I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 423 - Shi Shenzong’s Change of Heart

Chapter 423 - Shi Shenzong’s Change of Heart


Shi Shenzong fell silent. Zhou Xuanji’s words made him feel shocked, as well as feel a stabbing in his heart.

Indeed, he was the Sword Saint, and if he had to rely on his disciple’s protection after ascending, wouldn’t he become a laughingstock?

He also wanted to be independent.

However, he had offended the Heavenly Palace’s Xuanyuan Clan and other factions drooled at his talent. If no one protected him, it would be very difficult for him to survive.

In the Great Thousand World, there were countless capable people. Even if he hid deep in the mountains, there would be people who would be able to find him.

Zhou Xuanji could tell that he felt quite uncomfortable and he once again sent a telepathic message, saying, “If you don’t want to be a Sword Slave, how about a Sword Attendant?”

Shi Shenzong felt speechless and asked, “What’s the difference?”

Zhou Xuanji replied, “It will make you feel better inside.”

Shi Shenzong fell silent.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor, who was still fighting, felt as if his heart was burning. Zhou Xuanji’s sword was at Shi Shenzong’s throat, and he could take Shi Shenzong’s life at any moment.

Nangong Lie attacked while he asked, “Why doesn’t this little friend from the Divine Cliff not deal the finishing blow?”

He hesitated; what if the Divine Cliff was not here to help him but to put on an act?

Lan Shangying did not reply, but her eyebrows were slightly furrowed.

It was the first time Zhou Xuanji had come out and he did not know the rules, so she could understand.

After all, this fellow was a Third Class Great Emperor and seeing someone with greater talent than him, he did not feel happy about it and wanted to humiliate Shi Shenzong.

The great battle continued.

Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong seemed to be in another world, not moving at all as they communicated telepathically.

Shi Shenzong could not withstand Zhou Xuanji’s words, and his heart started to be moved.

After a while, Shi Shenzong looked at the Hegemon Sword Emperor and sighed as he said telepathically, “Alright, I’ll follow you. I can serve you, but I will not be a Sword Slave.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled; he did not mind that.

He would lure Shi Shenzong over first before slowly conquering him.

As such, Zhou Xuanji put away his swords and turned and left, with Shi Shenzong following behind him.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor’s eyes widened and he hurriedly called out, “Shi Shenzong, where are you going?”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt quite pleased.

No wonder Shi Shenzong would be tempted; this fellow did not even call him Revered Teacher anymore. How disgraceful.

Shi Shenzong looked back and said, “Apologies, from today onwards I will be following him. He is called Ji Xuan and his talent in the Way of the Sword is greater than mine.”

The Hegemon Sword Emperor nearly coughed up blood.

What the hell?

He did not accept this change in his heart at all.

“In the future if you are in trouble, I will do my best to help you, to repay for the decades of help you’ve given me,” Shi Shenzong said calmly. In actuality, he and the Hegemon Sword Emperor did not owe each other.

Back then in the Northern Wilderness, if he had not taken in the Hegemon Sword Emperor, the Hegemon Sword Emperor would have long since died.

Now, because of the gap in cultivation, the Hegemon Sword Emperor treated him as an equal, and Shi Shenzong most likely felt dissatisfied about this.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor’s face immediately darkened, while Lan Shangying and Nangong Lie looked at Zhou Xuanji in surprise.

Just what had this boy said for Shi Shenzong’s attitude to completely change?

They had some understanding towards Shi Shenzong: This fellow would rather die than submit. Back then, unless the Hegemon Sword Emperor had rescued him, he would have died at the Heavenly Palace’s hands.

Zhou Xuanji quickly took Shi Shenzong away.

Lan Shangying also left and turned into a ray of sword light, chasing after Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong.

Nangong Lie and the Hegemon Sword Emperor also stopped.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor’s expression was grave and he did not say anything, nor did he chase after Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong.

His heart was filled with a sullenness that he had never experienced before.

He wanted to explode out, but he did not know who to explode out towards.

Towards Zhou Xuanji?

Lan Shangying would definitely help.

Towards Shi Shenzong?

But then he would really be called disgraceful and unfilial.

Nangong Lie laughed as he said, “Hegemon Sword Emperor, what a celebratory occasion. See you next time!”

