I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 415 - Chapter 415 Golden Immortal At Last. Armageddon Legendary Sword.

Chapter 415 - Chapter 415 Golden Immortal At Last. Armageddon Legendary Sword.


“How are you going to overcome our tribulation if you coil around me like this?”

Zhou Xuanji threw Bai Suwan a stare and wanted to pull her off.

But no matter how he pulled, she was still there.

He could not do it by force either, or else he might tear her apart.

“I’m afraid!” Bai Suwan cried out. She coiled around his arm tightly and refused to let go.

Zhou Xuanji was helpless and could only go through the tribulation like this.

He took out the Thunderclap Sword and placed it on his head.

The thunderclouds billowed as they veiled over the entire sky as though they were going to press down toward the ground. A massive heavenly might enveloped the entire wasteland.

Defeaning thunders roared, shaking the ground, and Bai Suwan was shivering in fear.

The thunderclouds parted, and a massive lightning buddha statue appeared. It was thousands of meters tall and looked more divine than the mighty sun.

When they saw the lightning buddha statue, Bai Suwan opened her serpentine eyes wide. Her body froze immediately.

She was stupified by the sight of this.

Zhou Xuanji smiled to himself. Frightened, aren’t you?

At this moment.

The lightning buddha slammed down at Zhou Xuanji with his palm. Millions of lightning bolts rained down with world-shattering might.

The Thunderclap Sword blocked the tide of lightning bolts. Even so, Zhou Xuanji and Bai Suwan were still struck by the heavenly lightning.


Bai Suwan shrieked. Zhou Xuanji managed to withstand it with his physical strength.

He did not help Bai Suwan because this should be her heavenly tribulation. The heavenly lightning could temper her bloodline. This was a serendipity, and it should not be evaded.

Of course, if she could no longer withstand it, he would find a way to help her.

Most of the heavenly lightning was absorbed by the Thunderclap Sword, and if she still could not withstand this…

Then he would have to doubt the prowess of the Nine Heaven Divine Snake.

Just when he was thinking about it, a dragon and a phoenix formed with the heavenly lightning flew out from the buddha statue’s back and charged toward the pair.

The ascension and Nirvana tribulation came together.

Zhou Xuanji’s clothing was burnt, and his skin was charred. Bai Suwan’s skin tore. Their blood mixed together and could not be distinguished.

But while he healed very quickly, Bai Suwan healed much slower and was apparently in great pain.

Boooom! Boooom! Boom…

The ground was bombarded continuously, and countless cracks could be seen.

Fearsome ghosts came out from the ground and were struck by bolts of heavenly lightning on their way to attack the pair. The ghosts could not get close to them.

Zhou Xuanji smiled. So this was a desolate ground—a place of inauspicious fate.

But it was a pity, he was going to ascend!

Mere ghosts could not stop him!

Far away.

Three people stood on a mountain peak.

They wore gray robes and straw hats that covered their faces.

These were tribulation executives from this world. They came to witness this scene because they sensed the heavenly might.

“Such a horrifying tribulation…”

“He’s ascending!”

“He’s already a Great Emperor? Hold on, who is he? Why haven’t I seen him before?”

The tribulation executives were almost frightened to death. He had control over everything in this mortal realm. Still, an unknown Great Emperor had suddenly appeared for ascension. How could they not lose their composure?

Zhou Xuanji focused on overcoming the tribulation and could not be bothered about them.

Even noticing them, he would not take them seriously.

Tribulation executives?

If you don’t like it, come and beat me!

Half an hour later.

The lightning buddha statue came down personally and charged toward Zhou Xuanji with a palm strike.

That majestic silhouette seemed to be able to destroy the land with one attack.

It came with a world-shattering force indeed!

Zhou Xuanji raised the Thunderclap Sword and slashed toward the sky.

Sky Dominating Divine Sword Soul!

The sword flashed and illuminated the heavens and earth.

The lightning buddha statue exploded immediately, and the lightning disintegrated into the sky like a lightning net. The view was so impressive that Bai Suwan and the others’ jaw dropped in awe.

What kind of power was this?

