I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 421 - Chapter 421 – Void Extreme Immortal

Chapter 421 - Chapter 421 – Void Extreme Immortal


When Shi Shenzong was starting to become a Great Emperor, Zhou Xuanji and Lan Shangying were still on their way.

Lan Shangying’s talent was exceptional, but she had not become a Great Emperor.

Becoming a Great Emperor not only required talent but also Fate.

Lan Shangying had been at the Divine Cliff ever since she was young and would only occasionally go out to train. She had not obtained heavenly law Fate, which was why she was very interested in heavenly law Great Emperors.

This was especially so for a Third Class Great Emperor like Zhou Xuanji.

Third Class Great Emperor was the status that the Divine Cliff had given to Zhou Xuanji.

After all, a First Class Great Emperor was far too eye-catching and would likely catch all kinds of gazes in the Center God Province.

“If Shi Shenzong can become a Great Emperor, he will not have to experience a tribulation. By the time we arrive, he may have already successfully become a Great Emperor,” Zhou Xuanji said. This woman was simply too icy.

They had come out for many days but she had not said a single sentence.

However, she was always secretly looking at him, and he felt that he could not take it anymore.

Lan Shangying did not even look back and said, “Then we’ll kill him.”

So arrogant!

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes and asked, “Are you a match for the Hegemon Sword Emperor?”

Lan SHangying replied, “I can put up a fight against him.”

After all, she was a Core Disciple of the Divine Cliff and was naturally quite strong.

Zhou Xuanji fell silent.

He had accidentally given her an opportunity to puff herself up, making him feel quite displeased.

The two of them continued to speed onwards.

As they came closer and closer to where Shi Shenzong was becoming a Great Emperor, they began to sense heavenly might.

Lan Shangying’s eyes narrowed as she sped up, shooting out while Zhou Xuanji followed behind her.

“What a powerful aura; looks like it’s the Hegemon Sword Emperor. Is he fighting with someone?” Zhou Xuanji thought in curiosity. After reaching Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal, he had never fought with his full power before.

He was quite excited to see how great his strength had become.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor most likely already surpassed the Golden Immortal stage.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor had most likely participated in the Ascender Examination that Han Xuzi mentioned. With his might, he had most likely been able to win.

At the same time, within the barren land, Shi Shenzong stood in the air, enjoying the blessing of heaven as his cultivation madly increased.

Two powerful rays of light collided around the pillar of light from the heavenly blessing; it was the Hegemon Sword Emperor and Nangong Lie.

Precisely speaking, Nangong Lie wanted to interrupt Shi Shenzong from becoming a Great Emperor, while the Hegemon Sword Emperor was stopping him.

Nangong Lie was dressed in blue robes with a phoenix diagram embroidered with golden threads. He held a circular fan with each hand and battled evenly with the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

There were figures of cultivators fighting in all directions, and explosions continuously sounded out, causing the ground in the surrounding 1,000 kilometers to be torn apart.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor gripped a massive sword and continuously swung it about, causing sword qi to rampage out and tear apart the thunderclouds, seeming incredibly domineering.

However, no matter how powerfully he attacked, Nangong Lie was able to easily receive his attacks.

“Hegemon Sword Emperor, you’re still too young. I advise you to give up!” Nangong Lie said in a cold and mocking voice, his gaze not leaving Shi Shenzong.

Shi Shenzong had to die!

With his talent, it was possible for him to become a Second Class Great Emperor.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor did not reply and unleashed all kinds of sword techniques continuously, not allowing Nangong Lie to get close to the pillar of light.

Shi Shenzong’s cultivation had already reached First Revolution Golden Immortal.

After his ascension, his cultivation had reached Eighth Tribulation Scattered Immortal. After receiving some help from the Hegemon Sword Emperor, he had reached the peak of Ninth Tribulation Scattered Immortal before becoming a Great Emperor.

After breaking through to First Revolution Golden Immortal, he slowly opened his eyes, and a Sword Soul condensed behind him.

“So powerful… Is this a Golden Immortal…” He looked at his hands as he muttered, ignoring the fighting going on around him.

“Zhou Xuanji, in the end I still surpassed you,” he gave a proud and matchless laugh.

Back when he had heard that Zhou Xuanji had become a First Class Great Emperor, he had spaced out for many days.

