I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 403 - Chapter 403 The Sword Emperor Is Invincible. Golden Immortal Descends.

Chapter 403 - Chapter 403 The Sword Emperor Is Invincible. Golden Immortal Descends.


Thousands of sword shadows levitated around the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha densely. It was so impressive that all those in Emperor Sword Court were in awe.

What kind of mastery over the Sword’s Way was required to use this sword technique?

The sword shadows connected together, forming into mountains and rivers like the primordial sea.

Zhou Xuanji locked his sight on the Heavenly Hall’s army, and the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow charged toward them.

Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh! Shwoooosh…

Tens of thousands of sword shadows moved simultaneously. It was such a powerful move that a violent gale almost swept away the forest beneath.

The Heavenly Hall was also shocked, but they were too late to back off.

Soon, the Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow clashed into the Heavenly Hall’s army.

Undulating sounds of explosions could be heard. Heavenly Hall’s soldiers were bombarded by the sword shadows. Soldiers’ bodies exploded and souls dispersed one after another.



The blood of Emperor Sword Court’s disciples was boiling. If not because they were in a war, they would have knelt down in worship for Zhou Xuanji.


Divine General Li Min charged towards Zhou Xuanji furiously, crashing mountains into pieces along the way. He swung his gigantic sword and deflected Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow. This gave the Heavenly Hall a chance to reorganize and charge towards Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji entered the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha, and the eyes of the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha opened. Two golden rays swept across the land.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha faced Divine General Li Min with its thousand hands and swords.

The two massive giants were engaged in fierce combat.

The two forces clashed together like two tidal waves. Instantly, people began dying.

The Heavenly Hall’s power was restricted by the Heavenly Law because they had descended into the mortal world. But overall, they were still more powerful than Emperor Sword Court.

Zhou Xuanji decided to end the battle quickly. He shall first kill Divine General Li Min before obliterating the Heavenly Hall’s army.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha came up to Divine General Li Min and hacked fearsomely. His attacks were so forceful that Divine General Li Min had to back off.

His power was limited by the Heavenly Law to Ninth Tribulation Scattered Immortal. Although he could still wreak havoc in any mortal world, he fell into a disadvantage immediately against Zhou Xuanji.

“How can it be… this guy’s power…”

Divine General Li Min’s solemn face turned black. He was greatly shocked in his heart.

Zhou Xuanji activated the world’s power, and his own power grew tremendously. At the same time, he used the Universal Attraction to pull Li Min up to him.

Booom! An extremely loud explosion.

Zhou Xuanji’s swords cut into Divine General Li Min’s shoulders. A horrifying force pushed him down to a kneeling position. The ground crumbled, and dust was swept up.

The Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s attacks were only beginning.

The Heavenly Hall’s side was shocked.

“How can it be! Divine General Li Min is losing?”

“Damn, no wonder this guy could be ranked as 12th on the Great Emperor Stele!”

“Everyone, be careful!”

“The Northern Wilderness humans must be eliminated!”

“Fight with our all!”

The soldiers of Heavenly Hall showed no fear despite the shock. In contrast, they were more motivated to fight on.

Everywhere within a few thousand miles was turned into a battlefield. The Emperor Sword Court’s disciples were fighting while they flew freely on their swords.

Lin Changge and Ning Zifeng performed extremely well. Both used the Ancestral Dragon Sword, turning themselves into ancestral dragons and wreaking havoc in the enemy’s ranks.

Chen Bantian and Meng Tianlang did not fare worse either. The Ancient Emperor Seeds grew more powerful as they fought. Their eyes were filled with excitement and fervency.

Xiao Jinghong used the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. Although it was merely a dozen meters tall and far inferior to Zhou Xuanji’s, it was still powerful. No one could stop him.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly deactivated the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha and congealed the nine Sword Souls at his back.

The Sword Souls slashed at the Divine General.

Li Min raised his sword to block instinctively, but it was futile.

The sword flashed brightly and many closed their eyes instinctively.

Only Li Min’s eyes were wide open as his body exploded from the slashes and turned into countless sparkles in the sky.