He turned and quickly left, and the Golden Immortals he had brought also retreated.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor hung in the air, holding back his fury.

He was thinking.

Using all of his brain to think about why Shi Shenzong would betray him.

Was it because the Divine Cliff was powerful?

Or was it because his mind had been poisoned by the Divine Cliff’s disciple?

Dozens of sword cultivators flew over from all directions. All of them were covered with blood, looking quite dispirited.

They had lost this battle completely and become laughingstocks.

They greatly hated Shi Shenzong but did not dare to say it.

On the other side, Zhou Xuanji and Shi Shenzong flew quickly, and Lan Shangying soon caught up to them.

She flew over to Zhou Xuanji’s side and asked, “How did you convince him?”

Zhou Xuanji lightly laughed and said, “We’re old acquaintances.”

Lan Shangying suddenly came to a realisation.

Shi Shenzong came from the Northern Wilderness; didn’t that mean Zhou Xuanji came from the Northern Wilderness as well?

The Northern Wilderness’ Great Emperor of the Way of the Sword…

Her pupils constricted as she thought of something, and her body slightly trembled and she did not say any more.

Zhou Xuanji!

Xuanji… Ji Xuan…

Great waves crashed within her heart.

Zhou Xuanji’s name had shaken the Centre God Province, and he had been hailed as the strongest genius of the mortal realms.

He was twelfth on the Great Emperor Stele, and in terms of talent, he was definitely number one in the past 100,000 years.

No wonder Shi Shenzong would fall at his hands.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Shi Shenzong and said, “From today onwards, follow me and join the Divine Cliff. We can share our insights on the Way of the Sword whenever we want.”

In order to awe Shi Shenzong, he directly condensed nine Sword Souls.

Shi Shenzong was completely dumbfounded, looking as if he had seen a ghost.

He could only condense a single Sword Soul, and he had to store up strength for it.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji casually condense nine Sword Souls, how could he not be shocked?

His gaze burned.

He also wanted to be able to do this!

Lan Shangying did not say anything, but she was also startled by Zhou Xuanji.

She knew of Sword Souls; after all, she also used some sword techniques.

Zhou Xuanji’s image in her heart also began to change, making her begin to become interested in him.

One day passed and the Hegemon Sword Emperor did not come chasing after them; he had most likely given up.

However, they were stopped by someone else.

It was the old beggar and Di Guanlong, who had been spectating the battle before.

The old beggar looked at Zhou Xuanji and chuckled as he said, “Boy, I’ve taken a liking to you. Become my disciple!”

Di Guanlong frowned, staring at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed as he asked, “Who are you, sir?”

Lan Shangying drew her sword, preparing to fight at any moment.

Before setting out, Han Xuzi had instructed her that she had to bring Zhou Xuanji back alive.

“Who I am is not important; the importance is that if you follow me, you can reach the heights of Han Xuzi!” The old beggar said proudly as he placed his hands on his waist, seeming incredibly arrogant.

Before Zhou Xuanji could speak, Lan Shangying became enraged.

She said coldly, “What is the meaning behind sir looking down on my Divine Cliff so much?”

Di Guanlong harrumphed as he said, “What’s so great about the Divine Cliff? We’re currently heading to the Divine Cliff to kill Han Xuzi. I’d advise you not to go back; the Divine Cliff will be destroyed by us.”

Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji, Shi Shenzong, and Lan Shangying’s expressions fell.

Who was Han Xuzi? He was the lord of the Divine Cliff, a powerful being of the Center God Province. Back then, even Devil Emperor Dugu was not a match of rhim.

And yet, this person was so arrogant as to say that they were going to kill Han Xuzi?

Di Guanlong grabbed the old beggar’s shoulder and said, “Let’s not waste time on them; we’ll kill Han Xuzi first. I knew this would be a waste of time.”

As he spoke, he began to drag the old beggar away.

The old beggar did not try to resist and said to Zhou Xuanji, “Wait for me, boy, I’m your fated teacher. If you miss this opportunity, you’ll regret it!”

His voice became more and more distant, and soon he was dragged over the horizon by Di Guanlong.

The direction that they left in was towards the Divine Cliff.