I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 411 - Chapter 411 – True God Searching For Northern Wilderness

Chapter 411 - Chapter 411 – True God Searching For Northern Wilderness


After saying goodbye to Devil Emperor Dugu, Zhou Xuanji entered the Violet Demon Palace by himself.

Demon Sovereign Sanhai was like a servant, following behind him.

Before, when he had come to the Violet Demon Palace, he had not had a good look around.

This time, he wanted to gain a better understanding of the Violet Demon Palace.

Zhou Xuanji took out the Ancient God Sword and the nine souls appeared.

“Why did you come back?” Emperor Hanlan asked. As soon as he asked, he regretted it.

Now, Zhou Xuanji was already invincible in the mortal realm. He could go wherever he wanted in the Northern Wilderness.

Zhou Xuanji told them about Xiao Hongjun, causing the souls to start chattering.

“Heheh, so there was someone looking for the Violet Demon Monarch Heart.”

“That’s an item created by the heavens and earth; you must not reveal that you have it.”

“The Violet Demon Palace is also a magical treasure; you can take it with you, but it won’t have much use for you. Moreover, there is an evil creature suppressed beneath the Violet Demon Palace; that’s an existence that even Great Emperor Wuwang had a headache over.”

“What evil creature?”

“Darknorth Monarch Tao!”

Zhou Xuanji walked as he listened to them talk.

Soon, he understood the identity of the existence suppressed under the Violet Demon Palace.

Darknorth Monarch Tao was an ancient evil creature. It had once committed a slaughter in the Northern Wilderness and overseas, and it had been suppressed by Great Emperor Wuwang and 100 Demon Kings.

Zhou Xuanji had heard of this evil creature; it appeared in many legends and represented inauspiciousness and slaughter.

According to the nine souls, the Darknorth Monarch Tao was undying and unkillable. Even if one killed it, it would be reborn; that was why Great Emperor Wuwang had suppressed it.

Following this, Zhou Xuanji turned his attention to the interior of the Violet Demon Palace.

The Violet Demon Palace had hundreds of side palace halls and over 1,000 rooms, and it contained many treasures. To Zhou Xuanji, these treasures were not very valuable, but he wanted to obtain some information about ancient times.

He let out Old Mother Wan’E’s soul. She was quite pitiful, but she had already become an evil creature, so Zhou Xuanji decided to have her stay in the Violet Demon Palace. After he ascended and left the Northern Wilderness, if Old Mother Wan’E followed him, she would definitely perish.

Three days later, Zhou Xuanji left the Violet Demon Palace. He had collected many ancient books and he put them in the Supreme Storage; perhaps they would be of use in the future.

The ocean had returned to its normal state, and the Violet Demon Palace was once again covered up.

After returning to Skyfall, Zhou Xuanji gathered everyone and told them of his plans to ascend.

He did not plan to ascend right now; rather, he would spend some time nurturing disciples. Only after the Emperor Sword Court was strong enough would he ascend.

Before, he had said that he would ascend with everyone, but he had to break his promise now.

Since it was not possible to ascend from the Northern Wilderness, he planned to go to the Netherworld and see if he could ascend from another mortal realm.

Everyone had already guessed that he would want to ascend, and none of them objected.

The little black snake stuck out its tongue and laughed as it said, “You’re only just waiting because you don’t want to be separated from your wife, right?”

Jiang Xue gave a pleased smile and also teased Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xiaoxuan called out, “Oi, oi, what about me?”

Zhou Xuanji ignored her, and Jiang Xue laughed as she stroked Zhou Xiaoxuan’s hair.

Beixiao Wangjian chuckled as he said, “Shouldn’t you know better than that?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan felt quite hurt.

After knowing that Zhou Xuanji was going to ascend, everyone began to work even harder at cultivating.

Spring went and autumn came.

Ten years passed, Zhou Xuanji was now 89 years old.

Over the past ten years, many geniuses had appeared in Emperor Sword Court, and it was the same in the rest of the Northern Wilderness.

Chen Bantian, Meng Tianlang, and Xiao Jinghong had all broken through to the Great Realization stage; the Ten Thousand Year Princes and descendant of the Demonic Emperor bloodline were truly amazing.

Lin Changge started to break through to Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal, and Ning Zifeng was a bit away.

