I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 404 - Chapter 404 – Death of the Human Race, close to True God

Chapter 404 - Chapter 404 – Death of the Human Race, close to True God


At Skyfall, smoke covered the surrounding 10,000 kilometers, the surrounding forests had been turned into a desolate area covered with holes and craters, and the mountains and rivers had been destroyed.

There were corpses everywhere, belonging to Emperor Sword Court’s disciples and to the Heavenly Palace’s soldiers.

Zhou Xuanji put away his sword; in 20 breaths of time, he had used the Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation to kill millions of the Heavenly Palace’s soldiers. Even though some had escaped, they were not a threat anymore.

He turned and looked at Skyfall, his eyebrows furrowed.

He was hesitating as to whether he should go and support the human race.

However, if he left, would enemies attack Skyfall?

Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, Lin Changge, and the others began to bring others to clear the battlefield.

Daoya Old Man suddenly flew over to him and said with a serious expression, “Perhaps the disaster that we divined back then was this.”

He was reminding Zhou Xuanji.

He was not afraid of dying, but he was worried about something happening to Jiang Xue and Zhou Xiaoxuan.

Zhou Xuanji’s talent was immense, but if he fell into the demonic path because of his wife and daughter dying, that would be terrifying.

Zhou Xuanji understood his intentions, but he still hesitated.

“What should I do?”

In Response to Zhou Xuanji’s question, Daoya Old Man fell into silence.

Decades ago, Zhou Xuanji had often asked him questions, but as he had risen to first in the world, he had asked fewer and fewer questions.

Daoya Old Man sighed and said, “Gather everyone and discuss together.”

Zhou Xuanji nodded.

Half a day later, all of Emperor Sword Court’s elders gathered at the pavilion at the summit.

Over the course of this battle, the Emperor Sword Court had lost nearly 100,000 disciples. Even though Zhou Xuanji had acted quickly, they had still suffered so many deaths. The gap between the strength of the two sides was simply too great.

After Zhou Xuanji spoke out his worries, everyone fell silent.

He looked at Jiang Xue.

The one he was worried the most about was her.

None of his lofty ideals and ambitions could compare to her safety.

Zhou Xiaoxuan gripped her fists and said, “Father, don’t worry about us, go and save the human race! Emperor Sword Court’s disciples all have relatives outside, and if the human race falls and only Emperor Sword Court remains, what will be the point?

“Don’t worry about us, we will take care of ourselves!”

She did not feel any sorrow and instead looked excited.

In her heart, her father was a hero who could support the heavens and earth, and it was his business to protect the human race.

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at her and asked, “Can you protect your mother?”

Zhou Xiaoxuan immediately patted her chest and said proudly, “Of course I can!”

In the next moment, her smile froze.


Protect my mother?

What about me?

Jiang Xue held Zhou Xuanji’s hand and gently smiled as she said, “Go, in the current circumstances, we need to maintain the unity of the human race. Otherwise, our situation will become even more difficult.”

The others nodded. Even though they did not want to die, they understood what had to be done.

Zhou Xuanji got up and turned into a ray of sword light, disappearing over the horizon.

Xiao Jinghong looked at everyone and said, “We need to focus on defending so that Revered Teacher won’t have to worry about us. We can’t let him be disappointed in us either.”

Chen Bantian gripped his fists and he chuckled as he said, “This is a good opportunity for the royal bloodline of the Yellow Dragon Ten Thousand Year Prince to rise up!”

Meng Tianlang glared at him and said, “With your elder here, you want to rise up?”

The others all had their own thoughts and did not say anything.

Zhou Xuanji relied on the power of the heavens and earth to directly soar into the territory of the human race.

Sounds of shouting, crying, killing, and cursing filled his ears.

Zhou Xuanji opened his eyes, and he saw that the cities ahead were filled with the flames of war. There were people fighting everywhere.

Precisely speaking, it was the Heavenly Palace slaughtering the people of the Northern Wilderness.

He directly took out all of his legendary swords and began to turn the battle around.

He did not look back and flew towards the depths of the human race.

Ten breaths of time later, his legendary swords returned to his side.

Within the ruined cities, the survivors were stunned.

