I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 409 - Chapter 409 – Heavenly Emperor Divine Constitution

Chapter 409 - Chapter 409 – Heavenly Emperor Divine Constitution


“He will be devoured by the Demonic Emperor’s power and desire. In the end, his personality will greatly change, and he will become someone whose mood changes at a whim and is incredibly bloodthirsty,” man in the woven rush raincoat said as he sighed. He had seen more than one descendant of the Demonic Emperor bloodline. All of them were people who harmed the world, and even though they were all destroyed in the end, they all committed great crimes.

Hearing this, Xiao Jinghong directly drew his sword and prepared to kill himself, but he was stopped by Zhou Xuanji.

“Are you an idiot?” Zhou Xuanji said as he glared at him.

Xiao Jinghong bitterly laughed as he said, “I don’t want you to be troubled.”

He understood Zhou Xuanji. Even though he had a heart for saving the world, he was someone who valued love and friendships greatly.

When choosing between the world and the people by his side, Zhou Xuanji would definitely choose the latter.

The man in the woven rush raincoat said, “Don’t harbor any hope; the Demonic Emperor bloodline is extremely dangerous.”

Zhou Xuanji coldly harrumphed and said, “The human heart is more powerful than a bloodline. Humans can fall easily, and it’s not always because of power or bloodline.”

Xiao Jinghong looked pensive, while the man in the woven rush raincoat fell silent.

Zhou Xuanji looked at the man in the woven rush raincoat and asked, “Why did you come to find me?”

The man in the woven rush raincoat shook his head and said, “Marquis and Ji Xian have disappeared, while Xiao Hongjun has found Great Emperor Wuwang’s tomb. However, Great Emperor Wuwang’s heart has already been stolen by someone, and even the Violet Demon Palace has taken an owner. Xiao Hongjun was incredibly furious and might resort to extreme measures.”

Zhou Xuanji’s pupils constricted.

Violet Demon Palace?

Could it be that the Violet Demon Monarch Heart was Great Emperor Wuwang’s heart?

Xiao Jinghong immediately looked at Zhou Xuanji.

They all knew about the Violet Demon Palace, but they did not know about the Violet Demon Monarch Heart.

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity, “Great Emperor Wuwang’s heart? How long can it be stored for?”

He had heard from Emperor Hanlan that the Violet Demon Monarch Heart was an item created by the heavens and earth; why was it Great Emperor Wuwang’s heart?

The man in the woven rush raincoat replied, “That heart did not truly belong to Great Emperor Wuwang’s body, but it was an item created by the heavens and earth and was called the Violet Demon Monarch Heart. No matter who obtained it, one would obtain the potential to become a Great Emperor. After Great Emperor Wuwang obtained it, the legend of the Violet Demon Monarch Heart disappeared and no one knew what happened to it.”

“So that was it. No wonder I could become a Great Emperor.”

Zhou Xuanji suddenly understood. The current Northern Wilderness’ human race could not become Great Emperors, including Yang Di, but he could because of the Violet Demon Monarch Heart.

In other words, it was very likely that Xiao Hongjun would come looking for him.

Zhou Xuanji started acting and he grinned as he said, “Then help me find out where the Violet Demon Monarch Heart is. With it, wouldn’t we be able to create another Great Emperor Wuwang?”

The man in the woven rush raincoat was speechless, and only after a while did he say, “You’re truly greedy.”

Zhou Xuanji’s talent was already no less inferior to Great Emperor Wuwang’s, and he might have surpassed him already.

Following this, the man in the woven rush raincoat left and started to search for the Violet Demon Monarch Heart for Zhou Xuanji.

He would never have guessed that the Violet Demon Monarch Heart was actually in Zhou Xuanji’s body.

Zhou Xuanji brought Xiao Jinghong to the summit and gathered all of his confidantes, and he told them about Xiao Jinghong’s awakening.

He hoped that their group would be able to remain truthful and open to each other and that they would be able to tell each other about things ahead of time. As for their power and trump cards, it was fine to keep those hidden and give the others a pleasant surprise.

After everyone heard about this, they felt quite shocked.

Chen Bantian said excitedly, “Brother Xiao, this is amazing; you’re actually the descendant of the Demonic Emperor bloodline. In the future, you might be able to catch up to us Ten Thousand Year Princes.”

The little black snake felt both admiration and envy and howled, “I also want to awaken. The heavens are not fair.”

