I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 397 - Chapter 397 Demonic Emperor. The Ancestor’s Sin.

Chapter 397 - Chapter 397 Demonic Emperor. The Ancestor’s Sin.



This Heavenly Law Puppet knows how to talk?

He had an independent consciousness?

Zhou Xuanji felt suspicious in his heart and asked Wanghou, “You are conscious? ”

Wanghou still remained like a puppet but replied calmly, “Back then when I became a Great Emperor, I did some trick which I did not expect to be of use. The other Great Emperor Candidates and Great Emperor might have it also, but they all tacitly consented to it. ”

If those ancient powerhouses were alive, their cultivation must have reached a horrifying extent such that they could travel between heaven and earth freely. How could they not know that someone had created their Heavenly Law Puppets?

The Heavenly Law Puppets were connected with the originals by Fate after all.

“Tacitly consented? Could Spirit Sovereign Yan be speaking the truth, that the Northern Wilderness humans had a secret? ”

Zhou Xuanji asked with a frown. It was really discouraging for those ancient powerhouses to tacitly consent to Spirit Sovereign Yan’s plan to massacre the human race.

The image of his ancestors was greatly tarnished by this.

Wanghou nodded and said, “The current human race are not true descendants of Emperor Xia.”

Zhou Xuanji frowned harder. He had heard about this before.

Liu Wuji ascended back then exactly because he was angry about this.

“The ancestor of the current Northern Wilderness humans is still alive and has fallen into the evil path, turning into bad Fate. His existence will affect the descendants’ Fate, and eventually, all his descendants will follow him into the evil path and wreak havoc to all the worlds. You understand?”

Wanghou’s words made Zhou Xuanji speechless.

A while later.

“The ancestor’s sin must be paid by killing all the descendants?” He asked.

“This is just your excuse for not being powerful enough.”

“You are afraid! ”

Why should the current humans be responsible for their ancestors who had lived more than 100,000 years ago?

They cannot choose their own birth, and this was considered their Fate?

Wanghou smiled in reply, “You are right, that’s why I’m here. I wanted to wait for an opportunity originally, but I did not expect you to rise to such power. I really admire you.”

Zhou Xuanji felt warmth in his heart as he raised his brow a little.

Divine and mighty was no one but Wanghou indeed.

Daoya Old Man was right. This guy was really the most domineering existence in all human history.

“Frankly speaking, I wanted to rescue you in your previous battle, but I saw that you had the Celestial Devil Rebirth Technique, so I did not. The one who created this energy technique was an old friend of mine. It was a pity that he fell into the evil path for love and could not turn back, but his legendary energy technique was passed down.”

Wanghou sighed at the mention of this.

“Only those who are genuine in their feelings can master this technique,” he said with a sigh.

Zhou Xuanji thought of Xian Xianghua immediately.

“Who is that person, or did someone change the human bloodline? ”

Zhou Xuanji asked as he gazed at Wanghou. He had an unprecedented interest in human history suddenly.

Those who seemed dead still had control over this world.

Wanghou replied, “That Northern Wilderness human’s ancestor is called Devil Emperor. But as for who changed the Northern Wilderness humans’ bloodline, I’m not sure also. I only know that his surname is Ren.”

Devil Emperor!

Could that be the owner of the Demonic Emperor Bloodline?

Zhou Xuanji was shocked in his heart. As for that person whose surname was Ren, he had no idea who that was.

By his knowledge, there was no one special who had the surname Ren.

“The Heavenly Hall is not to be feared. The fearful thing is those who want to destroy all the Northern Wilderness humans. I belong to the Northern Wilderness human race. Still, I have already transcended the limits of race and have nothing to worry about. You are different. Your growth is filled with obstacles. Are you ready?” Wanghou continued to speak. He sounded grave and sincere, as though he was speaking about his will.

“I’m already prepared,” Zhou Xuanji replied.

Along the way, he had already met with a lot of difficulties.

