I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 413 - Chapter 413 90 Years Old. Encounter with the White Snake

Chapter 413 - Chapter 413 90 Years Old. Encounter with the White Snake


The Bridge of Reincarnation was above the Yellow Springs. The borderless water of the Yellow Springs was as muddy as an ebony ocean, and the thunderclouds dimmed everything.

It was Zhou Xuanji’s first time coming to this bridge. He was filled with curiosity, and he scanned his surroundings with his mind ceaselessly.

Xian Xianghua looked around with curiosity too.

Magistrate Cui walked in front of them and stopped suddenly. “Who wants to go down first? I will use my magic energy to protect your flesh so that you will not be invaded by the power of reincarnation,” he said, looking back at them with a smile.

“Wait until your flesh can hold no longer, then activate the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique.”

Xian Xianghua and Zhou Xuanji looked at each other before taking one step forward and coming up to the bridge.

It was a bridge made of stone, which was easy for ordinary people to leap down.

Xian Xianghua looked back at Zhou Xuanji. There was a sense of love, expectance, and reluctance in her eyes.

“I will find you in the Upper Realm,” she said softly but with determination.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and said, “You should wait for me to find you. When I become powerful enough, I will search for you. Of course, if you encounter dangers, you can ask for my help.”

Xian Xianghua rolled her eyes at him and said coquettishly, “Maybe it’s I who will save you.”

After that, she leaped down into the Yellow Springs without hesitation.

Magistrate Cui immediately began channeling his magic energy.

Zhou Xuanji waited patiently but was imagining how it would be like in the Upper Realm.

In these ten years, he had gained another 17 legendary swords. The most powerful sword was merely a Heavenly Soul grade, while the worst was Amethyst. These, for him, were neither powerful nor weak.

His overall battle power had not improved significantly.

He really hoped that the ascension would not disappoint him.

Magistrate Cui looked back at Zhou Xuanji and said, “You have offended too many people. When you reached the Upper Realm, you better find the 18 swords of the Divine Way.”

18 Swords of the Divine Way?

Zhou Xuanji was filled with curiosity. What’s that?

“18 Swords of the Divine Way are the 18 divine swords that were there since the beginning of the Upper Realm. Each has the majestic power to create a whole new world. Countless immortal gods searched and competed for them. If you can obtain one of them, you can reign supreme in a whole region without fearing the True Gods.”

“Although you are greatly talented, the enemies will not give you too much time. The divine swords can help you become powerful quickly. This is as much as I can help you,” Magistrate Cui explained. His eyes were filled with hope.

Zhou Xuanji’s situation seemed like a dead end. Still, if he could endure through it, his level of accomplishment would be beyond imagination.

“If I reign supreme in the Upper Realm, I will never forget the favor you have shown me.”

Zhou Xuanji smiled. Although he looked as if he was joking, Magistrate Cui could feel the sincerity of his heart.

After that, Magistrate Cui gave a few more pieces of advice before Zhou Xuanji leaped into the Yellow Spring.

After entering the Yellow Spring, Zhou Xuanji had a similar traversing experience when he travelled between the mortal world and the netherworld. It was pitched darkness all around him. Even his sensory organs and mind had lost their capability.

Soon, he felt powerful magic energy envelop him, and he sunk swiftly.

Zhou Xuanji was a little nervous. It was his first time reincarnating while he was still conscious.

Shortly after, a horrifying power came and was about to tear his flesh into pieces.

He immediately activated the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique and began his rebirth.

After successfully channeling the energy technique, he lost consciousness too.

On the Bridge of Reincarnation.

Magistrate Cui gazed at the Yellow Spring and stood there for a very long time.

Sometime later.

A person came from the other end of the bridge.

It was Xuan Daoya.

He walked up to Magistrate Cui and watched the billowing Yellow Spring, shoulder to shoulder.

“How? Can you divine his origin?”

Xuan Daoya asked with a serious look.

He changed Zhou Xuanji’s fate personally but lost control over him within 100 years. This made him very uneasy.

“Nope,” Magistrate Cui replied calmly.

Xuan Daoya glanced at him and smiled coldly, “Why? He really moved your heart? Listen to my words of advice, take a good look at your own position.”

Magistrate Cui was not angry. He turned around and left.

Xuan Daoya continued speaking, “The Ninth Nether Buddha is not around. You should treasure this opportunity. As long as Zhou Xuanji becomes a True God or even surpasses True God, he will help you to promote quickly. I hope you can help him as much as you can and fulfill all his requests. As for the matter between the two of us, you must not reveal anything.”

After that, he disappeared on the spot.

Magistrate Cui did not stop walking. He continued forward with a shady face.

‘Dao Xuanya, although I don’t know what you are up to, you really think you can control everything single handedly? You took the wrong step. That’s Zhou Xuanji’s will. The chess piece will also get back at the chess player,’ he smiled as he thought in his heart.

Sunlight brightened up Zhou Xuanji’s face and gave him a comforting warmth.

He opened his eyes slowly and found that he was laid on the grass. Behind him was a slope, and he could see a majestic mountain range by tilting his head slightly.

At this moment, he had turned into an infant. With a bare body, he enjoyed the breeze brushing against his tender skin.

‘This place is quite abundant in Spiritual Qi. It’s almost as good as the mountain foot of Skyfall,’ he thought in his heart as he scanned his surrounding with his mind.

Soon, he saw a white snake dashing toward him. The snake was very slender and was as thick as his arm.

“Demonic aura? Not bad, it has the cultivation of the Seventh Rank.”

Zhou Xuanji thought to himself curiously. It was difficult for anyone to think that the little snake was a Seventh Rank demon.

The white snake came up to him and raised its body. It spat its forked-tongue and sized him up with clear and watery eyes.

Zhou Xuanji immediately made use of his acting skills and began crying.

The white snake curled around his body and a cold, female voice came from its mouth, “A miracle child is born. Little guy, where did you come from?”

After that, she took Zhou Xuanji away.

Zhou Xuanji did not resist.

If the white snake wanted to kill him, he could kill her immediately.

A Seventh Rank demon could not even stand up to his mind.

An hour later.

The white snake brought him into a cave. There were many bones inside that belonged to beasts and demons. There was a lake in the deeper parts of the cave.

After putting him down, the white snake slithered toward the small lake and began drinking.

Zhou Xuanji was very curious. What was the white snake about to do to him?

After becoming a Great Emperor, he only needed two years to regain his pinnacle power.

Baihao Yixin seemed to have the same divine ability, which was why he could recover his Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation quickly each time he exploded.

And so, Zhou Xuanji began pretending to be an ordinary infant.

The white snake did not hurt him. She spent most of her time cultivating and even channeling Spiritual Qi into his body to ensure that he was alive.

Sometimes, she would go out to hunt.

Day after day.

A month passed.

Zhou Xuanji’s body grew quickly, and he could already walk on his own.

He pretended to be an adorable child, which increased the white snake’s love for him more and more.

He also realized that the white snake had no ill intention toward him, so he was willing to carry on his act.

If the white snake did not harm him in any way before he ascended, he did not mind granting her serendipity.

Autumn came.

Half a year passed.

Zhou Xuanji reached 90 years old.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 90 years old. Gacha begins!”

“Ding! Congratulations, the Sword Owner obtained [Intimidating Spirit] Immortal Disruption Sword Sword, a bottle of Age-halting Pills, and a Dragon Essence Pill!”

Zhou Xuanji, who was asleep, opened his dreamy eyes.