I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 420 - Chapter 420 – Hegemon Sword Emperor’s Mood

Chapter 420 - Chapter 420 – Hegemon Sword Emperor’s Mood


Three days later, Zhou Xuanji walked out of the Energy Technique Pavilion, and Fei Hai was already outside waiting.

“Senior, were you able to obtain a lot?” Fei Hai asked with an innocent smile, his eyes filled with admiration.

He also wanted to go into the Energy Technique Pavilion, but it was a pity it required too many Pure Spirit Pills.

All of his Pure Spirit Pills were used on cultivation.

To disciples like him who did not have very exceptional cultivation, Pure Spirit Pills were necessities for cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji lightly nodded and said, “It was decent.”

He had memorized all of the sword techniques in the Energy Technique Pavilion.

In the Great Thousand World, energy techniques, magic techniques, and divine abilities did not have very specific grades. However, Zhou Xuanji had a look and felt that all of these sword techniques were stronger than most of the Northern Wilderness’ sword techniques. As expected from the Divine Cliff.

The Divine Cliff was not a sect focused on the Way of the Sword so it did not have too many sword techniques, but the number was not small either. In total, Zhou Xuanji had memorized 400 sword techniques.

He planned to record all of these sword techniques after going back and put them in Emperor Sword Court’s Xuanji Sword Pavilion.

This was somewhat shameless, and Zhou Xuanji could only say sorry to the Divine Cliff. In the future, he would do his best to help the Divine Cliff.

The two of them returned to the residence, and found that there was a guest in the courtyard, which was Emissary Li Qing.

He was one of the Divine Cliff’s 36 Emissaries and held a high position. His cultivation was powerful, so the servants naturally invited him in.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji, Emissary Li Qing got up and smiled as he said, “Brother Zhou, I trust you have been well. The Divine Cliff has a mission that we would like you to take.”

He got straight to the point and did not waste any time.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “What is it?”

He felt quite startled; he had thought that the Divine Cliff would do anything to keep him safe and would not allow him to go out before he became powerful. He had never thought that he would receive a mission so soon.

Emissary Li Qing explained the details of the mission. It was naturally regarding Shi Shenzong becoming a Great Emperor, and hearing this, Zhou Xuanji laughed.

He had never thought that this fellow would become a Great Emperor as well.

Zhou Xuanji directly asked, “Is there enmity between Shi Shenzong and the Divine Cliff? To be honest, I quite like him.”

He had comprehended his Sword Souls from Shi Shenzong.

He had seen the true spirit of a Sword Saint from Shi Shenzong.

Emissary Li Qing felt quite surprised and his eyes narrowed as he said, “There is no enmity between him and the Divine Cliff, but there is enmity between the Hegemon Sword Emperor and the Divine Cliff.”

Zhou Xuanji understood and said, “I’ll do my best then.”

Everyone had their own to look out for, and there was not much to be said.

“In actuality, it’s fine to allow him to become a Great Emperor. If you can take the edge off the Hegemon Sword Sect, you will have completed your mission as well,” Emissary Li Qing said with a meaningful smile.

Zhou Xuanji raised his eyebrows and accepted the mission, and he asked when he would leave.

Emissary Li Qing replied, “Tomorrow, you will go with another Core Disciple, Lan Shangying. She will lead the way.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and asked, “What if I accidentally reveal my identity?”

If it came to a matter of life and death, he might have to use his trump cards. Even if he didn’t, it was possible that some people would recognize him.

Emissary Li Qing laughed and said, “You’ve already become a Great Emperor and you have no time for the mortal realm. If you say you’re Ji Xuan and someone doesn’t believe you, ask them to go to the Divine Cliff to argue against us.”


Zhou Xuanji felt quite impressed.

In actuality, what Emissary Li Qing said was right. Zhou Xuanji had become a Great Emperor and was not in the Northern Wilderness. He was no longer the biggest obstacle to the plan of slaughtering the Northern Wilderness’ human race.

At least, not on the surface.

Emissary Li Qing chatted with him for a bit more out of courtesy before leaving.

Fei Hai asked in curiosity, “Senior, is your identity very special?”

Zhou Xuanji glanced at him and gave a smile that was not a smile. “It’s a secret. If you knew, you would die.”

Fei Hai was given a big fright and his entire body trembled as he quickly covered his mouth.

Time passed quickly.

Lan Shangying came to find Zhou Xuanji the next morning just as dawn broke.

