I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 416 - Chapter 416 Divine Cliff’s Ascension Platform

Chapter 416 - Chapter 416 Divine Cliff’s Ascension Platform


“What is that?” Bai Suwan opened her eyes wide and asked in fear.

Facing the pair of eyes, she had never felt so much fear before.

Zhou Xuanji did not answer. He took out the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword and got himself ready.

Even as a First Revolution Golden Immortal, he sensed danger from the pair of eyes, which showed just how powerful their opponent was.

Why would the tribulation of ascension be this powerful?

Heaven is unfair!

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart. He fixed his eyes on that pair of eyes and was ready to see what his opponent was capable of.

Two golden beams of lightning shot out from those gigantic eyes with extreme speed. Even the heavenly lighting was penetrated.

Because Bai Suwan was beside him, Zhou Xuanji had to be careful. He immediately activated the Sky Domineering Sword Soul and slashed with all his strength.

The sword Qi shot upwards like a pillar of the heavens. It flew upwards as though it was going to poke a hole in the sky.


The sword Qi clashed into the two beams of golden light. A blinding radiance illuminated the entire place, and for a moment, they could not see any color.

Massive tornadoes were generated by the impact in the mortal realm beneath them. The tornadoes swept across the land along with the three tribulation executives.

As the powerful radiance died down, the pair of giant eyes was dashed into pieces by Zhou Xuanji’s sword Qi.

Zhou Xuanji was shocked. I’m that powerful?

He got immediately exhilarated.

This is the prowess of a First Revolution Golden Immortal!

His cultivation continued to grow. He could still become more powerful!

Someone said that he could reach Third Revolution Golden Immortal, but that was not enough.

He must at least surpass Third Revolution Golden Immortal!

After that thought, he took a deep breath and channeled his energy technique to absorb the spiritual Qi around him as much as he could.

The Tianxia Map was activated as well.

The First Revolution Golden Immortal’s internalization of Qi was so terrifying that spiritual Qi from the entire mortal realm came gathering toward him.

Mountains were bombarded into pieces by a powerful gale, and the water in lakes were swept up, turning them into giant pits and valleys.

Bai Suwan reached Third Tribulation Scattered immortal, and her cultivation was still growing.

They continued to ascend at a growing speed.

After rising past layers of cloud seas, he saw the majestic starry sky. The bright and dazzling stars were awesome.

A while later.

They saw the end of the light beam. It was a light hole, as though it was connected to another world.

Zhou Xuanji’s cultivation broke through once again.

Second Revolution Golden Immortal!

His inner pellet gained two golden stripes, which was rather strange.

His flesh was also morphing, growing much more in physical strength.

The growth of Bai Suwan’s cultivation began to slow down, but Zhou Xuanji’s was still accelerating.

She turned to look at Zhou Xuanji. Her eyes were filled with shock and worship.

Too powerful!

Zhou Xuanji was even more talented than her.

Who else in this world was more powerful than the Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan?

Her innocent heart was occupied by curiosity.

When she and Zhou Xuanji entered the light hole, his cultivation grew to Third Revolution Golden Immortal!

Boundless magic energy!

Having broken through to new heights, Zhou Xuanji could not help but roar.

Previously, he did not feel this powerful even with the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword in his hands. This just felt too good!

Divine Cliff.

As the lord over the Great Thousand Worlds, the Divine Cliff reigned over 36 mortal realms.

This day, the golden bell on the Ascension Platform rang.

Two silver-armored men appeared on the Ascension Platform. The platform was surrounded by thick, endless clouds.

There was a stone staircase behind them, which led to a portal.

“Another person has ascended.”

“I wonder how talented that person is,” the two chatted. Ascension was already a common thing for them.

Sometimes, there was an extremely talented person from the mortal realm. They had all seen that before, so their expectations were high.

However, the golden bell did not stop. It kept ringing, louder and louder.

The two men’s faces turned more serious.

The louder the bell, the more powerful the ascender was.

The two waited curiously.

