I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 414 - Chapter 414 Nine Heaven Divine Snake. Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss.

Chapter 414 - Chapter 414 Nine Heaven Divine Snake. Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss.


Sword Name: Immortal Disruption Sword

Grade: Intimidating Spirit

Description: Forged with the powerful flame of the heavens and earth. It contains the power to disrupt the consciousness of immortal gods. The effect depends on the cultivation of the enemy.

It disrupts the consciousness of immortal gods?

A mere Intimidating Spirit legendary sword could do that?

Zhou Xuanji was a little suspicious. But after thinking about it again, Intimidating Spirit legendary swords were not weak.

Not all immortal gods were that powerful.

He grinned pleasantly before returning to sleep.

He obtained ten bottles of Age-halting Pill before, and he gave most of them to Zhou Xiaoxuan. As for the Dragon Essence Pill, he had obtained it from the gacha before.

It had the essence of True Dragons, which was a suitable consumable for cultivation.

If a snake consumed it, its chance of transforming into a dragon would be boosted.

He glanced at the white snake who was cultivating beside him and thought about giving the Dragon Essence Pill to her.

Forget it. I shall continue to observe her performance.

After being reborn into the mortal realm, he had not cultivated yet. He took naps every day while he gained insight into the power of this world.

Occasionally, powerful demons would invade the cave, but the white snake took care of them all.

Now, he looked like a six-year-old and wore clothes made from beast skin.

The white snake was very surprised by his growth. But seeing that the child was harmless, she did not fear him.

Time continued to pass.

Three months later

The white snake woke Zhou Xuanji from his sleep.

He looked at the white snake unpleasantly.

“Are you from the Upper Realm?” She asked with eyes of great purity.

Zhou Xuanji was stunned.

“Stop acting,” she continued, “you are not a mortal baby. Although you did not cultivate, you are powerful. If we battle, I will surely die. I have no ill intention because I’m from the Upper Realm too…”

She began to talk about herself endlessly, which shocked Zhou Xuanji.

What the…

So the best actor was not me but you.

The white snake came from the Upper Realm and belonged to the Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan. They ate dragons and phoenix for food and were extremely powerful.

The Nine Heaven Divine Snake had nine Nirvana times, which was similar to the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique. Each time they activated Nirvana, the clan seniors would send them down into the mortal realm. Because during Nirvana, they would be the weakest, and the mortal realm was the safest place.

This white snake was named Bai Suwan, and it was her first time coming into the mortal realm.

Her sensory organs were extremely accurate, which allowed her to sense Zhou Xuanji’s aura, which was not from this world.

After spending half a year together, she liked Zhou Xuanji. This time, she could no longer hold it and spoke the truth.

“Your name is Bai Suwan? How is Bai Suzhen related to you?”

TL: Bai Suzhen is also a snake demon in a Chinese classic.”

Zhou Xuanji asked as he stared at her. As for the Nine Heaven Divine Snake, it was his first time hearing this. It was such a bluff to claim that they ate dragons and phoenix for food.

He could not help but think further.

Why was he reborn into a place so close to Bai Suwan?

Was it intentional by Magistrate Cui?

Bai Suwan blinked her eyes and said, “I have a sister called Bai Suzhen. How did you know?”

“And your brother-in-law is called Xu Xian?” Zhou Xuanji asked further.

TL: Xu Xian is the husband of Bai Suzhen in the same Chinese classic.

Bai Suwan threw him a stare and said unpleasantly, “My sis is only older than me by a few years, where did a brother-in-law cine from. But my 7th sister Bai Susu is already married.”

Zhou Xuanji almost fainted. Where did so many “Bai Su”‘s come from?

Could Bai Su be a surname?

He began asking all sorts of questions, and Bai Suwan told him everything innocently.

She was very interested in Zhou Xuanji too, so she asked where Zhou Xuanji came from.

Zhou Xuanji lied that he came from the earth and was a cultivator during the Law Era. The earth was not suitable for ascension, and carrying the hope of all mankind in his realm, he broke the void and was reincarnated into another realm to ascend.

