I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 406 - Chapter 406 – This Sword Is Called Nine Flame Chimera Demon

Chapter 406 - Chapter 406 – This Sword Is Called Nine Flame Chimera Demon


“He has the cultivation of a First Revolution Golden Immortal; you’re not a match for him,” Devil Emperor Dugu said expressionlessly as he stared at Qin Mohuai.

Even though he did not look at Zhou Xuanji, he was feeling extremely complicated inwardly.

Three years ago, he thought that Zhou Xuanji had died.

Who would have thought that three years later this boy would become a Great Emperor and destroy the heavenly law army in one go, as well as kill Spirit Sovereign Yan. It was simply incomprehensible.

As such, he decided that this time, he would protect Zhou Xuanji no matter what.

He could see limitless potential in Zhou Xuanji’s body.

“Step back, I’ll help you fend him off,” Devil Emperor Dugu said in a low voice as he stepped forwards.

Zhou Xuanji looked at him in surprise and asked, “You only have Sixth Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation; how can you defeat him?”

Sixth Tribulation Scattered Immortal!

This fellow had not revived for long, and he had nearly caught up to him.

The heavens were not fair!

Zhou Xuanji felt admiration in his heart.

Devil Emperor Dugu replied, “I can’t defeat him, but I can find some helpers.”

As he spoke, he raised his hands and prepared to cast a technique.

Zhou Xuanji stretched out a hand and stopped him, and he walked in front of him.

“I haven’t lost yet,” Zhou Xuanji walked forwards as he said this.

What a joke!

How could he allow even more people from the Upper Realm to descend?

He also did not want to owe Devil Emperor Dugu too much.

“Hoh, I know who this is—isn’t this the famous Devil Emperor Dugu? If the Divine Cliff knew that you were still alive, wouldn’t they come down to capture you?”

Qin Mohuai held his massive saber as he flew over. The demonic flames around him did not decrease, and they instead became even more intense.

Devil Emperor Dugu expressionlessly replied, “Qin Mohuai, you came down to the mortal realm to make such great waves; don’t you think it’s shameful for someone of your standing?”

Qin Mohuai savagely laughed as he said, “You might not know, but this boy’s ranking on the Great Emperor Stele is higher than yours.”

Hearing this, Devil Emperor Dugu’s expression did not change.

His talent was indeed inferior to Zhou Xuanji’s, and this boy could most likely rank in the top 20 of the Great Emperor Stele.

Zhou Xuanji leapt into the air and raised his right hand, and the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword appeared in his hand.

The power of the heavens and earth flowed into his body and his eyes once again became violet-coloured. The nine sword violet Taichi diagram on his forehead burned with a violet flame, as if it was going to fly out at any moment.

Qin Mohuai looked at the sword in his hand and coldly laughed as he said, “You want to rely on this sword to defeat me?”

This sword was evidently extraordinary.

However, no matter how extraordinary it was, it could not allow Zhou Xuanji to gain power that surpassed the limits of the mortal realm.

Zhou Xuanji held the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword and his other swords reappeared beneath his feet, creating the river of swords. The swords at the end flew to the front, creating a never ending cycle, and he stepped on these swords as he walked towards Qin Mohuai.

“This sword is called Nine Flame Chimera Demon. Have you heard of it before?” Zhou Xuanji’s expression was cold as he asked calmly.

Intense flames blazed on the edge of the blade, causing it to turn into a fiery sword.

Devil Emperor Dugu frowned; he was wondering whose legacy Zhou Xuanji had obtained.

He had a certain understanding of Zhou Xuanji; this boy was always able to take out extraordinary swords, one stronger than the next.

There were not many Sword Emperors in the Nine Emperors of the Way of the Sword who had so many swords.

He could directly eliminate the Hegemon Sword Emperor and the Sky-Sundering Sword Emperor; the two of them were not top-notch characters in the Upper Realm.

Could it be one of the early Sword Emperors?

“Nine Flame Chimera Demon? A nameless sword!” Qin Mohuai disdainfully laughed. The demonic flames around him formed armor and overlaid his heavy armor, and even his saber’s blade was covered by demonic flames.

This fellow looked incredibly condescending, but he was evidently about to go all-out.


Zhou Xuanji inwardly cursed, and his killing intent grew.

He was very excited, because it was the first time he would be using a God Slaying sword. He hoped that it would not disappoint him!

At that moment, Qin Mohuai moved.

He was like a ray of black light, tearing through the sky.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes flickered, and he slashed out.

The Sword Soul of the Sky Dominating Divine Sword!

