I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 398 - Chapter 398 Biography of the Sword Emperor

Chapter 398 - Chapter 398 Biography of the Sword Emperor


I just want to save you. Do I need a reason?

Xuanyuan Shenhao heard Zhou Xuanji’s words and was speechless in reply.

A while later.

Zhou Xuanji withdrew his sword and was prepared to leave.

“You are not going to ask about my background? ”

Xuanyuan Shenhao could hold it no longer and said. He felt humiliated by how casual Zhou Xuanji was.

Am I that miserable?

In the Heavenly Palace, he could get everything that he wanted. Even Sage Yutian treated him like a treasure.

Zhou Xuanji stopped and asked, “You came from the Heavenly Hall, right? I know that.”

Xuanyuan Shenhao did not give up. “I’m here to capture you,” he said, “to keep you under the reins of the Heavenly Hall.”

Zhou Xuanji glanced back at him with indifference and said, “You are not a match for me.”

Heart-stabbing pain.

Xuanyuan Shenhao felt such rage that he coughed blood. He tried his best to stand up.

“If I defeat you, will you follow me?”

He stared at Zhou Xuanji and asked with determination.

He had witnessed the prowess of Zhou Xuanji with his own eyes. It was his first time seeing a Seventh Tribulation Scattered Immortal who had such immense power.

He must loop such a genius in for the Heavenly Hall.

“What if you are defeated? ” Zhou Xuanji asked with a smile.

Xuanyuan Shenhao was silent.

It seemed that he could not defeat Zhou Xuanji if they were to fight in the Northern Wilderness Region.

“You are a Second Class Great Emperor, but in the Heavenly Hall, is there anyone more talented than you?” Zhou Xuanji asked. These words made Xuanyuan Shenhao show an expression of arrogance.

“No,” he said with pride, “other than me, the most talented person is merely a Fourth Class Great Emperor. ”

Those who surpassed Fourth Class did not even fancy to stay in the Heavenly Hall.

“Follow me. I’m a First Class Great Emperor. When I ascend, even the Heavenly Hall will submit to me,” Zhou Xuanji said with a raised brow. His words were domineering, and he sounded like he did not take the Heavenly Hall seriously at all.

First Class Great Emperor.

Xuanyuan Shenhao fell silent again

Zhou Xuanji leaped and left swiftly.

He wanted to subdue Xuanyuan Shenhao, but he did not rush it.

Such a genius would surely not return so easily because he had lost too miserably.

This guy would surely challenge him again in the future.

There was still a long way ahead. Let him go free first to catch him later.

There was no hurry.

“Zhou Xuanji, what’s your real background?”

Xuanyuan Shenhao mumbled to himself with clenched fists.

The battle just now was too awesome.

He would never forget it for his whole life.

After leaving Juedi Cliff, Zhou Xuanji stopped.

“Come out,” he said calmly. Just when he finished his words, the man in the woven rush raincoat appeared before him.

This brat…

The man in the raincoat was shocked in his heart. He did not expect Zhou Xuanji’s sensory ability to have reached this extent.

“Yang Di was determined to go his own way and cannot turn back,” he said.

“I want to follow you and support you. What do you think?”


Zhou Xuanji said with some interest,” What do you want? What can you help me with?”

Weren’t you arrogant previously?

When I was fighting Huangquan Drake King, you said that I would surely die. And now?

He felt pleasant in his heart but did not show it.

He no longer took the man in the raincoat seriously after he became a Great Emperor. Without exaggeration, he did not take anyone seriously in the entire Northern Wilderness Region.

Everyone other than his wife.

“I just want the human race to prosper and maintain its leading role in the world. You can ask me to do anything, but I’m a Tribulation Executive, so I cannot do anything to the people of this world, not even physical contact,” the man in the raincoat said sincerely. He still had a lot of to bargain.

Compared to Daoseeker, he understood more about the Northern Wilderness Region.

Zhou Xuanji fell into deep contemplation and did not answer immediately.

