I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 419 - Chapter 419 Shi Shenzong Became A Great Emperor.

Chapter 419 - Chapter 419 Shi Shenzong Became A Great Emperor.


Ji Xuan.

Zhou Xuanji savored his new name as he walked out of the palace with the Divine Cliff Core Token.

Outside the palace, a muscular man was waiting for him.

He was wearing a cloth shirt that wrapped tightly around his massive muscles. Although he had a stern face, he smiled humbly at Zhou Xuanji.

With a cupped fist, he said, “I’m Fei Hai, an inner disciple of the Divine Cliff. From today onwards, I will be your servant, Senior. Please let me know if there’s anything you need, and I will handle it. The Divine Cliff has already arranged your residence, and I will guide you there now.”

He was secretively sizing Zhou Xuanji up.

It was his first time encountering someone who became a core disciple the moment he became an inner disciple.

News about Zhou Xuanji spread in the Divine Cliff. To be selected as Zhou Xuanji’s servant, Fei Hai was still very happy about it.

For him, it was a serendipity.

Zhou Xuanji nodded before leaving swiftly with the guidance of Fei Hai.

The two stepped out into the air. Along the way, Fei Hai did not speak much but led the way forthrightly.

They reached a residence in a few minutes.

It was situated on a small mountain veiled over by celestial mist. There were three courtyards within the residence, which had gardens for spirit flowers and herbs.

In the courtyard, two old servants and three maidservants were cleaning the place.

Seeing Zhou Xuanji and Fei Hai, they immediately knelt down and paid their respects.

“Greetings, master.”

Zhou Xuanji scanned them with his mind and found that the disciples near this mountain were all powerful in cultivation. The weakest of them was a Third Revolution Golden Immortal.

It seemed like this was a place for all the geniuses in the Divine Cliff.

Fei Hai cupped his fist and said politely, “Senior, you can settle down here. I have to go back to pack up my things to settle down in one of the guest rooms here so that I can be here for you at any time. At the same time, I will help you to retrieve your allowance and uniform. Please pass me your Divine Cliff Core Token.”

Zhou Xuanji threw the token to him casually before entering the residence with Bai Suwan.

Fei Hai left quickly. He was exhilarated and did not want to waste any time to risk frustrating Zhou Xuanji.

“The spiritual Qi here is very abundant!” Bai Suwan said in awe, and Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at her.

Don’t tell me your Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan’s spiritual Qi is inferior to this?

Soon, he found a good courtyard and settled down.

There were many seeds of natural materials in his Supreme Storage, which included the Colorful Celestial Fruits. But this place was too conspicuous, and because he was worried about burglars, he decided to not plant anything for now.

On the same day, Fei Hai returned.

He brought back a set of disciple’s uniforms and five hundred Pure Spirit Pills.

The Great Thousand World used spirit pills as currency. Pure Spirit Pills were the upgraded version of normal spirit pills. Each Pure Spirit Pill was equal to 1,000 spirit pills.

Core disciples were given 500 Pure Spirit Pills every month, which could either be used as money or for cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji could also head over to the Enchanted Artifact Repository to obtain a suitable artifact for himself.

Other than this, core disciples could enter the Energy Technique Repository for free once every month. But this chance could be carried forward. If he did not go this month, he could still only enter it for free once in the next month. And each time he entered, he could only stay at most for three days.

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed.

Zhou Xuanji did not leave his residence at all. He used this time to familiarize himself with his cultivation as a Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal. Until he got used to it, he brought along Fei Hai and left.

Bai Suwan was left in his residence because it was not appropriate to bring her along since he was heading over to the Energy Technique Repository.

Along the way, Fei Hai introduced to him the situation in the DIvine Cliff.

There were more than a million disciples in the Divine Cliff. They were either outer disciples, inner disciples, elite disciples, core disciples, or personal disciples.

Once someone becomes an elite disciple, he could leave the Divine Cliff for missions in different places, even to rule over a mortal realm.

However, the minimum requirement for an elite disciple was to be a Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal. For most disciples, including Fei Hai, they could only dream of it.

Meanwhile, Fei Hai mentioned something big that happened.