Zhou Xuanji used World Internalization and Universal Attraction to absorb all the heavenly lightning into his Thunderclap Sword.


A beam of light descended from heaven, enveloping him and Bai Suwan.

Instantly, he felt that they were covered in a pleasant-feeling warmth.

Bai Suwan’s injuries healed quickly.

The heavenly tribulation had yet to end. Numerous gigantic lightning dragons charged toward the light beam. Each dragon could swallow a whole mountain.

Zhou Xuanji raised his sword, and the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadows covered the entire sky. The sword shadows shot toward those lightning dragons from all directions.

Immediately, the lightning dragons were exterminated. Explosions could be heard ceaselessly.

Bai Suwan looked up, and her serpentine eyes sparkled with amazement.

She knew Zhou Xuanji was very powerful, but she did not expect him to be this powerful.

It was the right decision to acknowledge him as a younger brother!

The three tribulation executives were silent.

ZHou Xuanji’s prowess shook their understanding.

In their memory, Zhou Xuanji’s power was unprecedented. Even former Great Emperors did not have such power before they ascended.

The heavenly tribulation was like child’s play for Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji and Bai Suwan felt a force pulling them upwards.

A billowing wave of power came from the heavens and pumped into Zhou Xuanji’s body.

Their cultivation began to grow tremendously.

Bai Suwan opened her eyes wide in shock. Her body could not help but be separated from Zhou Xuanji two meters apart.

This was a special grace for Great Emperors, which the Heavenly Law did not allow her to share.

But soon, she also received her own special grace from Heaven and grew quickly in cultivation.

Zhou Xuanji broke through to Eight Tribulation Scattered Immortal. His magic energy was vast and boundless like the ocean.

His mind was strengthened too. To be more specific, his soul strengthened.

The heavenly tribulation continued. He grew more powerful as he withstood the tribulation. The Thunderclap Sword absorbed the heavenly lightning wildly as though it was enjoying a bountiful feast.

When Zhou Xuanji was raised to 2km above the ground, he broke through to Ninth Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

Bai Suwan reached Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal straight away.

A Seventh Rank Demon broke through to First Tribulation Scattered Immortal…

Zhou Xuanji suddenly believed in her words.

The Nine Heaven Divine Snake was not a bluff. She was really powerful.

After a few thousand meters higher.

Zhou Xuanji forced his way to First Revolution Golden Immortal. Everything in his body began to morph.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached Heavenly Revolution Golden Immortal. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Gold] Evil Red Sword, [Armageddon] All Evil Yin Yang Destruction!”

“Ding! The Sword Owner obtained an Armageddon legendary sword, revealing new information on new legendary sword grades.”

The Sword Spirit’s voice resounded in Zhou Xuanji’s mind, and he opened his eyes wide in surprise.

What the!


It was a must for him to roar in his heart three times. A God-slaying legendary sword was so powerful that it could even sever fate. How powerful would Armageddon be?

At this moment, his blood began boiling.

Because he was in the light beam, his cultivation was still breaking through. He could not check the information on the legendary swords. However, it was not an urgent matter for him.

The Thunderclap Sword continued to absorb the heavenly lightning.

Zhou Xuanji and Bai Suwan were raised into the clouds.

The three tribulation executives came back to their senses and looked at each other in dismay.

They could all see the feelings of fear and fortune in each other’s eyes.

They were shocked by Zhou Xuanji’s prowess.

And they felt fortunate that Zhou Xuanji was leaving.

“Heaven protects our realm,” one of the tribulation executives sighed. The other two nodded in agreement.

After entering the thunderclouds, Zhou Xuanji and Bai Suwan continued to be raised.

The heavenly grace continued.

Zhou Xuanji could sense his magic energy increasing at an extremely horrifying rate.

It was the same for Bai Suwan too. She had already reached Second Tribulation Scattered Immortal. The Nine Heaven Divine Snake was too overwhelmingly talented.


A roar came from above them, and they looked up.

They saw a pair of fierce eyes looking at them from above the layers of thunderclouds as though they were the eyes of the Heavenly Law, boundlessly massive and majestic.