The man in the raincoat took a deep breath and said, “I can reveal to you some shocking intel now. Someone from the Upper Realm who does not belong to the Heavenly Hall has infiltrated the Northern Wilderness Region. Her power reaches Ninth Tribulation Scattered Immortal, the limit of the mortal world’s cultivation. ”

Zhou Xuanji frowned and asked, “Who is she? ”

The man in the raincoat told him without hiding anything.

This person from the Upper Realm was named Xiao Hongjun. She was a devious woman who was steeped in sin. Even the Heavenly Hall could not do anything about her.

The reason for her descent into the mortal realm was unknown to even the man in raincoat. But according to him, Xiao Hongjun posed a bigger threat than the Heavenly Hall.

He heard she would cause great catastrophes everywhere she went.

Her father was someone extremely powerful in the evil path who was as powerful as the immortal gods.

“Okay, follow me then. I want you to investigate the whereabouts of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline’s heir,” Zhou Xuanji said deeply. As for Xiao Hongjun, he did not want to care just yet.

At least for now, Xiao Hongjun had yet to wreak havoc.

He did not want to attract unnecessary enemies.

The Heavenly Hall and the human ancestors’ hatred was already significant enough.

“Sure! ”

The man in the raincoat was forthright and left immediately.

After he disappeared, Zhou Xuanji remembered something.

“I forgot to ask this guy to reveal his face. He dresses like a great antagonist every day.”

Zhou Xuanji shook his head with a smile before flying toward Skyfall.

At the same time, the Sanctums and Empires were on the move.

Because of Spirit Sovereign Yan previously, they could only hide. And now, they must regain their own territories.

The demons intending to occupy human territories had all returned and no longer dared to harass the humans.

The humans had a Great Emperor now!

Everyone felt a sense of awe whenever they thought about this.

This used to be merely the legends they heard, but now there was really someone legendary in their world.

The whole world was talking about Zhou Xuanji.

He defeated Liu Wuji, Wanghou, Nine Emperors of the Sword’s Way, War God Siling, Emperor Xia, Great Emperor Wuwang, Buddha Ghost Emperor, and so on.

These were all people who had shaken history, and all of them put together could not even match Zhou Xuanji.

This was just too terrifying!

No one doubted that Spirit Sovereign Yan had already died by Zhou Xuanji’s hands.

Three days later.

Canghai Ziggurat published a book.

Biography of the Sword Emperor!

This book recorded all events in Zhou Xuanji’s life, from youth to adulthood. It painted Zhou Xuanji as the most powerful Great Emperor in all history.

Canghai Ziggurat sent out millions of copies across all the humans for free. This was an act of boot-licking.

At Skyfall.

The disciples were scattered around the mountain to practice their sword technique. They were in excited discussions as they trained.

They had felt exhilaration for many days and were all waiting for Zhou Xuanji to return.

After Zhou Xuanji became a Great Emperor, Sword Emperor Sword Court became the most powerful sect in the entire Northern Wilderness Region. They would be honored when they traveled around the world next time.

Unbeknownst to them, their Grand-Teacher had already returned to the peak.

Zhou Xuanji gathered everyone together.

Chen Bantian and Meng Tianlang had already returned. Other than Jiang Xue, Daoya Old Man, and Xian Xianghua, everyone knelt before him in exhilaration.

“Get up, everyone,” Zhou Xuanji said with a smile as he sat on a stone chair.

Everyone’s mind was shocked.

Without doing anything, Zhou Xuanji had already given them an extremely immense aura. This was more majestic than anyone they had encountered in their lives before.

Daoya Old Man was shocked in his heart too, and he stroked his long beard, smiling.

So this was a Heavenly Law Great Emperor.

“Tell me about Emperor Sword Court’s situation,” Zhou Xuanji asked. Everyone competed to answer, which made him smile.

During these three years, Emperor Sword Court had lost some disciples. But this did not hurt its foundation, and it was still growing steadily.

He chatted with everyone for a while before he was called aside by Xian Xianghua.

The two of them entered a forest.

“These past days, I kept dreaming about you,” Xian Xianghua looked at him with a serious look and said, “I dreamt that you were ripped apart and devoured by countless blood bats.”