The others all spoke and teased Xiao Jinghong good-naturedly. Of course, most of them were very happy for him.

The talent of the Demonic Emperor’s bloodline was no less inferior to the Ten Thousand Year Princes, if not even stronger.

Xiao Jinghong felt a warmth in his heart. Meng Tianlang put his arm around Xiao Jinghong’s neck and chuckled as he said, “In the future, you need to be careful; make sure you bring me along wherever you go, or else some evil people might use you or tempt you to join the demonic path.”

Zhou Xuanji had told them many stories, and this was a common trope.

Xiao Jinghong said grumpily, “I feel that it’s more likely for you to be tricked.”

Zhou Xiaoxuan hugged Zhou Xuanji and giggled as she said, “Dad, can you let me inherit some kind of special power? Doesn’t your talent surpass anyone from the past or present?”

Zhou Xuanji nodded and said with a profound tone, “You know the Heavenly Emperor, right? The lord of all gods and the supreme being above all things. In actuality, in my previous life, I was the Heavenly Emperor. I left behind a constitution called the Heavenly Emperor Divine Constitution, which is incredibly domineering…”

He started to spout nonsense, causing stars to appear in Zhou Xiaoxuan’s eyes.

Jiang Xue could not help but cut him off as she said, “Don’t listen to your dad boast. Don’t you know how good he is at making up stories?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan did not believe her and harrumphed as she said, “Dad’s bloodline is definitely very powerful. At the very least, I should have some of it.”

A trace of violet light flashed in the depths of her eyes.

Apart from Zhou Xuanji, no one else noticed it.

This girl…

Zhou Xuanji inwardly sighed in amazement, feeling pleased.

Time quickly passed, and Zhou Xuanji soon celebrated his 79th birthday.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 79 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Amethyst] Weiwu Rainbow, [Glorious Gold] Devil Thousand Transformation Sword, Void Instant Kill!”

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes. He was not very interested in the two swords, but he was very curious about Void Instant Kill.

Just from the name alone, he could feel that it was quite extraordinary.

He immediately chose to learn Void Instant Kill.

After a while, he opened his eyes and inwardly marvelled.

What a powerful sword technique!

It could cross through space and directly attack the target.

Within a short distance, Zhou Xuanji could use his divine sense to lock onto enemies. If his blood fell on an enemy’s body, he would be able to kill them through space.

This sword technique could become a divine ability!

He immediately started to practice Void Instant Kill.

What was worth mentioning was that after Xiao Jinghong awakened, his cultivation talent completely exploded, making the two Ten Thousand Year Princes feel threatened.

Zhou Xuanji did not have him go out on missions anymore in order to keep him safe.

He turned his gaze to Xu Yang.

Xu Yang was the reincarnation of a powerful being; would he also bring Zhou Xuanji a pleasant surprise?

However, this fellow did not seem very serious; surely he wouldn’t end up like Baihao Yixin?

After celebrating his 79th birthday, Zhou Xuanji continued to live at Skyfall, cultivating and teaching disciples.

Occasionally, the Heavenly Palace’s soldiers would commit some crimes, but the other factions’ experts were enough to stop them.

The Heavenly Palace’s people were not very powerful, and Heavenly Guards were a high rank among the Heavenly Palace’s soldiers.

Not all of the Heavenly Palace’s soldiers had joined the Heavenly Palace after ascending; some of them were born in the Upper Realm, and they would not be very powerful immediately after coming down.

After the mortal realm’s disaster passed, Emperor Sword Court’s Skyfall Net recovered and disciples began to accept missions again and go out to train. It was not just them, other sects did the same.

The Northern Wilderness seemed to be recovering its vitality, but after the disaster, the human race’s population had greatly decreased and many places remained unpopulated. It would take at least ten years for them to flourish again.

On that day.


A shocking explosion suddenly sounded out from the east, causing even Skyfall to tremble, and everyone looked over.

Zhou Xuanji stood at the cliff and narrowed his eyes as he looked out. He could see a massive wave that was thousands of meters tall, looking as if it was going to inundate the mountains and ground.

A demonic might shook the ocean, and even though it was quite far away, he could still sense it.

At the ocean on the eastern side, a massive wave that was unfathomably wide crashed onto the land. From up high, one would be able to see that the wave was connected, and it was actually a massive circle, as if a giant had stomped down.