Bai Suwan adamantly wanted to follow him, and because Zhou Xuanji could not convince her otherwise, he could only put her in his bosom.

After walking out of the residence, he saw Lan Shangying.

She was wearing a blue dress and had a slim and elegant figure. She had a delicate and pretty-looking face but her expression was quite cool. She gave off the airs of a goddess, holy and not to be sullied.

Before, Zhou Xuanji had seen her when he had visited Han Xuzi.

Lan Shangyin gave a slight nod and said, “Let’s go.”

After speaking, she held her sword sheath as she stood on her sword and flew off, and Zhou Xuanji followed behind her.

The two of them flew through the clouds and did not talk.

She did not speak, and Zhou Xuanji did not bother with small talk either.

On the other hand, Bai Suwan was very excited; she poked out her head and continuously chattered.

The first time Zhou Xuanji had heard her voice, he had thought that she was a relatively introverted female demon. Only after becoming familiar with her did he realize that it was all a sham.

The two of them began to fly quicker and quicker.

Lan Shangying was testing Zhou Xuanji, and she found that no matter how quickly she traveled, Zhou Xuanji could keep up with her.

“Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal; did he really only just ascend?” She felt quite startled and became even more curious about Zhou Xuanji.

After passing through a large area of fog, Zhou Xuanji could finally see the ground. Below, mountains and forest rose up, and birds spiraled in the air.

At a glance, they could see many cities, towns, and villages.

The Great Thousand World was actually just like the Northern Wilderness; it was just bigger and had denser spirit qi.

Within a barren land, Shi Shenzong sat cross-legged on a large boulder as he internalized qi.

1,000 meters away, there were sword cultivators all around him, warily looking around and protecting him.

The Hegemon Sword Emperor was also present.

He was tall and muscular and sat on a golden seat. Both his hands were on his sword, and the tip of the sword stabbed into the rock beneath his feet.

He wore a robe with black armor within it. His black hair blew in the wind, and his aura seemed incredibly berserk, as if he was not a sword emperor but a shocking demon king.

His gaze towards Shi Shenzong was filled with anticipation.

He had never doubted Shi Shenzong’s talent; after all, Shi Shenzong was the person he respected the most. Even though there was often conflict between the two of them, their relationship had never changed.

A sword cultivator appeared next to him and half-knelt as he said in a low voice, “Sect Master, according to the information, Nangong Lie is bringing over 100 Golden Immortals this way.”

Hearing this, the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s eyes flashed as he muttered, “As expected, the information was leaked.”

He could not help but feel quite frustrated.

He was quite powerful, but he could not sweep across the Center God Province. After all, he had only ascended for 10,000 years and the Hegemon Sword Sect that he had established was not powerful enough. As such, he needed to have Shi Shenzong become a Great Emperor.

“Continue scouting,” the Hegemon Sword Emperor said in a low voice, and the cultivator immediately left.

His gaze turned to Shi Shenzong again.

As long as Shi Shenzong could become a Great Emperor, any sacrifice would be worth it!

He suddenly thought of Zhou Xuanji. Compared to that boy’s talent, Shi Shenzong would seem quite mediocre.

In fact, it could be said that Zhou Xuanji had the greatest talent in the history of the Northern Wilderness. It was a pity that he was adamant on protecting the Northern Wilderness. There was something wrong with his head, and he would be doomed sooner or later.

However, he was still appreciative of Zhou Xuanji.

Back in the legacy world, some words from Zhou Xuanji had caused him to break through in his Way of the Sword, resulting in his strength greatly increasing. As such, he had once wanted to rope in Zhou Xuanji.

It was a pity that that fellow was simply too incredible.

Before he had ascended, he had caused so much of a commotion that almost everyone in the Center God Province knew of him.

Every time he thought of this, the Hegemon Sword Emperor would feel quite angry about Zhou Xuanji failing to meet his expectations.

Of course, in a way, Zhou Xuanji had completely exceeded his expectations too.


At that moment, an explosion sounded out, snapping the Hegemon Sword Emperor out of his thoughts and causing him to turn. Shi Shenzong exploded out with magical energy, and traces of wind circled around his body, causing the ground to tremble and for thunderclouds to gather.

He was preparing to become a Great Emperor!

Before, Shi Shenzong had already defeated ten Great Emperor Candidates and had been ready for a while. However, before becoming a Great Emperor, he first comprehended more of his Way of the Sword, causing him to gain even greater enlightenment.