I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 402 - Chapter 402 Heavenly Hall Battled Emperor Sword Court

Chapter 402 - Chapter 402 Heavenly Hall Battled Emperor Sword Court


“Your matter is more urgent than mine?”

Daoseeker stared at the man in a woven rush raincoat and said furiously.

He was surprised at why the man in the raincoat would come find Zhou Xuanji at all.

The man in the raincoat replied unpleasantly, “Isn’t your matter just about Xiao Hongjun? I’ve already told the Sword Emperor.”

Daoseeker did not bother to reply to him but urged Zhou Xuanji, “Ji Xian has reincarnated into someone named Su Han. Xiao Hongjun threatened me to search for him, but I could not find him. However, I found something. Ji Xian came down with the order of a powerhouse above. His goal is to exterminate the human race.”

“Ji Xian is not simple. He has an extremely great reputation, even wanting to subdue Xiao Hongjun.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. Su Han?

This name somehow sounded familiar to him.

“Why do you guys know so much about people from the Upper Realm?”

Zhou Xuanji asked out of curiosity. He always felt that these two were hiding a lot of things from him.

Daoseeker explained, “We are tribulation executives. We can sense anyone who descends into the mortal realm. In all these long years, we encountered many familiar people coming down into the mortal world who talked about Xiao Hongjun and Ji Xian.”

The man in raincoat interrupted him and said, “Ji Xian’s reincarnation will take hundreds of years to mature. We don’t have to worry about him. I divined that the Demonic Emperor Bloodline’s descendant is related to you because his Fate has always been changing. Sometimes it disappears, and in the world right now, only your fate cannot be divined.”

Zhou Xuanji asked with squinted eyes, “You mean that the descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline is someone near me? And he is most likely part of Emperor Sword Court?”

The man in the raincoat nodded. After knowing this, he was greatly shocked too.

Things were too coincidental.

However, Emperor Sword Court had already grown strong, which might indeed be possible.

Daoseeker snorted coldly and said, “It will take a lot of time for the descendant of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline to rise to power too. Moreover, can his threat be greater than Ji Xian’s? You should know who Ji Xian is. First Class Great Emperor with unprecedented talent. Back then, when Sage Yutian drove him down to the mortal realm, I already felt that something was not right. So it was to hide this.”

First Class Great Emperor?

Zhou Xuanji raised his brow. He felt that Daoseeker’s words were not consistent.

Was it necessary to cover this up?

Or was it that Sage Yutian had other arrangements that were more hidden?

Daoseeker and the man in the raincoat began to debate, which became frustrating to Zhou Xuanji.


A loud thunder resounded, and the three looked up immediately.

They saw thunderclouds gathering above Skyfall. At one glance, the thunderclouds that covered 10,000 miles billowed at the horizon.

A horrifying heavenly might descended, which made all lives shudder.

“That is…” Daoseeker said shockingly.

The Heavenly Hall!

Zhou Xuanji stared into the sky with fearsome eyes.

This day finally came!

He became a First Class Great Emperor, and the Heavenly Hall was surely not going to give him much time.

Just as he thought. The Heavenly Hall waged war against the mortal realm within a year.

At the foot of Skyfall.

Xuanyuan Shenhao, who was wearing plain clothes, looked up into the sky with grimness.

Zhang Kuanglan was chopping firewoods beside him. Wiping his sweat, Zhang Kuanglan said with a smile, “Brother Shenhao, stop looking. It must be because the Court Lord had a breakthrough again. Chop this firewood well, and you will realize that this kind of life is quite satisfying.”

“In the summer, grass grows, and leaves fall in autumn. Snow falls in winter, and in the spring, everything grows again. Isn’t life like this too? From death to life, one round after another. Fighting and struggling one’s entire life, who can escape death?”

He smiled brightly as though he was a hermit who had seen through everything.

Xuanyuan Shenhao ignored him. He stared at the billowing thunderclouds and mumbled, “They are here.”

He had already stayed in Skyfall for a long while and realized that it was rather interesting. Moreover, he had yet to defeat Zhou Xuanji, so he did not hope for the Heavenly Hall to come.

