I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 399 - Chapter 399 The Sage Descends To the Mortal World.

Chapter 399 - Chapter 399 The Sage Descends To the Mortal World.


“Blood bats?”

Zhou Xuanji asked out of astonishment. He had already become a First Class Great Emperor. Who could kill him in this mortal world?

He immediately thought of the Devil Emperor and Xiao Hongjun.

Xian Xianghua sighed, “Yes, blood bats. Initially, I thought that I worried too much about you, but the dreams just got more realistic. For cultivators like us, we will not dream for no reason.”

Great Tribulation Scattered Immortals cultivated day and night. There was no time for them to sleep.

Zhou Xuanji comforted her, saying, “Don’t overthink it. I’m totally different from before. You still think I’m weak?”

Xian Xianghua thought about it. It was indeed so.

So many people said that Zhou Xuanji would die for sure, but he had yet to die.

Moreover, he still had the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique.

He could be reborn after he died!

She smiled proudly, “That’s for sure. With my Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique, you are invincible!”

Zhou Xuanji said with a curled lip, “It’s because I’m powerful, okay? Or else, why would I master the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique so quickly?”

The two engaged in a squabble.

Next, Emperor Sword Court began to reorder themselves.

Zhou Xuanji first gathered all the disciples. After a wave of brainwashing, all the disciples were like on steroids, and each one of them trained hard.

The other factions in the Northern Wilderness Region were so too. Each began to recuperate.

Zhou Xuanji’s legends were still being spread.

He was quickly deified.

After Yang Di’s departure, no one in the world could be compared with him.

With the Sword Emperor guarding the world, the era of the Sword’s Way had come fully.



A mountain on an island was broken into two. Daoseeker fell among the rocks and was extremely miserable.

Blooms of dust flew into the air. His face was covered in blood as he looked up.

A red-haired lady dressed in white skirts was levitating high up in the air. She smiled mockingly.

“Who… are you…”

Daoseeker asked with gritted teeth. Fear struck his heart.

He was a tribulation executes. Mortals could not injure him, but how did this lady do that?

“Remember, my name is Xiao Hongjun. From today onwards, you will serve me, tribulation executive,” the red-haired lady said with an arrogant smile. Although she was beautiful, her beauty was terrifying.

Xiao Hongjun!

Daoseeker’s pupils contracted suddenly as he swallowed his saliva. He tried hard to get up and said with gritted teeth, “What’s your reason for descending into the Northern Wilderness Region? Could it be the will of the Heavenly Hall?”

Xiao Hongjun heard him and laughed out of disdain, “The Heavenly Hall is nothing to me!”

“Back then, when I charged into the Heavenly Hall, there was no one except Sage Yutian who could stop me.”

Daoseeker was not surprised but lost his cool.

Which meant to say, the Northern Wilderness Region’s enemy was not just the Heavenly Hall.

Xiao Hongjun stared at Daoseeker and asked, “Do you know where Great Emperor Wuwang’s grave is?”

Great Emperor Wuwang!

Daoseeker frowned. He immediately thought about a lot of things.

At this moment, a formless force lifted him up to Xiao Hongjun.

“Tell me the truth, or else I will kill you.”

Xiao Hongjun threatened. Countless blood bats flew out from her back and surrounded Daoseeker densely.

Daoseeker sighed and asked, “Great Emperor Wuwang died 11,000 years ago. How can we find his grave? Even if it existed, it would have been dug out already.”

Xiao Hongjun frowned. A bale aura emanated from between her brows.

“Then what’s the background of Zhou Xuanji?” She asked. She observed the battle at Juedi Cliff from overseas with her spells, and it was very memorable to her.

Such a genius should not exist in the mortal world.

She suspected that Zhou Xuanji received Great Emperor Wuwang’s legacy, or else why would he be so powerful?

Moreover, based on her understanding, the current Northern Wilderness humans could not become Great Emperors.

Daoseeker’s heart trembled. He did not want anything bad to happen to Zhou Xuanji.

Facing Xiao Hongjun’s forcefulness, he could not retaliate.