“What are your plans?” He asked, changing the topic.

Spirit Sovereign Yan was dead, and the Heavenly Law Stone disappeared. So, Wanghou became free again.

“I’m merely a strand of a remnant soul. Life and death are of no matter to me. I plan to investigate something in the Northern Wilderness Region. The appearance of the Heavenly Law Stone caused great chaos here. The Heavenly Law retrieved it, but that guy overestimated himself in pursuing the Heavenly Law Stone. He will surely end up miserable, but I’m curious about who gave the Heavenly Law Stone to Spirit Sovereign Yan. With his capabilities, he can’t get the stone.”

“There are too many interesting mysteries in the mortal world. You take care.”

After that, he turned to leave.

Zhou Xuanji did not stop him but looked thoughtfully at the direction of his departure.

The thunderclouds dispersed, and the black hole disappeared.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and channeled a full measure of magic energy with the world’s power to speak to all the world.

“Spirit Sovereign Yan and the Heavenly Law Puppets were obliterated by me, Zhou Xuanji. Each race should stop fighting and recuperate. The crisis is not over yet. The Heavenly Hall behind Spirit Sovereign Yan will descend very soon.”

These words shook the world greatly.

All the world rejoiced greatly.

Without Spirit Sovereign Yan, it was meaningless for the other races to fight to take the world’s leading role.

The entire world was cheering the name of the Sword Emperor. Countless people were crying out of joy, while others mourned for their families and friends who had died.

In the Bahan Empire.

In a city, Shangguan Jiusu and the red-skirt lady were standing before the gate of a residence.

Those around them were all cheering in happiness. Some roared, some cheered, and others cried. Shuangguan Jiusu and the lady stood there, stunned.

Familial relationships were never more important than life and death matters.

“He did it.”

Shangguan Jiusu had a complex expression, and it was without surprise.

Because he already knew that Zhou Xuanji would win.

In his eyes, Zhou Xuanji was invincible and could do all things.

He had already witnessed Zhou Xuanji’s rebirth, and this gave him a sense of achievement.

“The world is at peace now. You don’t need to cultivate so hard anymore, and I will not force you in the future again ”

The red-skirt lady said with a complex expression in her eyes.

The two were in love for many years after all.

Remembering how handsome and elegant Shangguan Jiusu used to be, she could not help but be dazzled.

Shangguan Jiusu smiled brightly and said, “No, I will cultivate even harder. Thank you for taking care of me for these 3 years. I will not come back again in the future, and I hope you will find a good man. ”

The red-skirt lady was stunned. She took two steps forward and asked, “Where are you going? ”

Shangguan Jiusu grasped his scabbard tight and waved his hand. He neither spoke nor turned his head around.

He had already severed his past.

Staying with Zhou Xuanji for three years, he had already seen through everything and turned over a new leaf.

He was no longer trapped by the desire for love. He wanted to become someone powerful like Zhou Xuanji.

Help the world with the sword. Save all lives in the world with the sword!

Looking at his determined back, the red-skirted lady felt dazed.

She regretted it suddenly, but she just could not turn her emotions into words to keep him back.

It was like a fishbone stuck in her throat. Her heart was heavy.

At Juedi Cliff.

Zhou Xuanji came up to Xuanyuan Shenhao, took out the Holy Light Redemption Sword, and began healing him.

He could feel Xuanyuan Shenhao’s Great Emperor aura.

This guy was a Second Class Great Emperor!

Although he was still more powerful, a Second Class Great Emperor was already a devilish existence.

“Why are you saving me? ”

Xuanyuan Shenhao sat up and asked with a complex expression.

Before descending into the mortal realm, he promised Sage Yutian to make Zhou Xuanji submit to the Heavenly Palace.

Zhou Xuanji stood and looked down at him, saying, “I just want to save you. Do I need to have a reason? ”

To make a sword slave out of a Second Class Great Emperor, wouldn’t that be impressive?