I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 417 - Chapter 417 Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal. Unprecedented.

Chapter 417 - Chapter 417 Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal. Unprecedented.


After the arrogant and wild laughter died down, a muscular silhouette leaped out of the golden light. He was levitating high in the air as he stretched open his arms, enjoying the moment.

He was near two meters tall with a very muscular build. His long hair hung down loosely, and his face looked wild and domineering. Wearing golden chainmail, he looked like a legendary divine general.

When he ascended, he grew from a Fifth Tribulation Scattered Immortal into a Second Revolution Golden Immortal. How could he not be thrilled?

He saw Emissary Li Qing and the others, and he immediately landed on the Ascension Platform.

With a cupped fist, he laughed forthrightly, “Thank you for welcoming me. I am Wu Minghe, Fourth Class Great Emperor.”

In the mortal realm he came from, the ancestors had left many stories of ascension. Sometimes, immortals would descend into his mortal realm, such that he knew about the existence of the Divine Cliff.

Emissary Li Qing nodded calmly.

The others appeared calm too.

Wu Minghe was stunned.

This attitude did not seem right.

These people should be here to welcome him because of his talent.

“The two of you settle him down,” Emissary Li Qing instructed. The two silver-armored men got up immediately and brought Wu Minghe down.

Wu Minghe was dumbfounded.

The story progressed so differently from what he had expected.

He also noticed the excitement in the expression of the others. Following their eyes, he saw a golden beam of light rising through the sea of clouds.

Oh my!

They were here to welcome someone else.

Wu Minghe was so embarrassed that he really wanted to find a hole to hide in. His face and ears were red, and he quickly followed the two men into the portal.

In the clouds and golden beam, Zhou Xuanji and Bai Suwan rose swiftly.

Bai Suwan’s cultivation had already stopped growing.

But Zhou Xuanji’s had yet to stop.

He had already reached Fourth Revolution Golden Immortal and was still breaking through.

Bai Suwang’s reverence for him had reached the extreme.

Too awesome!

She decided to cling to Zhou Xuanji tightly and never allow him to leave.


He leaped over the clouds and stopped.

Zhou Xuanji saw Emissary Li Qing and the others, and they were looking at him in the same way.

He did not step out immediately because he was still breaking through.

The Thunderclap Sword and the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword had already been stored back in the Supreme Storage.

After the tribulation, the Thunderclap Sword was surely going to be upgraded again. He was quite looking forward to seeing it.

“This guy is already a Fourth Revolution Golden Immortal…..”

Emissary Li Qing’s face was twitching. The others were shocked too.

Is this the power of a First Class Great Emperor?

In 100,000 years, it was their first time seeing someone reach Fourth Revolution Golden Immortal after ascension.

Looking at him, the breakthrough had yet to stop.

Time continued to pass.

No one spoke.

The atmosphere was extremely pressurizing.

Half an hour later.

Zhou Xuanji reached Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal. His cultivation growth stopped too.

Devil Emperor Dugu said that he could reach Third Revolution Golden Immortal straightaway. In the end, it was two revolutions higher than his prediction.

‘Hmm, if only that old brat was here,’ Zhou Xuanji thought with pity. He really wanted to see how shocked Devil Emperor Dugu would be.

He turned his eyes toward Emissary Li Qing and the others.

Seeing their jaws drop, Zhou Xuanji felt that something bad might happen.

It was not that good for him to be this high profile.

He must not attract the attention of his enemies.

After a while, his cultivation stopped growing entirely and stopped at Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal. He walked out with Bai Suwan, and the golden radiance disappeared.

Looking at Emissary Li Qing and the others, he frowned slightly.

Emissary Li Qing’s stern face immediately blossomed like a flower as he said with a smile, “You must be Zhou Xuanji. The Divine Cliff welcomes you.”

Divine Cliff.

Zhou Xuanji’s pupil contracted suddenly.

What the…

I’m in the enemy’s den!

He remembered that Devil Emperor Dugu fell because of the Divine Cliff, leaving him with a remnant soul in the Northern Wilderness Region.