Hearing that he was aiming to ascend, Bai Suwan grew excited.

“Little Xuanji, why don’t we ascend together! Each time we go through Nirvana, we need to overcome an ascension tribulation. I’m afraid, can you accompany me, please?” She said excitedly.

After spending so much time with Zhou Xuanji and seeing him grow, she already took him as her younger brother.

As for why not a son?

Because she was still young in her heart, so she knew not the love of a mother.

“Is the Nine Heaven Divine Snake Clan very powerful? Are they as powerful as True Gods? Are they more powerful than the Heavenly Hall?”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a curled lip. He was very reluctant to bring along a burden for ascension.

Bai Suwan opened her serpentine eyes and said, “True God? I have many True Gods in my clan, okay? My father and mother are all True Gods. As for the Heavenly Hall, I think I have seen this guy called Sage Yu or something who visited my clan. During the visitation, he mentioned Heavenly Hall, but it didn’t seem very impressive.”

And now, it was Zhou Xuanji’s eyes to be wide-open in awe.

That was impressive!

An idea came to him, and he said with a chuckle, “Then we shall be friends from now on, how about that?”

“Friend?” Bai Suwan rolled her eyes at him and snorted, ” You are my little brother! I’m the one who brought you up!”

“Why? The Heavenly Hall offended you? Come with me. The Heavenly Hall is nothing!”

She raised her serpentine head as though her life was higher than the heavens.

Not sure if it was because of her aura or something else, Zhou Xuanji suddenly felt that the scales on her body were so beautiful. They were as shiny as crystals.


Family background was not important. I consider you a friend because of your character.

And so, Zhou Xuanji and Bai Suwan grew even closer.

He began guiding Bai Suwan in her cultivation, such that she progressed swiftly. She was very happy about this, and she loved him even more.

The pair rarely left the cave.

In case of any accident, Zhou Xuanji decided to hide first. There might be other powerful people hiding in this mortal realm too.

A year later.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 91 years old. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [God-slaying] Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss.”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, which were filled with surprise.

His second God-slaying legendary sword!

Next, information of the legendary sword appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss

Grade: God-slaying

Description: This sword was forged by the flesh of the Ghost Emperor. It absorbed countless ghosts and created the Extreme Abyss, which can absorb ghosts and ghastly items. During the battle, all these powers will combine together to serve the Sword Owner. Only a Second Revolution Golden Immortal can use this sword.

Second Revolution Golden Immortal!

Zhou Xuanji was even more surprised. This meant that the Ghost Emperor Extreme Abyss was even more powerful than the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword.

He noticed something.

Extreme Abyss!

This meant that this sword was similar to the Furious Ape Sword. It could grow in power limitlessly, as long as it absorbed ghostly items enough.

His mood became very pleasant. He could use this sword after his ascension.

He turned around and glanced at Bai Suwan, who was cultivating by the small lake.

She was only over a meter long, just like the little black snake. Compared to other snake demons, she was mini.

Zhou Xuanji had turned into a teenager while Bai Suwan maintained her appearance. This made him confused.

After that, he continued to sleep.

When he reached the Upper Realm, he could no longer sleep.

Even deep into the night, he must maintain vigilance.

Half a year later.

Zhou Xuanji and Bai Suwan walked out of the cave for ascension.

He had recovered his peak cultivation and was going to find an isolated place for ascension. This was the same for Bai Suwan, but she did not ascend until she met him because she was afraid.

The two flew swiftly in the same direction.

Twelve hours later, they came to a wilderness area without any trace of life. Not even grass grew within a radius of dozens of miles. Not even a demon could be found, much less humans.

Zhou Xuanji stood in the air and began channeling his magic energy.

He was a First Class Great Emperor.

As long as he intended to ascend with determination, the Heavenly Law could sense it.


Thunderclouds gathered around him as violent gales wreaked havoc on the ground. Bai Suwan was so afraid that she coiled around Zhou Xuanji’s arm.