One of the core disciples, Long Kun, was assaulted by the Blood Devil Palace and almost died. This created a lot of commotion in the Divine Cliff.

The Blood Devil Palace was an overlord-grade faction that was not inferior to the Divine Cliff. The Palace Lord’s daughter, Xiao Hongjun, went missing mysteriously, which made the Blood Devil Palace very grumpy and to cause trouble everywhere.

Zhou Xuanji looked calm on his face, but he was thinking to himself in his heart.

So Xiao Hongjun descended into the mortal realm secretively. She deserved it. Now that she was trapped in the Northern Wilderness Region, no one would answer her.

Zhou Xuanji was very rich and had no need to increase his wealth through missions.

Wealth was important since it could be used to exchange for more cultivation resources.

Soon, they came to the Energy Technique Repository. Zhou Xuanji asked Fei Hai to gather information on the whereabouts of the 18 Divine Swords.

Fei Hai gave him a peculiar look before accepting the task.

After entering the repository, Zhou Xuanji showed his Divine Cliff Core Token, and the guards let him in.

His goal was sword techniques, as well as some sealing spells.

The Energy Technique Repository was huge, and the inside looked and smelled of age. Many disciples were looking through the shelves.

Zhou Xuanji found a bookshelf randomly and began reading.

On the other side.

In the palace of the Cliff Lord.

Han Xuzi sat on the chief’s seat, while a few dozen people were standing in the palace. Each of them had an immense aura.

He looked around and said, “Was the matter about Ji Xuan exposed?”

Emissary Li Qing replied, “No. Those who know have been put under a spell. If they were to leak the information, they will be destroyed.”

Han Xuzi nodded.

A handsome-looking man with an elegant demeanor took a step forward. He was wearing a white robe and was very eye-catching with his charisma amidst the others.

His name was Yang Yutian, the senior disciple of Han Xuzi. He was a True God and was extremely powerful.

“Revered Teacher, I found out that Divine Lord Ji is also secretly searching for the Northern Wilderness Region. His target might be Ji Xuan. Should we be more careful? Divine Lord Ji was a great strategist. He could often know things before he divined it. We have to guard against him,” Yang Yutian said with cupped fists and a solemn look.

He neither agreed nor objected to Han Xuzi’s decision to keep Zhou Xuanji because the cost-benefit was too complicated.

Han Xuzi said with squinted eyes, “Although Divine Lord Ji is powerful, he’s quite eccentric in his ways. He never attacks directly. We just pretend not to know about this. And we will stop investigating him, just in case we catch his attention.”

Yang Yutian nodded. Investigating Divine Lord Ji was just too stressful. He had wanted to give up a long time ago.

He remembered something else and said, “Shi Shenzong is about to become a Great Emperor. Although the Hegemon Sword Sect is a new faction that rose 10,000 years ago, Shi Shenzong was overwhelmingly talented and was the Hegemon Sword Emperor’s teacher. We must stop him.”

The relationship between the Divine Cliff and the Hegemon Sword Emperor had always been sour.

Back then, when Han Xuzi had tried to recruit the Hegemon Sword Emperor, that guy had rejected the offer impolitely. Han Xuzi was not angry at this. However, later on, the Hegemon Sword Emperor would try to teach the Divine Cliff’s disciples whenever he encountered them. Although he did not kill, it was still a great humiliation for the Divine Cliff.

An old man said with a frown, “It’s definitely not appropriate for the Cliff Lord to head over personally, but who should we send? The Hegemon Sword Emperor is not weak.”

Not only that, Han Xuzi was not suitable to go, even Yang Yutian also.

If they were to head over, it would be pure bullying.

Han Xuzi said with a smile, “Let Ji Xuan go. If he can gain some reputation before the Ascender Examination, it will be less likely for his identity to be exposed during the examination itself. Moreover, Ji Xuan has defeated Shi Shenzong in the Northern Wilderness Region. Even the Hegemon Sword Emperor lost to him.”

At the mention of these events, everyone in the palace was in awe.

Whenever they remembered the accomplishments of Zhou Xuanji, they had mixed feelings.

If they were at Zhou Xuanji’s level, they would never have defeated the army of Heavenly Law.