I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 401 - Chapter 401 – 78 Years Old, God Slaying Sword

Chapter 401 - Chapter 401 – 78 Years Old, God Slaying Sword


“Xuanyuan Shenhao, if you lose, you must become my sword slave; do you dare?” Zhou Xuanji’s voice traveled out of Skyfall, and hearing this, millions of people clamored.

With the Sword Emperor present, no matter if they were Emperor Sword Court’s disciples or visiting cultivators, they all felt immense security and did not fear Xuanyuan Shenhao.

Xuanyuan Shenhao was so angry that his face became dark. He was better off dying than losing to Zhou Xuanji.

He roared furiously, “Stop wasting words; hurry up and get out here!”

A savage and mighty halberd appeared in his left hand, while a massive saber that was six meters long appeared in his right hand.

With one halberd and one saber in his hands, his aura exploded out, causing the heavens and earth to fall silent.

Everyone looked at him dumbfounded.

What terrifying might!

Xuanyuan Shenhao exercised great control, or else just this might alone could have killed hundreds of thousands of people. He did not do this because Zhou Xuanji had saved his life before.

At that moment, a figure stepped out from the sea of clouds.

It was Zhou Xuanji.

He was wearing black clothes and his hair was left unbound. His mouth was slightly curved upwards in a confident smile, not fearing Xuanyuan Shenhao at all.

He looked at Xuanyuan Shenhao and laughed as he said, “Do you really think you can make up for the gap between us in just half a year?”

Xuanyuan Shenhao frowned, and the fury in his heart once again increased.

If it was in the Upper Realm, 100 Zhou Xuanjis would not be a match for him!

This boy was too arrogant!

He immediately gripped his divine weapons and ran towards Zhou Xuanji in the air.

The millions of people on Skyfall and below it all held their breaths, nervously watching the battle.

Zhou Xuanji lifted his right hand andTrue Lord Xiansheng Sword appeared in his hand.

He looked at Xuanyuan Shenhao with an incredibly sharp gaze.

“Father! Defeat him!” Zhou Xiaoxuan stood on the cliff and shouted out. As her words sounded out, Zhou Xuanji suddenly moved.

Xuanyuan Shenhao’s pupils constricted; what terrifying speed!

Just as he was about to attack, a terrifying might covered him, making it so that he could not move.

“What’s going on… Emperor’s Might? Impossible!” Xuanyuan Shenhao was completely shocked and massive waves crashed within his heart.


The True Lord Xiansheng Sword pierced through his neck, and blood spurted out of the back of his neck.

Zhou Xuanji stood in front of him, his expression cold.

“You’ve lost,” Zhou Xuanji said softly. Xuanyuan Shenhao’s eyes widened and large beads of sweat rolled down his forehead as his body slightly trembled.

All of the spectators were dumbfounded.

They had thought that it would be an incredibly intense battle.

They had never thought that Zhou Xuanji would instantly defeat Xuanyuan Shenhao!

The Sword Emperor was ridiculously powerful!

Thunderclouds rolled and lightning intersected with each other.

A 1,000 foot tall stone stele stood on a thundercloud, on which were engraved many names. From the bottom to the top, the names became bigger and bigger.

The stone stele violently trembled, looking as if it would crack at any moment.

Two black-robed people stood in front of it, looking up.

“A new name is about to appear on the Great Emperor Stele.”

“I wonder what rank he can achieve.”

The two people quietly talked among themselves.

At the top of the Great Emperor Stele, the top 100 names all had their own rows.

The stone stele suddenly stopped trembling.

The twelfth-ranked name suddenly descended, as did the ones below it. Following this, a new name appeared at the twelfth rank.

Zhou Xuanji!

The two black-robed people were given a fright and cried out.

“Twelfth place! First Class Great Emperor!”

“Even the incredibly stunning Hegemon Sword Emperor was only able to reach fifty-third 10,000 years ago; where does this person come from?”

The two people were unable to remain calm and both unleashed magic techniques, spreading this news.

The Great Emperor Stele was something created by the heavenly law, and it accurately recorded the rankings of the talent of all creatures.

Everyone on this stele was a Great Emperors.

