I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 42

Chapter 42


Chapter 42: Chapter 42 – Make Me Your Slave All My Life

Seeing that he was at a disadvantage, Zhuang Huisheng immediately wanted to run.

With the handsome youth in hand, he turned around to flee immediately, and Zhou Xuanji missed his slashes again.

He leaped into the air and landed on a gust of black wind that appeared beneath him. He took the handsome youth and flew away from the city.

The cloud obeys the dragon, the wind obeys the tiger.

“Sword God Zhou, today you killed my slave. There will come a day when I will slaughter all that is around you! You wait! ”

Zhuang Huisheng’s furious roar resounded across the sky above the Cloud Swallow City, and silence befell the city that was in a mess.

Such a powerful demon was fleeing from Sword God Zhou?

From the beginning of Zhuang Huisheng’s attack on the Cloud Swallow City until now, it had not even been fifteen minutes.

There were a few hundred thousand people who had not yet escaped the city.

At this moment, they felt surreal as they heard Zhuang Huisheng’s words.

“You don’t have that chance! ”

Zhou Xuanji shouted in a cold voice. A whizzing sound cut across the sky above the Cloud Swallow City.

The Hell King Sword flew toward the demon prince like a projectile; it was so fast that his eyes could hardly catch up.


Zhuang Huisheng’s chest was penetrated by the Hell King Sword and the demon wind that surrounded him dissipated instantly.

His eyes were wide open as he looked at the Hell King Sword that continued flying forward. He was stupefied.

“What sword technique has he used this time around…”

His body fell downward. His right hand loosened unconsciously and the handsome youth fell downward too.

Unlike Zhuang Huisheng, the youth’s face was full of terror.

Was he going to die from the fall?

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji flew over on his sword.

The youth’s looked hopeful. The Sword God will surely save him!

The benevolent and righteous Sword God Zhou. He had heard of him too.

Zhou Xuanji leaped from the Crimson Dragon Sword and stepped onto Zhuang Huisheng’s back. He swiftly flew downward, right beside the handsome youth.

All the while, Zhou Xuanji did not even glance at him.

He fell into despair immediately.


With Zhuang Huisheng under his feet, Zhou Xuanji landed on the street and smashed the ground into pieces. Blood spilled all over the ground. Out of fear, the commoners and cultivators quickly backed off like tidal waves.

In the blink of an eye, Zhou Xuanji decapitated Zhuang Huisheng and blood spurt from his neck.

The handsome youth was lucky. He landed onto a giant tree beside and was not severely injured from the fall.

Zhou Xuanji summoned his Frost Wave Sword in his right hand and directly stabbed the demon prince’s heart a dozen times.

The demon prince’s feet twitched and he stopped moving eventually.

He stopped and gradually stood up after confirming that the demon prince was dead.

At this moment, he was still in the Hell King Possession mode. The Hell King was siphoning Zhuang Huisheng’s life-breath and roared with arms open wide, like a fearsome demon.

As they looked at Zhou Xuanji, who was standing on the demon prince’s body, all the people on the streets stood aghast at the scene.

This powerful demon was really dead?

The Hell King Sword flew back swiftly and returned to Zhou Xuanji’s side.

He tore a piece of cloth from the demon prince and wiped the blood off the Frost Wave Sword and the Hell King Sword.

He looked downwards at the demon prince, and with a disdainful sneer, he turned around and left.

At this moment, a stream of white light flew out from the demon prince’s dead body and disappeared in the sky.

However, Zhou Xuanji did not notice this.

The cultivators and commoners who were around thought that there was something wrong with their eyes. They became excited and began crying out Sword God Zhou’s name.

“Sword God Zhou! Sword God Zhou!”

“So handsome! Such a powerful demon is totally no match for Sword God Zhou!”

“He definitely did not use his full power when fighting Northern Valiant Sword!”

“No wonder he dared to call himself the Sword God.”

“He is our Cloud Swallow City’s hero!”