Beads of cold sweat covered their forehead. The bell rings were like the sounds at the beginning of the world. They were loud and majestic, shaking even their soul.

What kind of a genius could cause such epic bell rings?

At this moment, numerous people came out from the portal.

The leading one was a middle-aged man with a green robe. His dressing was elegant and luxurious. With a majestic demeanor and a frown, he quickly walked up to the Ascension Platform.

The two silver-armored men quickly knelt down and paid their respect, but the green-robed man ignored them while he looked down at the sea of clouds.

In the billowing clouds, a ball of golden radiance could be faintly seen.

“The bell rang ceaselessly. This person is a big deal.”

“That person should be at least a Third Class Great Emperor?”

Third Class Great Emperor. That would be considered a top genius.”

“Which mortal realm did he come from?”

“Haha. The Fate of Divine Cliff is boundless. Of course, it can help the lower realms to produce countless geniuses.”

The people following the blue-robed man began discussing. Everyone was very happy.

Only the blue-robed man was still frowning.

“A person with such a talent might be a Second Class Great Emperor. Hearing the ending note of the bell, it has not reached the limit yet. Recently, on the Great Emperor Stele…”

He remembered a name, which covered him in beads of cold sweat.

Immediately, he left and was prepared to appeal to the Cliff Lord.

Although the others were confused, they continued to chat without much thought.

At the same time, a ball of golden radiance appeared beneath the Ascension Platform.

This means that another person was also ascending.

This made the cultivators of the Divine Cliff even more excited.

The blue-robed man came back. He stood on the cliffside, and never did he relax his frown.

“Emissary Li Qing, why do you look so frustrated?” An old man could not hold it but ask. The others looked toward him too.

With a sigh, he said, “What happened today must not be made known!”

His words shocked everyone.

“This person might exceed the talent of Second Class,” he continued to speak, “Recently, there were only two new people who exceeded Third Class Great Emperor on the Great Emperor Stele. And there was only one person who exceeded the Second Class.”

Everyone’s expression changed!

They immediately thought of a name.

Zhou Xuanji!

The Heavenly Hall lost contact with the Northern Wilderness Region and turned into a laughing stock in the Great Thousand worlds. But Zhou Xuanji became greatly reputed.

They heard that a Spirit Sovereign from the Heavenly Hall used the Heavenly Law Stone to create Heavenly Law Puppets of all Great Emperors and Great Emperor Candidates. Still, Zhou Xuanji defeated all of them alone, including Liu Wuji, Wang Hou, Hegemon Sword Emperor, and others.

Somehow, this event was already made known throughout the Great Thousand Worlds. Zhou Xuanji’s name was known by everyone.

However, too many powerful cultivators wanted to eliminate the Northern Wilderness humans, so Zhou Xuanji had made many enemies.

If news about Zhou Xuanji ascending to the Divine Cliff was exposed, the consequences would be beyond imagination.

The group turned silent. Everyone was extremely nervous.

Emissary Li Qing looked at the two silver-armored men beside him, and they immediately knelt down in fear.

“We will never expose this!”

“If we dare to expose this, we will be destroyed by Heaven!”

The two immediately vowed, fearing that Emissary Li Qing might kill them.

Emissary Li Qing turned his sight again to beneath the platform.

Zhou Xuanji was indeed a difficult thing to handle.

Most factions would be deterred from keeping him. They might even capture him for rewards.

However, the Divine Cliff was different.

If Zhou Xuanji could serve them, they might enter into a higher pinnacle of power.

When he thought about this, his heartbeat grew rapid, and his eyes looked with expectation.

A stream of golden light broke through the cloud sea and rose even higher.

Emissary Li Qing and the others were not surprised because that person was not Zhou Xuanji. Seeing from the aura, that person was merely a Fourth Class Great Emperor.

A Fourth Class Great Emperor was not bad either, which the Divine Cliff could nurture. But a First Class Great Emperor outshined them.

“Hahaha! This Emperor is here!”