guess.

Relying on Ten Thousand Ultimate Steps, the nine Sword Souls, Universal Attraction and World Reincarnation, in less than five breaths of time, Zhou Xuanji was able to kill three Golden Immortals.

The strongest was Sixth Revolution Golden Immortal, and they could not stop him at all.

The other Golden Immortals were infuriated and started to gather around him.

Under the iron mask, Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were filled with condescension, not taking them seriously at all.

High in the air, Nangong Lie held the advantage. He noticed Zhou Xuanji’s performance and frowned.

This boy’s talent was not any inferior to Shi Shenzong’s!

Since this was the case, he had to kill him as well!

Thinking about that, he vigorously swung his fan, and two waves of intense flames giving off sky-toppling aura flooded towards Lan Shangying, and he turned and dived at Zhou Xuanji.

Void Extreme Immortals were incredibly fast!

Zhou Xuanji sensed the danger, instinctively raised his swords, and slashed upwards.

The nine Sword Souls turned into sword lights and shot towards Nangong Lie.

Light exploded out as Nangong Lie pressed down with the fan in his right hand, destroying the sword qi, but he was forced to slow down because of this.

Lan Shangying’s body spun as she swung her sword at him.

Sword light lit up the Extreme Abyss, and a clang sounded out as Nangong Lie used his other fan to block Lan Shangying’s sword.

Zhou Xuanji felt a wave of anger in his heart; this old fellow dared to launch a sneak attack at him.

He summoned all of his swords and over 100 swords appeared around him. He activated the Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation with a thought, and all of the swords were wrapped with dragon-shaped sword qi.

“Kill,” Zhou Xuanji shouted in a low voice, and all of the legendary swords exploded out with extreme speed and shot out in all directions.