I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 418 - Chapter 418 Center God Province. Ascender Examination.

Chapter 418 - Chapter 418 Center God Province. Ascender Examination.


Along the way, Emissary Li Qing and the others continued to chat with Zhou Xuanji, which attracted passersby’s attention.

The passersby did not know Zhou Xuanji and thought that he was a new disciple.

A new disciple that Emissary Li Qing fetched personally must have an impressive background.

Many people remembered Zhou Xuanji’s face to try to loop him in when they encountered him again in the future.

After walking for an hour.

Emissary Li Qing and the rest stopped before a flight of stairs at the foot of a gigantic mountain.

This flight of stairs had tens of thousands of steps, connecting them straight to the mountain shoulder where a massive palace stood. The main gate had a cauldron that was dozens of meters high, and three candles as thick as pillars were burning in it. The smell of incense pervaded the area.

“Go up. We cannot enter the palace,” Emissary Li Qing said with a smile. Zhou Xuanji nodded and brought Bai Suwan up the stairs.

This distance was nothing to him.

He did not walk quickly but ambled forward.

Bai Suwan looked around excitedly.

“Hey,” Zhou Xuanji asked, “Will your elders come to fetch you later?”

The Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan was widely connected. The mortal realms that the clan members descend to were all under their influence so that it was convenient to take care of the members after they ascended.

Bai Suwan snorted, “I don’t want to go back. I want to follow you. You just arrived here and made so many enemies. I will protect you.”

Zhou Xuanji felt humorous. You are merely a Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and you want to protect me?

But he was still moved in his heart.

I did not teach you for a year for nothing.

He walked to the top of the stairs, and the main gate of the palace opened at the same time.

Three men and two ladies walked out. The men were handsome, and the ladies were elegant. They all looked very young, and they walked over as they talked and laughed with each other.

Noticing Zhou Xuanji, they came over to greet him.

“So, you are the new core disciple?” A bald young man said with a smile as he sized Zhou Xuanji up with his eyes.

The others had different expressions — Curious, disdain, and judgemental.

Zhou Xuanji could not see through their cultivation and was shocked in his heart.

These five people must be at least Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal and above.

“I just ascended, and I’m not sure what the Divine Cliff’s arrangement is,” Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said.

Having heard him, everyone was shocked.

“Since you can meet the Cliff Lord right after ascension, you must have the talent of a Great Emperor, and you must be at least Third Class,” the lady wearing a blue skirt uttered.

The other four became more curious about him.

It was much more difficult to become a Great Emperor in the Great Thousand World than in the mortal realm. It was not because of the difficulty of the Heavenly Law but because there were too many powerful cultivators who might assassinate you during your tribulation.

Moreover, those who became a Great Emperor in the mortal realm were invincible cultivators who had survived many trials and tribulations.

This was something that the sect and clan disciples in the Great Thousand World could not compare with.

With an elegant demeanor, Zhou Xuanji did not look like he had the aura of a Third Class Great Emperor.

“Let’s chat again when we meet.”

After these words, Zhou Xuanji left. It was apparent that the other five each had their own ideas, and these ideas might not be friendly.

He quickly walked into the main gate with Bai Suwan.

The five disciples looked at each other in astonishment.

“It seems like an awesome person arrived at the Divine Cliff,” the bald young man said intently.

After that, he left with a loud burst of laughter.

The other four disappeared as well.

After entering the palace, the gates shut with a loud bang.

Zhou Xuanji looked over and saw three golden statues standing before the main wall. The entire palace was radiant and luxurious.

A man was standing before the three statues, his back facing Zhou Xuanji.

He had an average height and wore a black robe. At the back of the robe was an embroidery of a hideous and eccentric monster. His long and white hair hung loosely at his back.

Seeing from the back view, Zhou Xuanji could sense an enormous aura.

This must be the most powerful person he had ever encountered in his life.