Then, True Lord Xiansheng Sword appeared on Zhou Xuanji’s head. Shwooosh.

Ranged Sword Propelling!

Li Min’s soul was hiding amid the sparkles. He could not dodge in time and was penetrated by True Lord Xiansheng Sword.

“How can it be…”

Li Min opened his eyes wide and looked at Zhou Xuanji in disbelief.

He was defeated.

And he was defeated in such a short time.

He still had so many powerful divine abilities that he had yet to show.

Zhou Xuanji suddenly appeared in front of him, and the nine Swords Violet Taichi diagram appeared on his forehead.

“It’s not impossible. I’m more powerful than you,” He said.

After these words, he absorbed Li Min’s soul into the Tianxia Map.

He turned around, and all his legendary swords appeared around him.

More than a 100 swords, and each was enveloped with dragon-shaped sword Qi.

Ten-thousand Sword Dragon Incantation!

“Kill!” He said with a loud cry.

All the legendary swords flew out with extreme speed, killing one soldier after another. None of his enemies could stop the swords.

His soul has already been transformed. None of Emperor Sword Court’s disciples were hurt by his swords with his heightened control over his power.

A hundred swords shot out together with ceaseless air-piercing sounds.

When the legendary sword flew past Emperor Sword Court’s disciples and killed the enemies in an instant, the disciples were in awe.

“Such speed!””

Meng Tianlang looked at the legendary swords that flew freely in all directions, and he swallowed his saliva.

Too powerful…

Even if the Upper realm’s Heavenly Hall comes, Zhou Xuanji defeated them so easily.

Great Emperor were this powerful?

His eyes burned with determination.

“Faster, run!”

“The general is dead. We’ve lost!”

“How can it be! How can he be so powerful?”

“Is he not limited by the Heavenly Law’s limitation?”

How did things turn out to be like this?”

With Li Min’s death and the legendary swords wreaking havoc, the Heavenly Hall’s army crumbled instantly. Everyone was trying to flee, but Zhou Xuanji would not let them go.

The massacre continued.

Simultaneously, the Heavenly Hall’s army descended onto each and every part of the Northern Wilderness Region.

Divine Generals and Spirit Sovereigns led the army to slaughter humans. Miserable shrieks filled the Northern Wilderness Region, and enough blood was shed to paint the mountains.

Although Zhou Xuanji won, he could hardly protect the human word alone.

Each Sanctum and the five empires were on the move.

There were battles in all parts of the human world.

Boooom! Boooom!

Two light beams descended from heaven and landed on the beach. The shockwaves splashed sea water into the air.

Two men walked out from the light beams with a domineering demeanor.

One of them was wearing a heavy, hideous black armor. A pair of dragon horns could be seen amidst his black hair. His face was filled with black scales, and his eyes were green in color.

The other person had the appearance of a scholar. He looked handsome and elegant. Fanning himself with the fan in his hand, his blue shirt danced in the wind.

The blue-shirted scholar shook his head with a smile and said, “I didn’t expect Li Min to die so quickly. The Heavenly Hall is useless, indeed.”

The black-scaled man said with a deep voice, “The opponent is a First Class Great Emperor who ranked 12th on the Great Emperor Stele after all.”

Hearing from their words, they were apparently not from the Heavenly Hall.

Their tone sounded condescending against the Heavenly Hall

“Qin Mokui, the Divine Lord kept you at First Revolution Golden Immortal. You better not die. Retrieve Zhou Xuanji’s head within three days,” the blue-shirt scholar ordered while he looked toward the horizon.

Qin Mokui asked with a frown, “Killing him is for sure. What do you want to do?”

“I want to settle the score with an old friend!” The scholar fanned himself and said with a cold smile.

After that, he turned into a remnant shadow and swept toward the horizon of the sea.

Qin Mokui thought for a moment before he turned to walk toward the Northern Wilderness Region’s inner land.

A ruthless smile was on his face as he talked to himself, saying, “First Class Great Emperor? Hehe. I have never killed a First Class Great Emperor before. Zhou Xuanji, I will give you a painful death!”