“Zhou Xuanji does not have a special background. Only someone changed his Fate when he was young, so we can no longer divine his Fate,” Daoseeker replied. He hoped that would make Xiao Hongjun stop targeting Zhou Xuanji.

With squinted eyes, Xiao Hongjun said with a cold smile, “I will give you some time to find Great Emperor Wuwang’s grave. Also, the genius from the Heavenly Hall, Ji Xian, has reincarnated as Su Han. He’s on the eastern coast of the Northern Wilderness Region. Loop him in, and after that, bring him and the location of the grave to me.”

“Within three years, if you cannot do it, I will kill you, along with the humans of the Northern Wilderness Region. After that, the ancestors of the human race might even thank me for that. You should understand.”

Daoseeker was covered in beads of cold sweat when he heard those words. He could only accept them.

He was extremely terrified of Xiao Hongjun.

It was the first time he encountered someone who could hurt him.

One must know that the tribulation executives had no real form in the Northern Wilderness Region. Mortals could not touch them.

But when Xiao Hongjun attacked him, she could materialize his body.

He shuddered even at the thought of it.

After that, Daoseeker left miserably.

Xiao Hongjun stood amidst the blood bats that covered the sky and was in contemplation.

“Devil Emperor’s descendants, Violet Demon Monarch’s Heart, Ji Xian. Interesting. I did not expect the three ultimate Fates to gather in the mortal world, and even more so in the same generation,” she mumbled to herself with a beautiful but creepy smile.

The Heavenly Hall.

Sage Yutian sat on the Emperor’s seat with a deep frown.

Everyone beneath him was silent. The atmosphere was stressful. Those at the back were trembling because they could not withstand the powerful aura.

When Sage Yutian was enraged, he would emanate a forceful pressure that weaker cultivators could hardly withstand.

“Your Majesty, Xuanyuan Shenhao was the top genius of the Heavenly Hall. He will not fail!” A muscular man stood out and said. He was the Xuanyuan Clan Chief, Xuanyuan Zhengzun.

Although he looked serious, he felt weak in his heart.

If Xuanyuan Shenhao really failed in the mortal world, then it would be great humiliation.

Before, that guy had been so confident.

“And if he’s defeated?” Sage Yutian asked with squinted eyes. He threw too many resources and expectations on Xuanyuan Shenhao. Failure would not be tolerated.

Xuanyuan Zhengzun wanted to speak but stopped. Eventually, he chose to shut his mouth.

“As a Second Class Great Emperor, he can not stand unrivaled in the mortal world. What a joke. Your Majesty, it seems like you should no longer give so much freedom to the geniuses of the Xuanyuan Clan,” a white-bearded elder stood forward and said. He wore a long white robe with an extremely elegant demeanor.

Xuanyuan Zhengzun’s face turned black in anger.

Sage Yutian snorted coldly but did not speak.

The great hall was silent once again.

Deep into the night.

On the peak of Skyfall.

Zhou Xuanji sat by the cliffside, cultivating. Although he became a Great Emperor, he did not let his guard down.

After he became a Great Emperor, his cultivation speed improved tremendously. Compared to before, it was a huge difference.

However, the spiritual Qi required to break through to each stage as a Heavenly Law Great Emperor was greater than before.

“Zhou Xuanji, come to meet me.”

A voice came to Zhou Xuanji’s mind, and he opened his eyes.

Frowning, he probed with his mind.

Soon, he locked onto his target.

It was hundreds of miles away.

Under the moonlit night, a blue-robed man stood on the cliff, looking at the white moon.

It was Sage Yutian.

He appeared in the mortal world.

Zhou Xuanji appeared behind Sage Yutian and asked deeply, “You are?”

He could not see through this person!


He was already invincible in the mortal realm, and he was a First Class Great Emperor!

There was only one possibility.

This person did not belong to the mortal realm.

Sage Yutian turned around and asked him expressionlessly, “I’m the Lord of the Heavenly Hall, Sage Yutian. I control 100,000 mortal worlds. I’m unceasing.”

“You, do you admit your sins?”