Zhao Congjian was working hard at the Spirit Refinement stage, and the weakest, Beixiao Wangjian, was at Astral Infant Level Five.

Jiang Xue’s talent was not inferior to Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng’s, and with the help of the Five Color Immortal Fruits, she also broke through to the Great Realization stage.

Huang Lianxin and Zhao Congjian’s cultivation were about the same, making Zhao Congjian feel quite depressed.

Han Shenbo was a bit stronger than Zhao Congjian.

Chongming Demon Monarch was now an Eighth Rank Great Demon. He was quite lazy and liked to laze about. However, the little black snake had been working hard and was at Seventh Rank.

The second generation disciples had all reached Astral Infant cultivation, and some had even reached Spirit Refinement.

They were all one in ten thousand geniuses in the Way of the Sword. Their overall talent surpassed that of the third generation disciples, who were mostly at the Inner Pellet stage. That was already quite good.

In the past ten years, Emperor Sword Court’s disciples had traveled through the world and made a name for themselves. Adding on the Sword Emperor, Emperor Sword Court had become the publicly acknowledged most powerful faction in the Northern Wilderness. It was just that its foundation was weaker than that of the Sanctums’.

Zhou Xiaoxuan’s cultivation was at Astral Infant Level Seven, and she would occasionally go down the mountain to experience trials, and she had created a name as the Ten Thousand Sword Goddess for herself.

Zhou Xuanji taught Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow to her, and even though she had not yet achieved Great Accomplishment with it, she could already create hundreds of sword images. Adding on the fact that her old man was the number one in the world, the people of the world had given her such an exaggerated title, making her feel quite pleased.

On that day, a guest came to Skyfall; it was Marquis.

This fellow was no longer an image of light and was now a real person. He was dressed in red clothes with green lines, and he had a tall and straight figure. He had a handsome face and looked like he was in his early thirties.

Zhou Xuanji received him and Zhou Xiaoxuan stood by the side, looking at him out of curiosity.

This was the mighty Marquis?

“Ten years have passed in the blink of an eye. What have you come to find me for?” Zhou Xuanji poured him a cup of wine as he smiled and asked.

Marquis swirled the wine in the cup and said, “You should ascend.”

There was a lot of worry between his brows; it seemed like there was a lot on his mind.

Zhou Xuanji asked, “Why is that?”

Beside him, Zhou Xiaoxuan became excited; could it be that another great disaster was going to descend?

Marquis answered truthfully.

It turned out that his main body had sent him a message through a dream, saying that many True Gods were searching for the Northern Wilderness. Once they found it, they would directly destroy the Northern Wilderness. When that time came, Zhou Xuanji would not be facing Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals but True Gods who were not restricted by heavenly law. No matter how powerful his talent was, he would not be able to stand up to a single blow from a True God.

Zhou Xuanji could not help but think of that mysterious expert he had encountered when returning from the Netherworld; he had nearly been killed with one blow.

Could that person have been a True God?

“My true body cannot directly face off against True Gods and Devil Emperor Dugu has offended the Divine Cliff; the Northern Wilderness can only rely on you,” Marquis said seriously. Hearing this, Zhou Xuanji felt quite displeased.

Your true body is inconvenienced so you’re going to push this trouble to me?

He suddenly felt Marquis was quite hypocritical.

Marquis sensed his displeasure and explained, “My true body is in closed-door cultivation in the 36th Heaven, and there are powerful existences watching me. At my level, closed-door cultivation can last for tens of thousands of years.”

Zhou Xuanji’s mood became slightly better as he said, “After I leave, how will I know if the Northern Wilderness is in danger?”

Marquis took out a white jade pendant and said, “This is a Spirit Communication Heart. If you want to see how the situation in the Northern Wilderness is, you can do so using this. Remember, do not lose this jade pendant, or else your enemies may be able to find the Northern Wilderness through it.”

Zhou Xuanji received the jade pendant and agreed.

After Marquis left, Zhou Xuanji gathered the elders together.

This matter was incredibly important, and Emperor Sword Court had millions of disciples in the Northern Wilderness, unable to leave. He had to become stronger.

Daoseeker suddenly appeared and the first thing he said was, “Don’t ascend!”

He looked incredibly panicked, causing everyone to look at him.