I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 410 - Chapter 410 – Ascension

Chapter 410 - Chapter 410 – Ascension


Behind the wave, Xiao Hongjun floated in the air, with countless blood-red bats spiralling around her.

She was looking down, where there was an unfathomably deep abyss.

With the waves spreading outwards, this deep abyss was revealed. It was difficult to tell how wide and how deep it was.

At the bottom of the ocean stood a palace.

It was the Violet Demon Palace!

Demon Sovereign Sanhai stood at the gate, looking up at Xiao Hongjun with a savage expression, and he gave a low roar.

Xiao Hongjun’s expression was cold and there seemed to be flames of fury within her eyes.

She had personally come down to the mortal realm for the Violet Demon Monarch Heart. Now that the Northern Wilderness had been disconnected by heavenly law, she was unable to return to the Upper Realm, and adding on the fact that she could not find the Violet Demon Monarch Heart, her mood was extremely bad.

This time, she planned to unearth the Violet Demon Palace and release the barriers inside to attract the Violet Demon Monarch Heart.

However, she found that the Violet Demon Palace was very sturdy.

“Looks like the Violet Demon Palace is suppressing something beneath it,” Xiao Hongjun thought to herself, but she did not stop.

She was already at her wit’s end, and she did not care if she flooded the world.


A figure broke through the waves; it was Heavenly Lord Schemer.

He came before Xiao Hongjun and frowned as he asked, “What are you doing?”

Xiao Hongjun ignored him.

The two of them were fellow sufferers who could empathise with each other.

Neither of them could find their targets, and both felt quite depressed.

“Both of us are in precarious positions; don’t do anything rash. Zhou Xuanji, Devil Emperor Dugu, Marquis, and Great Emperor Heartless are all looking for us,” Heavenly Lord Schemer said as he frowned, tightly gripping his fan with his right hand.

Ever since he had seen Zhou Xuanji destroy the sky with a single strike, he felt very unsettled inwardly because he understood that he was not a match for Zhou Xuanji.

Xiao Hongjun said contemptuously, “So what? You’re afraid, but I’m not afraid!”

After speaking, she continued to raise up the Violet Demon Palace.


The Violet Demon Palace trembled and seemed to begin to lift off the ground.

Heavenly Lord Schemer’s expression was grim, and anger flashed in his eyes.

This woman was extremely stupid!

He immediately turned and left.

Not too long after he left, Devil Emperor Dugu arrived.

Devil Emperor Dugu was dressed in a black robe with a dragon diagram on it. His aura was domineering and his expression was dignified, looking like a supreme emperor who controlled the lives of everything in the world.

“Xiao Hongjun, this is the Northern Wilderness. If you act recklessly, I won’t be courteous. Your father has no authority here,” Devil Emperor Dugu said coldly, killing intent shining in his eyes.

Xiao Hongjun was peerlessly beautiful, but if she angered him, he definitely would not show mercy.

Many bewitching women had died at his hands.

Xiao Hongjun glanced at him and said contemptuously, “A bug defeated by the Divine Cliff dares to act arrogantly? Were you this arrogant when you were kneeling in front of my father, begging him to teach you?”

Devil Emperor Dugu smiled and did not say anything else before directly attacking.

He swung his right palm, and demonic qi turned into a massive demon claw that covered the sky and blotted out the sun, slamming towards Xiao Hongjun.

Xiao Hongjun also attacked, and the blood-red bats surrounding her shrieked as they became bigger and crashed into the demon claw.

A massive battle officially began.

At the same time, in the distance, Zhou Xuanji stood above the massive wave, looking at the Violet Demon Palace.

The closer he came to the Violet Demon Palace, the more he could sense Demon Sovereign Sanhai’s emotions.

It felt incredibly furious and was asking him for help.

Zhou Xuanji’s body blurred and he arrived on top of the Violet Demon Palace.

He landed on it, causing the Violet Demon Palace to fall to the ground, no longer moving.

Xiao Hongjun, who was fighting with Devil Emperor Dugu, turned and saw Zhou Xuanji. Her expression became savage as killing intent burst out of her.

This fellow was actually stopping her.