“He is so mighty, did you see the expression in his eyes? That’s the spirit I’m after!”

They were so excited that some even shed tears of joy.

With Zhuang Huisheng dead, they no longer need to flee from the Cloud Swallow City. The city was their home after all.

Zhou Xuanji seemed to remember something and turned back suddenly and searched everywhere for the demon prince’s body.

Eventually, he found two storage rings and three storage bags.

After keeping them in the Supreme Storage, he flew back on his sword to where Little Jiang Xue was.

Some elderlies knelt down and admired him as they saw him leaving, as though they were worshipping a god.

The handsome youth who was on the tree, glared at him, with despair in his heart.

“Brother, can you give me some help here?”

It was a pity that he could not speak, so he could not call out for the Sword God.

Zhou Xuanji returned to Little Jiang Xue quickly and deactivated the Hell King Possession. His legs gave in and fell into a seating position beside Little Jiang Xue.

“Are you alright?”

Little Jiang Xue asked anxiously with her eyes red.

Zhou Xuanji felt weak, and his spirit energy was emptied. His internal organs were aching intensely.

He laughed bitterly and said, “The side effect was too great.”

Little Jiang Xue quickly took out some medicine and fed him.

On the training ground, Northern Valiant Sword looked at Zhou Xuanji excitedly, fervor beamed from his eyes.

Sword God Zhou really killed Zhuang Huisheng and Old Qing!


Zhang Ruyu ran towards Zhou Xuanji in excitement.

But Little Jiang Xue quickly took out her Flaming Fan and blocked his path.

He stopped in front of her and waved his hand, saying, “It’s me! We’ve met in the Shady Mountain Stronghold! I don’t have ill intentions! Sword God Zhou is a powerful cultivator who I admire. I have with me some pills that will help to recover his spirit energy.”

After he finished, he took out two small jade bottles.

Little Jiang Xue was full of suspicion and did not receive them.

Zhang Ruyu threw the two bottles over. His face was full of fervor and excitement, as though he was on drugs.

Zhou Xuanji picked up the small bottles and asked truthfully, “Sword Spirit, is this poisonous?”

“It’s not poisonous. This is really for spirit energy recovery. It’s quite beneficial to you in such a situation.”

The Sword Spirit replied, and Zhou Xuanji sighed in relief.

Without another word, he opened a bottle and began taking the pills.

Little Jiang Xue opened her eyes wide and asked, “You trust him that much?”

Zhang Ruyu, on the other hand, was full of joy, as though he broke through to the Enlightening Stage.

Zhou Xuanji said, “I can identify whether it is poisonous or not.”

Zhang Ruyu was totally convinced. The Sword God is powerful, indeed!

Shortly after, Zhou Xuanji asked Little Jiang Xue to take the pills as well.

On the other side, Xiao Chengfeng hid in a dark corner, hesitating whether or not to go forward.

At this moment, he suddenly realized there was a silhouette above the governor’s residence.

“It’s him…”

Xiao Chengfeng, in fear, quickly backed up.

The governor’s residence faced the training ground directly and on the roof stood someone proud and aloof.

It was Xiao Jinghong.

The Sword Noble looked at his master, who was healing and felt extremely amazed.

His revered little master was strong indeed and could surpass him in a few decades.

He glanced at the alley where Xiao Chengfeng was at, and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He immediately disappeared from the roof, as though he had never appeared.

After a short while, more and more commoners and cultivators gathered. He did not dare to interrupt Zhou Xuanji but began to rescue the casualties.

Even Northern Valiant Sword was rescued. He still had many admirers after all.

After Zhou Xuanji recovered some spirit energy, his body was still in pain. He gradually got up and intended to leave with Little Jiang Xue.

At this moment, Northern Valiant Sword pushed away those who were supporting him and smashed his forehead onto the ground.

He shouted as loud as he could, “Sword God Zhou! Make me your slave for life! Please take me along! Teach me sword techniques!”

At that moment, everyone turned and looked at him. Countless eyes were on him.