I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 400 - Chapter 400 Challenge From The Great Emperor From The Upper Realm

Chapter 400 - Chapter 400 Challenge From The Great Emperor From The Upper Realm


The Lord of the Heavenly Hall, Sage Yutian!

Zhou Xuanji looked at him in his eyes calmly and asked, “What guilt do I have? ”

If Sage Yutian wanted to kill him, he would have already done so. Why would he need to talk so much?

They stared at each other in the eyes.

Zhou Xuanji was at ease, without a tinge of fear.

Sage Yutian replied with squinted eyes, “You obstructed Heaven’s will, and you think you are guiltless? ”

Zhou Xuanji laughed.

I have your mother’s guilt.

He said bluntly, “Xuanyuan Zhou forced me to become Tian. I was not willing, and he wanted to kill me. Can’t I retaliate? ”

“The Heavenly Hall slaughtered the human race. What’s your justification for that?”

He had no favorable feelings toward the Heavenly Hall.

He even wanted to fight him straightaway.

However, because the Northern Wilderness Region was still recuperating and could not go through another war, he could only suppress the rage in his heart for now.

Sage Yutian shook his head and said, “If not for Us, the Northern Wilderness humans would have been extinct already. This time, We could no longer protect them, so I sent the Xuanyuan Clan to eliminate the Northern Wilderness humans. You are a Great Emperor already and can escape this catastrophe. Enter the Heavenly Hall, and I will nurture you. How about that?”

Zhou Xuanji frowned. This change of topic made him silent.

No wonder the human ancestors wanted to obliterate the Northern Wilderness humans but they did not do so. So it was because of the Heavenly Hall’s resistance?

He felt no gratitude because the Heavenly Hall had already slaughtered two empires. Next, they planned to eliminate the entire human race.

Including Emperor Sword Court.

“If I agree, can you keep the Northern Wilderness Region safe?” Zhou Xuanji asked. He did not want to join the Heavenly Hall but was merely testing the water.

Sage Yutian waved his hand imposingly and said, “No. Other than you, everyone else must die.”

He said no lies because he was the Lord of the Heavenly Hall and needed his subordinates to obey him.

“Since we walk a different path, we should not come together, ” Zhou Xuanji smiled in reply.

Sage Yutian was not enraged. With calm-looking eyes, he stared straight at Zhou Xuanji and said, “If you are neither willing to join the Heavenly Hall nor ascend, you will die. It’s not that We want to kill you, but too many powerful cultivators are pressuring us. Wanghou should have already told you the truth.”

This guy knew Wanghou!

Zhou Xuanji felt stressed suddenly.

Could those ancestors in the Upper Realm be keeping their eyes on him?

Sage Yutian saw through his thoughts and said, “That is not so. They cannot spy on the mortal worlds without entering them, except for those whose cultivation has exceeded True God. ”

True God?

Is that a position or a stage?

Zhou Xuanji had heard of this term before but had not obtained the answer to his question.

He did not enquire further but was thinking about how many powerful cultivators were trying to decimate the Northern Wilderness humans.

“A big army of the Upper Realm will descend soon. The Heavenly Hall will show no mercy. You will regret it. Although you are already a Great Emperor, you are still too young.”

Sage Yutian left these words before he left.

He really admired Zhou Xuanji’s talent, which was why he came down personally to loop him in.

Since Zhou Xuanji disagreed, then forget it.

Zhou Xuanji gazed at the bright moon and did not return to Skyfall immediately.

He thought about it for a very long time.

And finally, he sighed.

“Still not enough.”

In the blink of an eye, it had been half a year since Spirit Sovereign Yan had died.

The Northern Wilderness Region made huge progress in their recovery. The internal conflicts of humanity were greatly reduced too. However, Nanhan Royal Capital became infested with bandits because the empire had been toppled.

This day.

Zhou Xuanji was teaching Xiao Jinghong ,Zhao Congjian, Lin Changge, Chen Bantian, Ning Zifeng, Meng Tianlang, and Beixiao Wangjian.

The group sat down together and shared their insights in the Sword’s Way.

Most of the time, Zhou Xuanji listened, only providing pointers occasionally. Every pointer was straight to the point and enlightened everyone.

First Class Great Emperor, Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal.