The top 30 were all First Class Great Emperors.

Xuanyuan Shenhao was fifty-fourth, below the Hegemon Sword Emperor.

It had already been 50,000 years since a First Class Great Emperor had been born.

At the top of Skyfall, ever since he had defeated Xuanyuan Shenhao, Zhou Xuanji decided to forcefully keep him here, making him a companion for the Haotian Sect’s Thunder Demon Sovereign, Zhang Kuanglan.

On that day, Zhou Xuanji’s 78th birthday arrived while he was cultivating.

“Analyzed that the Sword Owner has reached 78 years old. Gacha started!”

“Ding, Congratulations Sword Owner has obtained [Gold] Brilliant Soul Sword, [God Slaying] Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword!”

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes shot open, dancing with light.

God Slaying Sword!

It had finally come!

The information of the two swords appeared before his eyes:

Sword Name: Brilliant Soul Sword

Grade: Gold

Description: Has brilliant light that can suppress ghosts and souls. A beautiful sword that swordsmen love.

Sword Name: Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword

Grade: God Slaying

Description: The Nine Flame Chimera Demon was a massive ancient demon and contained nine different intense flames. It was incredibly domineering and invincible. Its soul was turned into a demon sword, and only Great Emperors can use it.

Only Great Emperors could use it?

Zhou Xuanji was delighted. He was a First Class Great Emperor, so didn’t that mean he could immediately use it?

Zhou Xuanji immediately took out the Nine Flame Chimera Demon Sword.

In that moment, fiery light shined on his face, and his pupils dilated.

It was a fiery longsword, and the blade was four fingers wide. There were fiery inscriptions on the side, and the entire body of the sword gave off intense flames. It had three colors: the bottom was white, the middle was red, and the outside was scarlet. The hilt was wrapped with scales, and holding it, Zhou Xuanji could sense a wave of coldness.

“Kill! Kill! Kill—”

A low roar sounded in Zhou Xuanji’s ears, causing his mind to tremble.

He immediately put the sword back in the Supreme Storage.

What a domineering God Slaying sword!

Holding that sword, he felt an extremely strong desire to kill and destroy, as if nothing in the world could stand a single blow from him.

Fortunately, the Supreme Legendary Sword System suppressed it so that this desire would not devour Zhou Xuanji’s heart.

“Very good, with this sword, I will kill as many people as I want from the Heavenly Palace.”

Zhou Xuanji gave a satisfied laugh. However, apart from the Heavenly Palace, he had many enemies. He still needed to work hard at cultivating.

At that moment, Liuwu Demon Wolf’s voice sounded out from the bottom of the mountain.

“Master, the Great Shang’s Emperor Yang Xindi has brought thousands of Great Shang people to visit. Should we receive them?”

Yang Xindi?

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes narrowed as he replied, “Receive them well; don’t slight them.”

“Yes!” Following this, Zhou Xuanji thought back to his memories.

Yang Xindi had treated him well before he had risen to fame, and the two of them could be considered old friends.

It was a pity that Great Shang had been destroyed.

He suddenly thought of Great Shang’s number one beauty, Xu Xianxuan; he wondered how she was doing.

He did not feel any sorrow for the past and continued to cultivate.

Three days later, he met with Yang Xindi and the others.

After the Empire was destroyed, Yang Xindi and Yang Zhongtian had greatly changed. After talking, they officially joined Emperor Sword Court.

Yang Zhongtian had marvellous schemes and was famous within the Seven Empires. He was just like the famous strategists Guo Jia and Gu Xu in the Three Kingdoms.

Daoya Old Man also greatly appreciated him and personally made arrangements for him.

Yang Xindi had once been an Emperor, and he could help Emperor Sword Court develop.

However, the Emperor Sword Court was a sword sect, and because they did not have any exceptional sword cultivators, it would be difficult to convince the masses.

Time flew by and half a month passed.

Daoseeker suddenly sought out Zhou Xuanji, and the two of them went to a place with no one else around to speak.

Zhou Xuanji noticed that his expression was not good, as if he had experienced a big setback.

Just as he was about to speak, the man in the woven rush raincoat appeared and spoke first, “Things are bad!”