Now, Zhou Xuanji was stuck in the Northern Wilderness and was unable to break through to Golden Immortal; he had beaten him to this.

He suddenly wanted to meet Zhou Xuanji again to fight.

It was a pity that that boy and the Northern Wilderness had gone missing.


The sound of the air being torn could be heard as Lan Shangying shot over incredibly quickly with her sword drawn.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor’s eyes widened as he said furiously, “You’re seeking death!”

Another massive sword appeared in his left hand as he slashed towards Lan Shangying. His sword qi turned into a mountain and river, seeming incredibly grand and unstoppable.

Lan Shangying’s expression slightly changed. She flicked her right hand as sword qi turned into a torrential rain, slamming into the sword qi mountain and river.


The ground trembled and mountains swayed, and Shi Shenzong was almost blown flying.

He gritted his teeth and stared at Lan Shangying; this woman’s cultivation was so powerful!

Lan Shangying did not rush towards him, and she instead charged towards the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

“Nangong Lie, let’s join together to defeat him,” Lan shangying said coldly. Hearing this, Nangong Lie laughed loudly.

“The Divine Cliff’s Core Disciples are indeed savage!” He said with praise, and he looked at the Hegemon Sword Emperor, his gaze becoming savage.

Now that Lan Shangying had joined in, the Hegemon Sword Emperor was at a disadvantage.

‘Things are going to become difficult,’ The Hegemon Sword Emperor thought to himself.

If the Divine Cliff sent another Core Disciple, they would be finished.

He instinctively looked in the direction that Lan Shangying had flown in from, and his expression greatly fell.

A black-clothed swordsman was coming over holding his sword. He was wearing a cloak and wore an iron mask.

It was Zhou Xuanji.

He held Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss and walked towards Zhou Xuanji step by step.

Zhou Xuanji also noticed him, and his heart thumped.

What powerful sword qi!

Shi Shenzong squinted and seeing Zhou Xuanji’s eyes, his mind shook.

“Could it be him? No, it’s impossible…” He felt as if he was struck by lightning and stood there, feeling stunned.

Wasn’t Zhou Xuanji at the Northern Wilderness?

“Be careful! This boy has Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal cultivation!” The Hegemon Sword Emperor was fighting one against two, but he still reminded Shi Shenzong.

Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal!

Shi Shenzong deeply breathed in; this person most likely was not Zhou Xuanji.

No matter how powerful Zhou Xuanji’s talent was, it was impossible for him to suddenly reach Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal. Moreover, he had never seen the sword in that person’s hand; Zhou Xuanji did not have that sword.

Zhou Xuanji walked neither hurriedly nor slowly, as if he was not in a hurry to attack.

Shi Shenzong suddenly realized that this person was waiting for him to successfully become a Great Emperor.

It was not out of kindness but because of his desire to do battle!

Shi Shenzong’s gaze became sharp, and he took out his two swords. After the heavenly blessing disappeared, he would rush at Zhou Xuanji.

Even if there was a difference of four Revolutions, he wanted to fight!

He was the Sword Saint, and he would not allow himself to lose to anyone else in the Way of the Sword.

What’s more, they were both Golden Immortals. With his talent, he could make up for the difference in cultivation!

Zhou Xuanji looked at Shi Shenzong and inwardly marvelled as he thought, “Already a First Revolution Golden Immortal. Not bad.”

Just a while before, Shi Shenzong’s cultivation had been higher than his.

Zhou Xuanji swept his divine sense towards the battle between the Hegemon Sword Emperor, Nangong Lie, and Lan Shangying. The battle between the three of them was quite grand, and it could be described as apocalyptic.

They definitely surpassed Golden Immortals!

Void Extreme Immortals!

Back at the Divine Cliff’s Energy Technique Pavilion, Zhou Xuanji had learned that above the Ten Revolutions of Golden Immortals were Void Extreme Immortals. Above them were True Gods.

Void Extreme Immortals could dominate an area in the Center God Province. Of course, they were far from comparing to True Gods.

“Looks like if I want to challenge the Hegemon Sword Emperor, my cultivation still needs to increase,” Zhou Xuanji thought to himself. Even though he had obtained the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s legacy, he still wanted to challenge the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

Since he wanted to become the only Sword Emperor, the other Sword Emperors all had to fall under his sword!