Because he knew that once the Heavenly Hall invaded Zhou Xuanji and the Northern Wilderness, humanity would surely end.

Other than the Heavenly Hall, there would surely be other factions of powerhouses coming.

“Zhou Xuanji, I am the great general of the Heavenly Hall, Li Min. I shall see whether you can obstruct the Heavenly Hall!”

A loud cry resounded across the sky.

The clouds at the horizon were split apart as streams of golden radiance beamed out. Massive silhouettes of immortal gods appeared above the sea of clouds. Each one was wearing a radiant divine armor. They looked majestically domineering.

At one glance, there were countless Heavenly Hall’s soldiers.

A gigantic shadow that was thousands of meters high landed at the horizon like the primal creator giant who pushed the heavens up from the earth. He had a giant sword in his hand that was even more enormous than the mountains beside him. Back facing the bright sun, no one could see his face clearly.

Any person who saw such a mighty force would feel fear.

“The entire court! Gather! Formation!”

Xu Yang drew his sword and cried out as loudly as he could.

He had no fear but excitement.

I can finally show my skills!

“The true catastrophe is here,” Daoseeker said with a heavy heart.

Zhou Xuanji walked past him and walked up into the air.

The Sun-Devouring Tiangou Sword and the Dream-Devouring Heavenly Lord Sword appeared in his hands as he conjured the Emperor’s Way Thousand Hand Sword Buddha. Zhou Xuanji stood on the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha as it rose in height.

Seeing that Zhou Xuanji had appeared, all the disciples of the Emperor Sword Court were excited.

After a new round of recruitment, the Emperor Sword Court already had more than 1.5 million disciples. Most of them were odd job disciples.

“An unprecedently powerful Sword Emperor indeed. Such domineeringness.”

Standing at the cliffside, Yang Zhongtian sighed as he stroke his long beard.

Yang Xindi, who was beside him, was silent. His eyes were sparkling with passion.

Lin Changge, Ning Zifeng, Xiao Jinghong, Meng Tianlang, Chen Bantian, Zhao Congjian, and the others drew their swords and flew up to the Thousand Hand Sword Buddha’s shoulder.


A deafening dragon roar shook the heavens and the earth. Next, Fenyu Dragon King rose from Skyfall.

His dragon body was like mountain ranges, impressive and majestic.

Zhou Xiaoqi transformed into a fire Qilin that was more than 1,000 meters high. Flames were burning brightly at his four hooves as he hovered at the back of Skyfall.

“The Heavenly Hall wants to die. What should Emperor Sword Court do?” Zhou Xuanji asked. His voice reverberated across the entire place. Although his tone sounded indifferent, his words ignited the zeal and fervency of all his disciples.

“Kill with the sword!”

1.5 million disciples roared with drawn swords. Their synchronized voices were so loud that they shook the mountains.

Sword Qi Soar. It flushed and dispersed the thunderclouds surrounding Skyfall.


Xuanyuan Shenhao shook his head and mumbled.

He noticed that Zhang Kuanglan was still laughing and said unpleasantly, “You scum, you will die very soon, and you are still laughing?”

Zhang Kuanglan waved his hand and continued to chop firewood with a smile.

Xuanyuan Shenhao was speechless.

“Zhou Xuanji, you are powerful enough. But you are the only person powerful enough in the entire Northern Wilderness Region. How many people can you protect?”

Divine General Li Min’s voice came again, his tone filled with mockery.

“Millions of soldiers from the Heavenly Hall’s army have descended into each corner of the human world. Let’s see how you save the world with your sword!”

“My sons, kill!”

Divine General Li Min, who was thousands of meters tall, charged over from the horizon with a furious roar. Along the way, his sword crushed the mountains and emptied lakes with an unstoppable force.


The Heavenly Hall Army followed in their battle cry. They fell from the heavens like a thunderstorm, charging toward Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji snorted coldly. Countless sword shadows appeared in the dim sky like a galaxy of stars.

Primordial Chaos Sword Shadow!