The Divine Cliff was apparently more powerful than the Heavenly Hall. What should I do?

“Don’t worry. The Divine Cliff is far more powerful than the Heavenly Hall. As long as the Cliff Lord allows you to join the Divine Cliff, we will nurture you as much as we can,” Emissary Li Qing saw through Zhou Xuanji’s worry and quickly explained.

The others spoke as well, trying to loop Zhou Xuanji in.

“Yeah! The Heavenly Hall is nothing!”

“Hahaha, it’s an honor for you to join the Divine Cliff.”

“If the Divine Cliff keeps you, whoever wants to kill you must think twice.”

“I finally saw a living First Class Great Emperor.”

“Tsk tks. Brat, do you know? Your name has already shaken the Great Thousand Worlds. It would be very dangerous for you to leave the Divine Cliff.”

Zhou Xuanji relaxed his brow. Since the Divine Cliff was not hostile toward him, he would not resist.

Devil Emperor Dugu offended the Divine Cliff, but this had nothing to do with him.

He immediately landed on the Ascension Platform with Bai Suwan.

Emissary Li Qing looked at Bai Suwan and smiled to Zhou Xuanji. “Follow me to see the Cliff Lord. With your talent, the Cliff Lord will surely teach you personally.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded.

If the Divine Cliff had some kind of scheme, they could have attacked him straightaway. There was no need for all these troubles.

He also understood that although he had broken through to Fifth Revolution Golden Immortal, he could still not stand against the Divine Cliff.

And so, the group ushered Zhou Xuanji toward the portal.

Zhou Xuanji asked the Sword Spirit to show the information about All Evil Yin Yang Destruction.

Sword Name: All Evil Yin Yang Destruction

Grade: Armageddon

Description: This sword contains all kinds of devious powers. Once used, it can tear through Yin and Yang and grant the user the destructive power to destroy a mortal realm. One must at least be a Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal to use this sword.

Seventh Revolution Golden Immortal?

What a scam!

Zhou Xuanji almost cursed out loud. The distance between the Fifth Revolution and the Seventh Revolution was huge.

He thought to himself as he walked into the portal.

Everything flashed before his eyes. When he opened them again, a bright and open staircase appeared in his sight. It was dozens of meters wide and surrounded by lakes on both sides. Lotus floated on the surface of the lake.

A massive and majestic palace stood tall in front of him. At the end of it, a great pinnacle stretched all the way into the clouds toward the sky.

At one glance, it looked like a celestial city.

Many fairies were flying about, and many cultivators were either training or walking about on the pathway.

Some tall buildings and palaces had mighty beasts resting above them.

“Brother Zhou, are you related to the Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan?” Emissary Li Qing said. He was looking at Zhou Xuanji with a smile.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “You recognize her?”

The Emissary nodded and replied, “The Nine Heaven Divine Snake is greatly revered and is on friendly terms with many factions. When this girl was brought here, I was fortunate enough to see it. Back then, she was still sleeping on her father’s shoulder.”

Bai Suwan, who was in Zhou Xuanji’s arms, looked up and spat her forked-tongue.

“You have seen my father?” She asked curiously.

“Of course,” Emissary Li Qing chuckled, “Your father is a True God, full of wisdom and might. I could hardly forget him.

Such a boot-licker.

Zhou Xuanji thought in his heart, but he still looked calm on his face.

“Oh yes, from now on, you should change to a new name. Don’t use your own name. When you become a True God and have the power to fend for yourself, then you can travel around this world with your real name,” Emissary Li Qing diverted the topic to Zhou Xuanji with a warm tone.

This guy was not just a First Class Great Emperor but also related to the Nine Heaven Divine Snake. He must make friends with him.

Zhou Xuanji nodded as he looked around.

He had to say that the Divine Cliff was scenic and impressive indeed. There was celestial mist in the background, veiling over the rest of the city. The parts of the city that were revealed were already greatly impressive. It was hard to imagine how the city would look in its total view.