“People call me Han Xuzi. I’m the 16th Cliff Lord of the Divine Cliff,” the Divine Cliff Lord turned and said. He had a handsome face with a look of a little more than 40 years old. His pupils were golden in color, which were very peculiar.

“I’m grateful for your sect’s hospitality toward me instead of hostility,” Zhou Xuanji nodded and replied.

Along the way, he had thought about many problems.

He decided to stay in the Divine Cliff.

Since the Divine Cliff was willing to protect him, there was no need to take risks outside.

For him, the top priority was to become more powerful.

He must become powerful enough to not fear True Gods before the True Gods found the Northern Wilderness Region.

“Your sect?” Han Xuzi said with a smile, “From today onwards, you will be a Core Disciple of the Divine Cliff and will receive the same treatment as my personal disciples. You don’t have to draw the line so clearly. ”

Zhou Xuanji was a little stunned and immediately cupped his fist to show respect.

Han Xuzi waved his hand and said, “You don’t have to show these empty formalities. You have the talent of a First Class Great Emperor and the potential to surpass me in the future. I hope you can acknowledge the Divine CLiff and become part of it. Of course, if you have other ambitions in the future, don’t forsake the Divine Cliff but continue to protect it.”

Although the Divine Cliff was powerful, they had only one First Class Great Emperor in all its history. That person was its previous Cliff Lord.

Zhou Xuanji said, “I will repay the grace shown to me. This is my principle.”

Han Xuzi looked at him intently before waving his hand to ask Zhou Xuanji to come over.

After that, Han Xuzi began telling Zhou Xuanji the Divine Cliff’s long history.

The Divine Cliff had existed for 500,000 years, which was much longer than the Northern Wilderness humans. They had given birth to countless geniuses, and a few dozen of them were listed on the Great Emperor Stele.

Zhou Xuanji also got to know from Han Xuzi that he was ranked 12th on the Great Emperor Stele.

In the recent 10,000 years, there were no new Great Emperors to be ranked in the top 20 places, which was enough to see how devilish Zhou Xuanji was.

However, Zhou Xuanji was not satisfied with this.

Which meant to say that there were 11 people more talented than him?

Han Xuzi also told him about the situation of the Great Thousand World.

The Great Thousand World, which was also the Upper Realm, was boundlessly vast. Even adding all the mortal realms, they were not as vast as it. Similarly, there were countless beings and races in this world.

The Central God Province, in which the Divine Cliff was located, was at the center of the Great Thousand World. There were more than ten factions that were on par with the Divine Cliff in the Central God Province, while the Heavenly Hall was merely a second-grade faction in this region.

Having heard this, Zhou Xuanji was shocked.

The Upper Realm was more vast and spectacular than he had imagined. There was always something bigger, indeed.

According to Han Xuzi, the other God Provinces outside the Center God Province were also very powerful. However, the relationship between these Provinces was tense and hostile. He advised Zhou Xuanji not to leave the Centre God Province in the future to prevent him from endangering himself.

The Central God Province belonged to the land, while there were other factions in the sky.

There were 33 levels of heaven, and each heaven was equal to a Great Thousand World. The Great Emperor Stele was above the 33 levels of heaven.

Above the 33 levels of heaven were the residences of those powerhouses who were on par with the Heavenly Law.

Han Xuzi only let Zhou Xuanji go after an hour.

Before leaving, he gave Zhou Xuanji a golden token, which had the three statues’ image. At the back of the token, there was an extremely delicate carving of the mountain cliffs.

Han Xuzi gave his last advice, “Stay here for three months. I will send someone to serve you. If you have any doubts, you can ask him for help. Half a year later, there is an Ascender Examination in the Center God Province. At that time, give glory to the Divine Cliff, and if you become the victor, there will be abundant rewards. These rewards will help you to reach 10th Revolution Golden Immortal within ten years. You must not miss that.”

“From today onwards, you will be called Ji Xuan.”