“It’s the Sword Emperor! The Sword Emperor will save us!”

“I knew the Sword Emperor wouldn’t abandon us!”

“Despicable, why didn’t he come earlier!”

“It’s all because we’re too weak…”

“The Sword Emperor shoulders too many burdens; don’t blame him for our weakness. The one who should die is the heavens, I want to go against the heavens!”

After one night, as the sky began to brighten, Zhou Xuanji had already saved 73 cities.

On the way, he had encountered many dead cities.

In just one day, the Northern Wilderness’ human race had lost around 30% of their people, if not more.

Zhou Xuanji felt gloomy, but he could only do his best to continue to continue to save people.

Soon, he came to Great Zhou.

The Great Zhou had already lost two-thirds of its territory and had countless deaths.

Zhou Xuanji stood on 100 or so swords, looking like a river of swords, as he quickly sped forwards. Wherever he passed, the Heavenly Palace’s army would definitely perish.

Fortunately, Zhou Chengxin and the imperial family were not in danger.

In the Heavenly Palace’s eyes, the imperial family were also mortals, and there was no need to target them.

This was indeed the case, but many had died or been injured in the battle between the Heavenly Palace and the Northern Wilderness.

Zhou Xuanji did not stop and continued onward to Great Chen.

He suddenly stopped because he encountered two people—it was Baihao Yixin and Feng Kule.

The two of them were resting beside a lake; Baihao Yixin was just like he was before, looking incredibly dissolute and elegant.

However, Feng Kule looked quite strange. His entire body was wrapped with white bandages, only revealing his head.

The two people saw Zhou Xuanji, as well as the majestic river of swords.

“Fudge!” Baihao Yixin’s expression fell, and he subconsciously looked away, not daring to meet Zhou Xuanji’s gaze.

Feng Kule coldly harrumphed, looking quite displeased.

Every time he saw Zhou Xuanji, he felt great regret.

He always regretted not holding on to Zhou Xuanji back then, rather than the useless Great Emperor in front of him.

Zhou Xuanji looked at Baihao Yixin and said, “Did you also come down to the mortal realm to destroy the human race?”

Hearing this, Baihao Yixin was like a cat who had its tail stepped on, and his hair stood on end.

He jumped up and furiously roared, “You dare to suspect This Emperor? If This Emperor is so cowardly and wicked, why would I come down? Have you ever seen This Emperor kill anyone?”

Zhou Xuanji thought about it, and this was indeed the case.

This fellow had never killed any mortals before, even if they were his enemies, nor had he blown them up.

Baihao Yixin coldly harrumphed, “This Emperor will give you some advice, just give up and don’t ruin your own future. You should have a bright and unlimited future, and you shouldn’t be burdened by these mortals. You’ve already done well and are not any inferior to those famous historical figures.”


A terrifying figure descended from the sky, landing on the other side of the river.

He was covered with demonic flames and gave off a mighty aura. He was 15 meters tall and his heavy, black armor made him look like a demon beast.

Baihao Yixin’s expression fell as he cursed, “I knew nothing good would come out of meeting this boy! Even this fellow came!”

He did not say anything else and immediately turned to run.


A black arrow landed in front of him, scaring him and causing him to quickly stop.

Feng Kule nervously asked, “Who is he?”

Baihao Yixin turned and sighed as he asked, “Qin Mohuai, do you really want This Emperor to act?”

Qin Mohuai gave a savage laugh and said, “Great Emperor Heartless, it’s best that you don’t go anywhere; someone wants to see you. However, before that…”

He looked at Zhou Xuanji and coldly laughed as he said, “Are you Zhou Xuanji? You don’t look like much, but because you’re a First Class Great Emperor, I’ll go all-out against you. Are you ready to suffer?”

A hint of envy danced in his gaze.

Zhou Xuanji felt quite perplexed; had he killed this fellow’s father or something?

Why was he so aggressive?

Baihao Yixin warned him, saying, “Brother Zhou, This Emperor suggests for you to run. In the Upper Realm, this fellow is only a step away from True God cultivation, and there is a True God supporting him. With the abilities of a True God, this fellow definitely has cultivation that surpasses the Great Tribulation Scattered Immortal cultivation in the mortal realm.”