“Roar!!” The Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword roared out, shaking the entire Northern Wilderness; even Zhou Xuanji was deafened by the roar.

Qin Mohuai, who was charging over, felt his heart tremble as his eyes widened.

The sword light flashed in front of his eyes.


He was directly slashed in two by the sword qi, and the terrifying sword qi continued to rampage out. It passed through 100 kilometers in the blink of an eye, and all mountains in its way were slashed in half. Even the thunderclouds in the sky had a clean cut running through them.

The sword qi disappeared over the horizon, and no one could tell where it stopped.

The heavens and earth fell silent.

Devil Emperor Dugu, Baihao Yixin, and Feng Kule were all dumbfounded.

They looked as if they had seen a ghost.

What had they just witnessed?

Zhou Xuanji continued to maintain his pose after slashing out, breathing heavily. He had used up the remaining magic energy in his body with that attack, and the moment he swung out, he felt as if he was going to black out.

He looked at the two halves of Qin Mohuai.


Qin Mohuai’s body exploded, turning into countless traces of black qi that scattered. Qin Mohuai’s soul was unable to escape—it had been destroyed too.

His body had been destroyed and his soul had scattered!

Zhou Xuanji looked at the unfathomably deep canyon in the ground. It was 300 meters wide and stretched all the way to the horizon.

So domineering!

His heart beat rapidly, feeling incredibly excited.

This was a God Slaying sword?

He had killed a First Revolution Golden Immortal with a single attack.


It was so awesome!

“How is this possible…” Devil Emperor Dugu stood transfixed and muttered to himself, starting to doubt everything he knew.

In the distance, Baihao Yixin nearly knelt down to Zhou Xuanji.

“Now this is a divine weapon!” His face was covered with envy. Thinking about his own divine weapon in comparison, it was like crap.

Feng Kule looked as if he had lost his soul.

He regretted things so much.

On the sky blue surface of the sea, two figures stood facing each other.

It was Xiao Hongjun and the scholar in blue clothes.

“Heavenly Lord Schemer, has the Divine Lord sent you out to do some shameless things?” Xiao Hongjun said as she mockingly laughed, her gaze filled with contempt.

Heavenly Lord Mou was the scholar in blue clothes.

Heavenly Lord was just a position, and no one knew Heavenly Lord Schemer’s true name or surname.

Heavenly Lord Schemer fanned himself with his fan and laughed as he said, “I won’t hide things from you; I came to find Ji Xian and the descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline.”

Xiao Hongjun coldly laughed as she said, “Aren’t you going to try to rope in Zhou Xuanji? He’s a First Class Great Emperor.”

Ji Xian was one of her targets as well; how could she just give him up?

Heavenly Lord Schemer shook his head and laughed, “Zhou Xuanji has not yet ascended and is stubbornly going down the wrong path. He’s determined to save the Northern Wilderness’ human race and there is no medicine that can save him. How could the Divine Lord want him? Qin Mohuai has already gone to capture him, and he’s probably dead by now.”

Qin Mohuai!

Xiao Hongjun frowned. She knew this person. He was quite powerful and had the protection of the Divine Lord.

If Zhou Xuanji fought him, he would be dead without a doubt.

It was a pity—she was quite interested in Zhou Xuanji.

“Roarr!” The Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword’s roar suddenly sounded out, causing the expressions of the two people to fall, and they both looked toward the Northern Wilderness.

They quickly divined, and different expressions appeared on their faces.

Xiao Hongjun looked quite surprised, while Heavenly Lord Schemer’s face became dark.

Qin Mohuai had died!

Zhou Xuanji could actually kill him?

“That boy definitely obtained the legacy of Great Emperor Wuwang!” Xiao Hongjun’s eyes danced with light.

Heavenly Lord Schemer had to re-evaluate Zhou Xuanji, and he suddenly remembered what Divine Lord had said to him.

He looked at Xiao Hongjun and said, “You’re looking for Great Emperor Wuwang’s tomb, right? Let’s team up. You help me find Ji Xian and I’ll help you find Great Emperor Wuwang’s tomb.”

Xiao Hongjun asked teasingly, “Aren’t you going to take revenge for Qin Mohuai?”

Heavenly Lord Schemer shook his head and said, “Our strength is about the same; we’re both First Revolution Golden Immortals. Even if I go, it will be more disadvantageous than beneficial for me. I’ll leave Zhou Xuanji to the Heavenly Palace and other factions to deal with.”

He changed the topic and said with deep intent, “Xuan Daoya has also come down to the mortal realm. That boy will not be able to avoid death in the end.”