His insights in the Sword’s Way far exceeded Xiao Jinghong, Zhao Congjian, and the others.

After their conversations, Zhou Xuanji told them about his encounter with the Heavenly Hall, Devil Emperor, Wang Hou, Xiao Hongjun, and so on.

These trusted companions were the pillars of Emperor Sword Court. They were powerful enough to hold their own, and Zhou Xuanji was nurturing them to increase their courage and horizon.

After he spoke, the others fell into silence.

A long while later.

Beixiao Wangjian said, “Xiao Jinghong, what’s your relationship to Xiao Hongjun? Your name sounds alike. ”

Xiao Jinghong was speechless, and he threw him a stare.

Ning Zifeng muttered, “If so, even if we destroy the Heavenly Hall, it will not be a good thing. It might just bring upon us a greater catastrophe.”

If the Northern Wilderness humans could overthrow the Heavenly Hall, how could the other powerhouses be at ease?

“Yeah, but we are not scared!”

“Master, let’s not back down!”

“These ancestors are really ungrateful. Forget about the ancestors before Liu Wuji, what’s the deal with the Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way? ”

Especially the Hegemon Sword Emperor. I will never revere such a disgusting person as my ancestor again!”

The group began discussing, and the most indignant one was Lin Changge.

Zhou Xuanji spoke, “More troubles will be coming. Emperor Sword Court’s vision is not something that should be just on your lips. Train hard, strengthen Emperor Sword Court, and protect the Northern Wilderness Region. Okay?”

Zhao Congjian patted his own chest and said, “Of course!”

The other expressed their agreement too. Each was more determined than the previous one.

This pleased Zhou Xuanji.

Next, he ordered to add on more disciples. This matter was given to Xiao Jinghong, Lin Changge, and the other elders to settle.

On the second day, news about Emperor Sword Court recruiting more disciples spread among the humans.

After giving the orders, Zhou Xuanji no longer paid attention to this matter. He focused on cultivating, and he taught Zhou Xiaoxuan occasionally.

Zhou Xiaoxuan had already grown up into an energetic and lively lady. Greatly talented, her cultivation had already reached Inner Pellet Level Six. Among the second-generation disciples, she was the lady boss. The eldest senior of the second generation disciples was her number one subordinate, who listened to whatever she said.

As Zhou Xuanji’s daughter, no man in the Emperor Sword Court dared to think of courting her.

Even when Zhou Xuanji was not around, they would not dare to do it because of Jiang Xue, Huang Lianxin, Xiao Jinghong, and the others.

The male disciples were in great fear even when they accidentally knocked into Zhou Xiaoxuan’s shoulder.

Although Zhou Xiaoxuan was a girl at the age to get into relationships, Zhou Xuanji had a great influence on her.

Men who were not more powerful than Zhou Xuanji could hardly move her heart.

She only wanted to become more powerful.

As for this, Zhou Xuanji suspected that it was Xian Xianghua’s influence.

She was too eager to become more powerful.

Don’t be like a Dragon Proud Flower, or else you will be single for 10,000 years.

This day, the Emperor Sword Court had already begun to recruit disciples. All of Skyfall was buzzing with liveliness.

“Zhou Xuanji, come out for a duel. I am Xuanyuan Shenhao, a Great Emperor in the Upper Realm. If you are defeated today, go back to the Heavenly Hall with me! ”

A loud cry resounded across the sky, which caught everyone’s attention.

Xuanyuan Shenhao appeared in the sky like a war god.

Millions of people were shocked.

“Great Emperor from the Upper Realm?”

“The Heavenly Hall came so soon?”

“The Sword Emperor will not be defeated!”

“This person is seeking his own death!”

“Bullshit Great Emperor. How come I have never heard of Xuanyuan Shenhao?”

Most people snorted disdainfully. After going through the catastrophe brought about by Spirit Sovereign Yan, Zhou Xuanji was invincible in the Northern Wilderness humans’ eyes.

Even if cultivators from the Heavenly Hall came, they could only dream about defeating the Sword Emperor.

Xuanyuan Shenhao stood proudly. But when he heard the commotion beneath him, his mouth twitched, and veins on his forehead were bulging. His mood immediately turned from bad to worse.

A bunch of mortals!

If not for the fact that he was on Zhou Xuanji’s turf, he would not have tolerated the mortals’ chattering.