She roared and a long saber appeared in her hand, five feet long. It was about as tall as her and looked incredibly exaggerated. The blade was nearly half a foot long, and at a glance, it looked like a blood-red fang.

“All ghosts, heed my command!” She gripped her saber with both hands as she shouted.

Devil Emperor Dugu’s eyelids twitched and he waved his sleeve, causing demonic qi to turn into a tornado that surrounded his body.

A blood-red hole suddenly appeared in the sky, thousands of meters wide. Lightning appeared, and the heavens and earth instantly darkened.

Zhou Xuanji looked up and felt quite startled.

This attack was very similar to his Hades God-slaying Formation.

Countless blood-red ghosts rushed out of the blood-red hole, looking like an army of locusts. They covered the heavens and earth, creating massive sounds. All of them were holding sharp weapons, seeming like a torrential storm of blood-red rain.

Xiao Hongjun raised her saber and shot at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji unleashed Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow, and millions of sword images rushed up, blocking off Xiao Hongjun.

Zhou Xuanji now had Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation, and even if he did not borrow the power of the heavens and earth, he could sweep away all Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals.

His black clothes fluttered and Zhou Xuanji’s smile was incredibly condescending, making Xiao Hongjun almost explode with anger.

This tiny mortal dared to mock her!

She immediately used her full power, and her body was wrapped up with blood-red qi. At a glance, she looked as if she had transformed into a massive blood-red bat, and she charged through the countless sword images at Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji raised his hand and the Dog Culling Sword appeared in his hand, and he lightly swung it.

The Sky Dominating Sword’s Sword Soul!

Sword light flashed out!


Xiao Hongjun coughed up a mouthful of blood as she was sent flying backwards. She crashed into the massive wave, unclear if she was alive or dead.

Zhou Xuanji used the power of the heavens and earth in that strike, and yet he was unable to destroy her body, making him feel quite surprised.

Devil Emperor Dugu was still battling with the blood ghost army, and Zhou Xuanji did not help him and instead looked down.

He could sense that there was a terrifying aura hidden below the Violet Demon Palace, as if there was something suppressed there.

He swept out with his divine sense and found that below the Violet Demon Palace was darkness, a terrifying darkness.

Within the depths of the darkness, there was a pair of blood-red eyes filled with hatred and anger.

Zhou Xuanji withdrew his divine sense and muttered, “What is that? Even though its aura is weak, it made me feel a trace of danger.”

He did not do anything to it.

From how he saw it, he needed to leave some crises for the Northern Wilderness.

After all, experts were developed not just through painstaking cultivation but also through facing trials and disasters.

As such, he would let this being continue to live. If it harmed the Northern Wilderness in the future, it would give the later generations an opportunity to deal with it.

“Zhou Xuanji, we cannot exist under the same sky. Just you wait!” Xiao Hongjun’s voice sounded throughout the heavens and earth, but her body was gone.

Zhou Xuanji did not pay her much mind. Xiao Hongjun could not threaten him unless the faction behind her could descend to the Northern Wilderness.

After a while, Devil Emperor Dugu finished dealing with the blood ghost army and landed in front of Zhou Xuanji.

“I feel that it’s becoming more and more difficult to make progress,” Zhou Xuanji said. After the confrontation with the Heavenly Palace, he had been focusing on cultivating, but it was difficult to increase his cultivation.

To him, the spirit qi in the heavens and earth was already very weak.

Devil Emperor Dugu nodded and said, “That’s natural. Otherwise, why would so many people ascend? The spirit qi in the mortal realm is inferior to that in the Upper Realm. Back then, Liu Wuji endured until Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal before ascending. You’re about the same as him and stand at the peak of the ascension realm. If you ascend now and conquer the Ascension Tribulation, you will have at least Third Revolution Golden Immortal cultivation.”

This was Ascension—a carp jumping through the dragon gate!

Zhou Xuanji said, “I want to ascend. Otherwise, if I go on like this, after 50,000 years, I probably will not be able to surpass Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal.”

Devil Emperor Dugu frowned and thought to himself.

After a while, he said, “You can go, I will help look after Emperor Sword Court.”

Now that the Northern Wilderness had been isolated by heavenly law, it was no longer possible to ascend. However, he was sure that Zhou Xuanji would have another method, or else he would not bring this up.